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  1. Same issue. Seems to happen mostly in extreme temps (in August when it was really hot....now in December when it's cold). I've talked with my dealer and with a customer service rep with Lincoln. Part "is on back order" and they can't give any definitive answer as to when it will be available. I told the dealership to order it because i wanted my car to be in working order. Then they advised i would have to pay for it when it was ordered (a little over $500) because it was a special order item and again, they couldn't tell me when it would be in. The last conversation I had with them was about a week ago, and they suggested I wait "a couple of weeks and see if there's any changes".... I said I'd be willing to wait til the first of the year but that I wanted it fixed...again, he said "just give me a call back in a couple of weeks". So...maybe something is going to change in the next "couple of weeks". I do know there is an APIM (accessory panel interface module) that Lincoln has recently extended the warranty on - 6 years and unlimited mileage. From what i've read about it - i think it's somewhere in the same vicinity as the FCIM - so maybe they are going to extend the warranty on the FCIM too. Of course, if you can't get the freakin' part that's not overly helpful.