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  1. This is why I won't buy any more GM products. Unlike many here I'm not a long-time Ford guy. I've had VWs, Audis, Infinitis, and even once owned a Saturn, but feel no need to give GM any more of my money as I already gave them a good chunk of my tax dollars in the bailout.
  2. My bet (and hope) is that the redesigned Nautilus, when it comes out in a few years, will have an upgraded interior (though I'm not a huge critic of the existing one -- I only wish it had a bigger touch screen and available head-up display) along the lines of the new Aviator and Corsair, along with 2.3EB as base engine (though for a variety of reasons they will probably stick with 2.0), 3.0EB as upgrade engine, and a grand touring plug-in hybrid super trim. My big wish is a switch to a rear-wheel biased AWD architecture, like the Aviator. ...not expecting the RWD, but still hoping.
  3. I did a search on the Lincoln website and it showed adaptive steering as an option for the 2019. It is also an option in the build & price. See: https://www.lincoln.com/luxury-crossovers/nautilus/models/reserve/#adaptive-steering and https://shop.lincoln.com/lab/nautilus/#/exterior/Config[|Lincoln|Nautilus|2019|1|1.|300A.J8L.....RET.99P.]. What decontenting has happened from MKX to Nautilus? I agree that I saw that with the Edge, which now only permits you got get the superior engine (2.7EB) with an ST, which not everyone will want.
  4. Gurgeh

    Caddy to show off XT6 at Detroit

    Here's a cut 'n' paste from a Cars.com article listing winners and losers from the Detroit Auto Show: ----------------- 2020 Cadillac XT6 Aaron Bragman, Detroit bureau chief: Loser I understand that Cadillac had to get a three-row crossover to market as fast as possible to plug the gap between the XT5 and Escalade, but this one feels completely phoned in. It's as close to being a reskinned GMC Acadia Denali as you can possibly get. Engineers couldn't get any more power from that 3.6-liter engine? No special surprise-and-delight features? The 2020 Lincoln Aviator is gonna eat its lunch. Mike Hanley, senior research editor: Loser I like the new face of Cadillac, which is present here as well as on the brand's smaller XT4 crossover, but it's disappointing to see the old version of the Cadillac User Experience multimedia system inside along with its touch-sensitive controls. In an otherwise appealing three-row SUV, that's a deal-breaker. Fred Meier, Washington, D.C., bureau chief: Loser GM needs to answer what makes a Cadillac a Cadillac. As nice as it might be, the charisma-challenged XT6 doesn't know. I'm a fan of the Acadia Denali but didn't need another one, not one without enough significant differences to be special. Making the disappointment sharper, next door was a lineup of new vehicles from Lincoln, which against all odds seems to be finding itself. Joe Wiesenfelder, executive editor: Loser I know that a larger version would bump up against the Escalade, but I still think a larger third row (more Buick Enclave than GMC Acadia) would have been a good move. And the fact that the captain's chair on the driver's side doesn't move forward as much as the one on the other side to enable third-row access looks like cost-cutting. Yes, we know people should load from the curb side, but how about in your driveway? Many less expensive vehicles do without this "safety feature." (See full article here: https://www.cars.com/articles/2019-detroit-auto-show-winners-and-losers-1420757028871/)
  5. Wait, 36 months? So the redesign date for the Edge and Nautilus is 2021 MY? That would be great and it makes good sense for Ford. But most of the redesign target dates I've seen for the two crossovers was 2023 (or maybe, just maybe 2022), which would give it a 7 year product cycle.
  6. I agree. Though I'm buying a new Nautilus, I would gladly trade it in for a new one 3 years down the road if it were redesigned to the interior standard of the Aviator (and most likely the upcoming Corsair) and with the 3.0EB. If Ford has decided not to design new sedans in order to accelerate the development of new SUVs/crossovers and trucks, moving forward by a year or two the redesign date for the Edge and Nautilus would make good sense, I think.
  7. True, but it can be a great commuter/city car, as long as you've got that ICE as well. (Actually, I have a niece who has a husband and baby and they are a two-BEV family -- Model 3 and Bolt. They live in LA, though, and don't do road trips.)
  8. I'm betting that by the end of the year either Aviator or Corsair will be the volume leader (the traditional leader, MKX/Nautilus starting to feel a little long in the tooth), but the Aviator will, like the Navigator, sell primarily in the top trims and will be by far Lincoln's profit leader. I'm just wondering if we'll be waiting, as expected, until 2023MY for the Edge/Nautilus redesign, or whether it might appear earlier.
  9. While I can't find the references, I remember reading in articles over the past year where a senior Ford or Lincoln executive said to expect an electric at Lincoln in the not too distant future. And I don't think that he was referring to the Aviator's plug-in hybrid configuration, though I'm not certain. They have also said that all new Lincoln models going forward will have some form of electrification (probably like the Aviator, a hybrid option). They have also talked about two more product announcements to be made beyond the Aviator, but they are being extremely tight-lipped. My bet is that for 2019 there will be both the Corsair unavailing & release and an announcement of some new 2021MY vehicle, but we'll see.
  10. Exactly the points this article is making, including the fact that underwhelming as it is GM will manage to sell a bunch of them to Cadillac-only buyers. https://www.cars.com/articles/2020-cadillac-xt6-a-lincoln-aviator-competitor-it-is-not-1420757004599/?fbclid=IwAR0IMCY5yK9yukB2s0lTpMtTQyK8RMA_7tvNyBXKDmKxdYxkmxEyQ6KeZ78
  11. It is a little confusing about the 8-speeds Ford is using. There are actually two, currently used with different engines. At least in the Nautilus, Edge and Transit (if I remember correctly). In the Nautilus, the base 2.0 engine comes with the joint-venture new 9-speed that Ford modified to reduce it to 8. The upgrade 2.7 engine comes with a modified 8-speed version of the 6-speed that Ford/Lincoln have used for a number of years now (also, originally, the product of a joint venture with GM). Ford optimized one for higher-performance engines like the 2.7 and the other for engines like the 2.0. I'm linking below a fascinating news article from last spring going into the details on this. https://www.autonews.com/article/20180423/OEM01/180429934/no-thanks-ford-says-to-9-speed-offered-by-gm
  12. Gurgeh

    Reuters: Cadillac moving to electric

    What I found odd about the article is that its only real news was that GM was shifting its electric focus to the luxury end, away from Chevy. They have no information on what this new Caddy will be or when it will arrive. It is not exactly news that every automaker out there is busy working on what they hope will be killer electrics, sooner rather than later.
  13. There's still lots of information missing, but this story argues two things (based on two GM sources): 1 - GM is shifting it's electric strategy from Chevy to Cadillac. 2 - There's a "Tesla-killer" Caddy coming. But what the model will be or when it will arrive is the question. https://www.reuters.com/article/us-gm-electric-exclusive/exclusive-gms-cadillac-will-introduce-ev-in-fight-against-tesla-sources-idUSKCN1P502G
  14. Gurgeh

    2020 Ford Explorer

    The center console doesn't bug me, but I wish with the refresh they had made the touch screen a little bigger and reworked the lid to the center forward cubby where the wireless charger is. I expect we'll have to wait for the redesign in a few years for a full redesign of the interior.
  15. I meant to buy more last week when it dipped below $8. As of yesterday: 8.72 USD +0.36 (4.24%)