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  1. scoobasteve

    So much in this picture hurts

    That's fantastic man! I'll have to go check my status now to see if I'm so lucky.
  2. scoobasteve

    So much in this picture hurts

    That's great. For the most part it's been about the same with my salesman and his manager. I actually do a little research and end up knowing what's going on a step ahead of them. Thanks in large part from what I'm able to read here nonetheless lol.
  3. scoobasteve

    So much in this picture hurts

    That's what I was thinking. First it got caught up in the Magneride backorder and now this, I've had some crazy weird luck with this car. Hope we both get to see them delivered soon.
  4. scoobasteve

    Ford Retail Order Tracking Website Announcement

    Thank you for this! I checked out the site with my VIN and it's not great news but I'm still glad to have a resource like this available finally.
  5. scoobasteve

    So much in this picture hurts

    It hurts my soul to see this info. Used the customer retail tracking site and this is what I got.
  6. scoobasteve

    Hello from Louisiana

    Originally it was the wait for the Magneride system, then I was given my VIN and a build date of January 16th which my window sticker confirms. Now I think it's held up with the steering wheel situation in Flat Rock. I'm super excited for it to get here as you can imagine. Kona Blue, 10 speed auto, 401a, active exhaust, magneride, B&O sound system, PP1. I have a few aesthetic things that have been sitting in boxes waiting to throw on like hood struts, black badges (cheaper than black out package), black lugs w/ locks, and steeda jacking rails. Nothing that'll void my warranty (hopefully lol) but can still make it look a little more unique for the time being. I know right?! So far all my guy can tell me is that it's been built and it's in Michigan but that's about all he's been able to come up with.
  7. Thank you fuzzymoomoo! Appreciate the clarification. Been going crazy trying to find out where my car is.
  8. I've started seeing mentions of this steering wheel fiasco. Something about shift reduction at a certain facility? Flat Rock I believe? If I'm wrong I would definitely welcome any correction and somewhere I could read more about it.
  9. scoobasteve

    2019 Ford Mustang Color Guide

    Waiting on my Kona Blue to get delivered. Pictures don't do that color justice, just like the Orange Fury. Seeing those in person is an experience all it's own.
  10. I believe my Mustang is held up with the same problem. Doesn't seem like my dealership can get any decent communication going. All they have been able to tell me is that it's been built and I have my window sticker showing that was around January 16th but aside from that nothing. They're trying, my guys at Hub City Ford here in Louisiana have been amazing, but they just can't seem to get any more info.
  11. scoobasteve

    Hello from Louisiana

    I'm still pretty new to the forums and I have a bad habit of lurking rather than posting so as not to be redundant or seen as "spammy", so hello officially! These forums have been an incredible resource and I definitely appreciate the feedback I see from the admins and employees who are very generous with their time here. I'm currently waiting on my 2019 Mustang GT Premium that I ordered back in July and words can't express how excited I am to finally be getting back into a mustang. Had my first one back in high school, a purple 1996 V6 and my dad had one for the first few years of my life. Anyway, thank you again to everyone and I can't wait until I can share pictures of my beauty when she arrives!
  12. scoobasteve

    MagneRide suspension

    Any news on MagneRide? I placed my order July 25th