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  1. I forgot about that......should do well. I certainly like it much better than the RAV4.
  2. The RAV4 is AWD though.......so Escape needs to beat it.
  3. And the F-100 Explorer Edition trucks
  4. I completely agree. While the F-150 has gotten bigger than I like, after looking at the Ranger it isn't an option. I'm sure the next Ranger will get a little bigger, but never enough to make it an option.......and there are plenty of people who look at it just the opposite......no way one truck will cover all bases.
  5. Pretty far above all of the competition.
  6. Just read an Autoblog article and it looks like the Escape is 2.4" longer and gained 3.5 cubic feet behind the second row......couldn't find anything on the width yet.
  7. Just curious, have any of the I4 Ecoboost engines added PFI yet?
  8. Loved the 04-08 model. Definitely the favorite of all of the trucks I have had. would be awesome with 18+ EB drive train.
  9. I was thinking about advertising from the Model T to the Model E.....ahhh maybe that's corny.
  10. I know....so why won't they use Model E.....instead of Mach E....or Mach 1
  11. 70 Stang

    2020 Ford Explorer

    That would be another $4205 without the sunroof that would be on the XLT. It's fine.....I'll be one of 5% in lost sales.....lol
  12. Just seems to me if they really want to hit at Tesla, they should just call it Model E!
  13. 70 Stang

    2020 Ford Explorer

    Wow.....I couldn't figure out the numbers, so I went back and looked....you can add the comfort package to the 200A but not the 202A without the sunroof and upgraded wheels......I don't get it.......itll certainly cut down on the combinations though.
  14. 70 Stang

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I completely understand the need to simplify the order combinations, but some of the ones on the Explorer just seem weird. I priced an XLT and to add the $715 Comfort Group, it costs $3700 because you have to add 20 inch wheels and a sunroof......maybe it's just me!
  15. Interesting! So I guess it has as much to do with which engine/trans combinations they intend to use (certain engines will only be transverse from now on), as the size of the vehicle?