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  1. Gurgeh

    2020 Lincoln Navigator Order Guide

    If you have the super premium audio system, you'll get a better audio quality from HD radio than from Sirius/XM. However, Lincoln's new deal (what is it, 6 month free trial?) with Tidal HD streaming service might be the best of the three.
  2. Gurgeh

    I Drive the Aviator Reserve

    Fake engine noise on a Lincoln, of all things? What were they thinking? The whole idea reminds me of playing with Hot Wheels as a kid making raspberry sounds with my tongue, but I know that with ever-more-quiet interiors lots of carmakers are now doing it.
  3. I don't have the link near at hand, but I've read in several journals that this is, surprisingly, not true. At least I was surprised when I read up on it. Electric motors are so freakishly efficient that an electric car charged by a coal power plant puts out fewer pollutants than an ICE vehicle powered by (somewhat) less dirty gasoline. Ok, here's one link. I Googled "electric cars powered by coal," and tons of articles appeared making this point. There are still downsides to BEVs, which is one reason why I don't own one. Like lots of folks, I don't live where I can do overnight charging, which pretty much makes it a non-starter for me. For others, there are the issues of higher initial costs, battery losses in cold climates, trip planning issues, charging times. But the argument that owning an electric car merely shifts pollution from the tail pipe to the smoke stack isn't one of them. All those downsides, except for the physics of cold weather, are steadily improving. https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-01-15/electric-cars-seen-getting-cleaner-even-where-grids-rely-on-coal
  4. Gurgeh

    Ram TRX testing

    I saw on a Lincoln board a couple weeks ago a posting by someone who made the same "had to have a V8!" comment on why the Charger is his new ride instead of the horrible underpowered Continental that only comes with a pathetic V6. Not that there's no good reason to buy a Charger, but who honestly cross shops a powerful, smooth-driving luxury sedan like the Continental with a traditional American muscle car like the Charger? I did point out that if the only criteria he cared about was power and torque he made the wrong choice. The ecoboost 3.0 V6 in the Continental has more hp and more torque (and available earlier in the power band) than the naturally aspirated V8 he went with. He never responded, so I am just assuming that he wanted the sound of the V8 (and that particular letter and number on the back of his car), and the actual delivered power was secondary.
  5. Gurgeh

    RAM June Sales

    When I was cross-shopping the Jaguar F-Pace and Range Rover Velar (I ended up going with the Lincoln Nautilus 2.7) I spent a lot of time on the F-Pace and Velar boards. They were full of enthusiasts who loved their vehicles (and they are each terrific crossovers in their own way), despite the many frustrations over the numerous glitches, primarily electric- or infotainment-related, that they needed to keep having to have worked on under the warranty. To a person, however, folks on the boards agreed that they would never lease or own a JLR vehicle past its warranty. Those, I guess, go to a different sort of person -- because obviously, *someone* is going to end up owning that vehicle after its warranty is over.
  6. Gurgeh

    RAM June Sales

    It is JD Powers that they block from being able to do either initial build quality or longer term reliability/dependability surveys. JLR would *love* to see Tesla added to JD Powers' surveys because the ratings would be so bad it would make them look good. CR is still able to do their surveys because they survey their members. In the last set of CR surveys the number of Tesla vehicles finally got big enough for them to add to their survey results, the upshot of which led CR to remove Tesla from their recommended list.
  7. Gurgeh

    Tesla deliveries surge

    Just noticed in another CNBC article (see link below) that Tesla's not going to release Q2 earnings numbers until August 7. Must be good news. Reminds me of the old joke about the salesman who looses $100 on every widget but plans to make up for it with volume. I guess the hope is that shifting production to China next year will lower manufacturing costs. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/03/wall-street-on-tesla-deliveries-impressive-focus-remains-on-earnings.html
  8. Though I'm still a skeptic of Tesla's management, manufacturing, and profit prospects (but not that all-electrics are the future of the automobile), it's hard to find bad news in these results. https://www.cnbc.com/2019/07/02/tesla-q2-2019-production-and-delivery-numbers.html
  9. Gurgeh

    Retail orders scheduled

    I believe Ok to Buy was reached a week ago.
  10. The headline of this thread reminds me of the joke that was going around in 1980: "Yeah, if President Carter was the one being held hostage in Iran, I'd urge restraint as well."
  11. These rankings often show less than folks think. Generally, cars today are much better built and the difference between a make ranked in the 70 percentile and one in the 40 percentile is often not that great. It is useful, however, in showing who is doing remarkably well or poorly and who is moving up or down. Looking at this latest rankings I see that after years at the top Lexus has been dethroned and has moved to the broad middle of the pack. Other past high rankers, Porsche and Buick, have done the same. Past very poor performers, Cadillac and FCA products, have modestly improved while past middling poor performers, VW and Volvo, have crashed (just as past middling good performers, Ford and Lincoln, have surged upward). But some things stay the same. Jaguar Land Rover products stay buried in the basement. The only good thing they can hope for is that some day JD Powers will be able to survey Tesla owners (Tesla is blocking Powers' access to that data), which will make even JLR initial quality look good.
  12. Gurgeh

    Finally spent time with new Aviator

    Thank you, Auto, great thorough review from your extended sit-in. Very encouraging! Hard plastic in lower-lower door trim doesn't really bother me. You're not going to be touching it much with anything but your feet, and grime from your shoes cleans much better on hard plastic than on the tactile type.
  13. And oh yeah, he also said it would "be a better sports car than a Porsche 911." But will it end world hunger? https://electrek.co/2019/06/02/tesla-pickup-truck-price-f150-elon-musk/
  14. Or it might be what happened to my late Dec. Nautilus build. After it was built it was supposed to get here to Maryland in a week. But they found an issue with one of the vehicles in my production batch and pulled the whole lot of them aside for inspection (that took them weeks to complete). The Nautilus finally arrived early Feb.
  15. All you folks are including a "C" in the new acronym. Anyone think that the Chrysler make will continue? How about "Fiajeren"? Sounds like something that would appear in a prescription drug commercial. You know, the kind with minor side affects like dry mouth, depression, erectile dysfunction, and death...