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  1. Yeah, it didn't last long once this came out... https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Unsafe_at_Any_Speed
  2. Gurgeh

    GM Sales February 2019

    And tomorrow is National Ravioli Day. Enjoy! https://nationaldaycalendar.com/national-ravioli-day-march-20/
  3. ...because it sounds to a lot of folks like an old jalopy -- like a "Model T" Same reason naming the new Lincoln MKC the "Corsair" might not be the best thing (though it doesn't bother me). To some, it sounds too much like Corvair.
  4. I think the front end looks terrific. The hatchbackish back pillar, not so much.
  5. Gurgeh

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    To the faithful, you could stick a feather in a hat and call it Model Macaroni, and they would love it. 😕
  6. Those are all great products. I'm talking about general car-buyer perception of Ford models.
  7. As a non-Blue-Oval-bleeding automotive enthusiast, the problem, as I see it, is that Ford is trying to sell the concept of an electric performance vehicle. The only Ford performance vehicle most folks have ever heard of is the Mustang. I do agree that a 4-door compact (performance) crossover is not a Mustang. Ford has a lot of brand development to do on this one, I think.
  8. Gurgeh

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Odd. In the Aviator second row bench seat comes standard in lower trim, but can still be optioned in higher trims. Since you were looking at the ST or Platinum the price difference for a comparably equipped Aviator (with second row bench) might not be that different.
  9. As rmc noted, even Jaguar doesn't do that. Their numbers relate to HP.
  10. Gurgeh

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    Nice hatchback.
  11. I think it is affecting their products as well. As folks here may know, I recently leased a Lincoln Nautilus, trading in a 2016 Audi Q5 with the 3.0 supercharged V6 engine. I liked that Q5 quite a bit and otherwise would probably have kept it another 4 years or so, but had to get out of it because the sport seats were causing me chronic hip pain. It had a luxurious interior with high quality materials everywhere. In looking at a 2019 Q5, it has all the new whiz-bang technology one expects in newly redesigned vehicles. But in my view the interior quality was not quite as good, especially the cheap plastic used for the upper dash. That isn't why I didn't get it -- ultimately that was because in Audi's wisdom to get a boosted V6 one now has to step up to the SQ5, which only comes with sport seats (see third sentence) -- but the interior just didn't feel the same to me.
  12. Tesla: "Show room floors? We don't do no stinkin' show room floors!"
  13. As I speculated above, I think it's an effort to disrupt Tesla's business model, which depends on periodic massive inflows of free cash from deposits for vehicles that won't start production for over a year. This time Tesla will be running into real competition, with Jaguar already having out an electric crossover, and with Audi, Volvo, and Ford (among others) hitting the markets with similar offerings around the same time or earlier. But yeah, Bronco (*shudder*). For Ford such an early reveal is something they have more recently been trying to avoid, for good reasons.