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  1. shiftconvention

    Deciding Between "Select" and "Reserve"

    We have the Ultima 20 in our Reserve L and it's just ok. Not worth upgrading to, we have it bc that's how the dealer had it configured and our options were limited otherwise. Much rather spend that same $ on the 30 way seats.
  2. shiftconvention

    2018 navigator L walk thru 2nd seat

    Did you ask the dealer if they can do a swap to make the deal happen? I'd assume if it is possible, they'd be inclined to consider it to move the '18.
  3. shiftconvention

    nationwide Navigator search howto

    I needed the second bench + teck pkg in a Reserve L which was really hard to find too. I called the Lincoln Concierge and they got me a list within 24 hours, complete with window stickers. It helped greatly, you may want to look into it.
  4. shiftconvention

    Deciding between Navigator and Navigator L

    I'd go with the L version as well. We have 2 toddlers as well and the extra $ for the L version is worth it. If you ever load up the 6-8 passengers, all their gear needs to go somewhere. The capacity past the 3rd row is not great in the regular version so, after spending all that $, you're stuck putting that cargo in a box or on the roof. The incremental cost on the L isn't bad. We went with the 2nd row bench too, as we didn't want to have dead space from the console or pass through. The space is there, might as well have the flexibility to put a butt in it! That way I can put one of the car seats in the middle seat and not have to worry about moving my driver's seat back and it makes it easier for other passengers to get in/out.
  5. shiftconvention

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    ^Yep, I was honestly surprised w my experience at the dealer that did end up honoring it. We sat down to talk #s, he's like ok MSRP is blah blah and then I just came out with it "I have X plan, if you can get me plan pricing, let's get it rolling." He said awesome without blinking an eye and we signed that night. Quickest/easiest car purchase ever and I was so thankful to end the search and associated haggling. The way dealers are acting, even on '18s in November, is odd to me especially as their floor plan rates have gone up too. But, they must know what their doing by holding on to minimal discounts of MSRP.
  6. shiftconvention

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    Really? Has anyone had luck w negotiating lower than X Plan? Maybe bc I'm an out of state buyer, but I had 0 luck. Literally 9/10 dealers I contacted on a specific vehicle ('18 Nav Resv L w bench & tech) wouldn't even honor X Plan. They said they don't discount anything more than $1-2K off sticker, period. Only 1 dealer honored the X Plan so I went w them.
  7. shiftconvention

    2019 Lincoln Navigator Production Information

    Personally, I'd call the dealer that's a bit far away from you and present an offer. Depending on how long it's been on the lot, they may make a deal that's better than $2-3K off sticker, which would make it worth your while. Even better if you can get them to honor X plan (if you're a member). Shipping shouldn't be more than $500-600, so you should net out in a better position. Even on a lease, the '19 residuals aren't totally compensating for the APR and price increases. Let us know how it goes either way!
  8. shiftconvention

    Ordered my 2019 Navigator Reserve

    Rates are rising (generally), but it's clear Ford is pushing lessees towards '18 Navis vs. the '19s for now. The APR I got from my dealer was 5% which is insanity IMO. They will probably go lower from the 5% once 2018s are cleared out. Otherwise, no way they can compete against the Escalade and Germans with those kinda lease APRs.
  9. shiftconvention

    Ordered my 2019 Navigator Reserve

    Congrats! I'm stuck in the position of there being only like 6 '18s left that have the options I want in the country (bench + tech pkg). I'm thinking if the shipping costs are ~$1K, I probably would be better off just ordering. On top of that, I only think it makes sense if the dealer can honor my X Plan. But I read that the lease ARPs are horrible on '19s right now (like, 4%+ kinda horrible). I've never done a dealer order before, do the lease terms apply as of the date of order placement or is it as of the date the vehicle is delivered. I assume it's the former, but just wanted to confirm.