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  1. The VIN:1FA6P8CF4K5144232 Can I get tracking info for the above vin#? Thanks
  2. Magnetic

    2019 Mustang Production Information

    Well I received this email concerning my pp2 order: "The delay is caused by the tires to be used on your ordered vehicle. These are the same tires as the Shelby R and they will not be shipping these until late Feb. or March. I wish I had better news. Unfortunately, we are at the mercy of Ford Motor Company on this one."
  3. Magnetic

    2019 Mustang GT

    I ordered my PP2 on Sept 20 and now my eta is 3/20/19. Its very disheartening but I've waited this long so might as well keep the party going.
  4. Magnetic

    2019 Mustang GT Premium PP2

    I've been given a explanation. Thanks!
  5. Magnetic

    2019 Mustang GT Premium PP2

    I'm getting the status info from Ford Vehicle Order Tracking system https://shop.ford.com/vehicleordertracking#/status.
  6. Magnetic

    2019 Mustang GT Premium PP2

    The system is displaying 3/20/2019. So from my original eta it seems the delivery eta has been rescheduled 3 times. I'm just looking for answers thats all.
  7. It seems that my order has been bumped 4 times now. Can anyone provide any info on VIN 1FA6P8CF4K5144232. Thanks.
  8. Magnetic

    2019 Mustang GT

    Can build dates change multiple times?
  9. Magnetic

    2019 Mustang GT

    So you're saying there is an issue with the throttle body assembly and they are delaying orders to mediate the issue?
  10. Wow, it's amazing how a few bad apples ruin's it for everyone else.
  11. I don't blame Ford but I do think that if Ford ever allowed direct customer orders it would be better for the consumer rather than going through the dealer.
  12. The dealerships are not forthright in this whole customer order process. Well I know mine weren't.
  13. Magnetic

    Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2 Tires

    Thanks for the heads up.
  14. Magnetic

    2019 Mustang GT

    I just hope my order get rescheduled again for a earlier date than what the system is showing now. Maybe a big shipment of magnetic components will come through sooner rather than later.
  15. Magnetic

    2019 Mustang GT

    Yeah, the weird thing was that they acted like they couldn't get any clarification on the delays....all the while I was saying to myself this is not 1960 and I'm sure they have access to updated order information.