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  1. Ididntdoit

    NOO MOE Sedans

    An electric beetle, sure. But the awesome relationship between the UAW and VW has worked out so well in the past.
  2. Ididntdoit

    CAP retool/upgrading March 1st- April fools

    if retooling goes anything like the escalator repairs it's going to be a long year
  3. Ididntdoit

    CAP retool/upgrading March 1st- April fools

    They do when ya vote'em out. Last one cried FMLA soon as he got put on a job it was comical.
  4. Ididntdoit

    CAP retool/upgrading March 1st- April fools

    only comparing GM to Ford as far as communicating with the union on their plans to cut cost, reps are running around like everything is ok like the reps at gm 6 weeks ago. They got blind sided. As far as Ford's plans to cut cost they haven't given much details only enough so that workers aren't freaking out because of how GM's handling their cuts. I don't think they'll close plants but I'll bet on some lay offs, CAP needs it got too many walking around doing nothing with no seniority. Kill that C crew BS go back to 5 days. We can handle 2 vehicles with 2 shifts put those union reps back on the line too make their asses work for a change they spend too much time smelling what management had for lunch.
  5. Ididntdoit

    CAP retool/upgrading March 1st- April fools

    Marketing might be having a hard time getting police orders, wasn't a couple months ago Ford and the UAW (especially our local) were supporting NFL players protesting police. Now they want them to buy their cars. How does that work?
  6. Ididntdoit

    CAP retool/upgrading March 1st- April fools

    Why would anyone want to run for Union Rep?, that's the only reason we have the reps we do cause no one else wants it. Try voting them out and it gets rigged, but that's cool it'll give something the feds can sort out over summer. Cece nothing to worry about, look at GM. Who was the last to know? UAW lol. Anything they are saying now you can't take serious cause they won't know, they just speculate and try to sound like they know wtf they're talking about. They're going to need all the solidarity they can get next year. Lets see what happens with Lear this week.
  7. Ididntdoit

    CAP retool/upgrading March 1st- April fools

    oh this will look great as an election follows, imagine how many legacy are going to blow a gasket if they find out joe shmoe with 5 yr is called back to work before someone with 15yr. Just like their "zero tolerance" for sexual harassment and the harassers still have jobs in our plant with union protection. Yeah next year will be interesting.
  8. CAP retools in March, normally we would be called back by seniority starting off working one shift then gradually bringing on the second shift. Last time I was low seniority in body and had to go back to trim for awhile when we returned to work. We have enough legacy employees to fill one full shift, but they're sending workers from body with 4-5yrs to dearborn to train on the new jobs. This doesn't make sense unless they're not going to respect seniority and bring back low seniority workers before legacy. They just rolled over a couple hundred tpter's too, we believe that was to limit the amount of openings for transfers from other plants before our local election. So basically next year is going to be interesting, will they bring the crews back respecting seniority and pissing off all the new hires our union has been feeding BS too all year? or will they piss of legacy and try to bring in low tier before legacy when we return?
  9. Ididntdoit

    Announcement at LAP

    I'm with ya there, the contracts aren't written for the C crew scenario.
  10. Ididntdoit

    Flat rock plant might as well be non union

    kinda like Michigan might as well be a right to work state?
  11. Ididntdoit

    Announcement at LAP

    GM like Ford is going to stop production of small cars, GM announced job cuts possible layoffs and now idling plants. Ford hasn't announced anything yet just that they're stopping production on small cars. So if GM's announcement was any indication of what Ford will be doing, I would guess we're in for a lot of bad news to come.
  12. Ididntdoit

    Buyouts - Early Seperation Packages

    Ford hasn't announced their restructuring plan, no one knows if there will be or not. I believe something will be offered. I don't see the exploder and new lincoln keeping Chicago in overtime running 3 shifts after retooling. All those newly rolled over hourly will be idle for awhile if they're called back at all unless the company makes some offers to legacy to cut the fat. And not many will be able to transfer from other plants that might go idle How many plants and hourly workers do you think they'll need to produce what 5-6? types of SUV/trucks? Early retirement, separation, pension buyouts will all be greatly considered by thousands if the company was wise enough to offer.
  13. Ididntdoit

    Buyouts - Early Seperation Packages

    Because they're offering scooters and train rides instead of buyouts
  14. a buyout is how I get out of the way, I've survived plant closure, lay offs, UAW corruption and sexual harassment in my 20 yrs. I show up everyday had 2 awols in 20yrs never took fmla never been written up. And you call me the problem? BUYOUT PLEASE .... and that's mam to you kiddo
  15. UAW is no longer a "union" they're just a group of political puppets for companies and democrats to pull the strings of at our expense. Corruption endorsed by corruption, Chicago knows all about corrupt democrat politics. UAW needs to be laid to rest, it's served it's purpose during the time it was needed but those days are gone and nearly all the benefits my grandmother and father fought for during their time within the UAW. Not trying to sound anti union, just calling it like I see it. UAW isn't working anymore too much corruption, just as the auto companies are evolving as does our unionizing and bargaining. I'm too old and too tired to fight for fairness within the UAW, buy me out so I can move on.