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  1. Ididntdoit

    Election time at Local 228 Sterling plant.

    here at CAP they rush through the elections they don't communicate voting times very well giving you last min notice, but there again no one really goes to a meeting maybe 150-200 out of 4500 or so. But the current elected union doesn't want anyone to show easier for them to be re elected. When you call them out they attack you in the parking lot then play the victim when they get popped in the leg.
  2. Ididntdoit

    paystub site

    Ford is assbackwards, I have to come up on my time off to call from labor and talk to some foreigner about my payroll login. God Bless America cause Ford doesn't
  3. Ididntdoit

    Election time at Local 228 Sterling plant.

    too bad no one cares enough to even vote so the same idiots gets re elected.
  4. Ididntdoit

    paystub site

    lucky you, I'm afraid I have to call them find someone to translate their accent and figure out what my login is cause it not accepting my old one
  5. Ididntdoit

    paystub site

    they changed the payroll site to view paystubs, login info won't work. Payroll people have been screwing our pay up on short work weeks not putting in proper codes now they changed the site and we can't login to check and make sure they got last weeks payroll right.
  6. Ididntdoit

    Thank Goodness for Those Dues

    Voter fraud already begun at 551, got locked out on voting for election committee they posted voting open till 8pm but locked out at 5:30pm. Hasn't been a fair election in decades so I shouldn't be surprised. I just hope there's a separation package in the next contract and it passes before the feds start their investigations.
  7. Change the language of " Act of God" to "Climate Change" since it's obvious they don't believe in god after that polar vortex.
  8. Ididntdoit

    CAP retool/upgrading March 1st- April fools

    Parking lot chaos April 1st
  9. early separation packages for legacy employees with a pension buyout option.
  10. Ididntdoit

    sub pay W-2

    don't they count when you roll'em over to full time?
  11. Ididntdoit

    sub pay W-2

    you mean the part where Ford finally holds up to their end of the 2015 contract agreement? now I understand why they hired so many temps it was to meet contract agreement.
  12. the plant needs the improvements, it'll be a nice change to come back to. I just hope the put in a new escalator, I'm gonna gain 50lbs relaxing for a month.
  13. I found the answer for you in our 2015 contract. 900 mill investment plus 250 jobs at each plant, they're calling 1 bill cause it looks better to the media.
  14. Pretty sure it was part of the 2015 contract agreement for them to invest XXX amount in Chicago and create XXX amount of jobs. This way they've met their agreement. Nothing to secure those 500 jobs after launch unless something it agreed this next contract.
  15. I know what we're getting, I've been here since 2004 transfer from St. Louis. I've seen how they hired a bunch for a launch and then cut by nov. We have workers sitting on park benches entire shifts. They're taking what was 2 person jobs making them 1, 3 people in repair holes only 1 knowing how to do repairs 2 milking the clock. Union reps talking out both sides of their mouth yet all of them clueless as to what to expect with retooling. It was told to us in Nov at a meeting C crew will be phased out. Half of what the company does here doesn't make sense. Other then how to do sub pay they haven't said anything about how they're going to bring everyone back for launch. We're 3 weeks away.