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  1. Ken_Ferris

    2017 Fusion Hybrid Front Wheel Bearing Replacement

    Thank you all for the replies. Not a warranty issue as the car has over 70k miles. This bearing was damaged some time back from hitting a large pot hole. I ended up having to pull the knuckle. Not to difficult. This has been a great car. Smooth. Quiet. Comfortable. And great on fuel! Thanks again.
  2. Greetings all. I am about to embark on left front wheel bearing replacement and I would appreciate feedback from those who may have been down this road. I bought the hub/spindle sub assembly from my local dealer. I like this design. It appears this assembly mounts to the face of the knuckle, with bolts coming in from the back side. Am I dreaming to think I might be able to swap this out without removing the knuckle? Thanks in advance for your feedback. Ken.