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  1. StromSpeed

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    Now 11 days past my EDD and stuck in ETA Pending state (thx fuzzymoomoo!) and no car in sight; Dealer unsure what is happening. Anyone take possession of a PP2 after a 10/1/18 build/blend date?
  2. StromSpeed

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    BTW: Ford employees and engineers have my 100% support on this delay. I appreciate them taking action before it leaves the factory, rather than deal with it after the fact. 👍🏼 Job-1 in full effect. It’s my first Ford and I appreciate the due diligence. 😁
  3. StromSpeed

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    Now I’m 🙏🏼 for at least a pre-Christmas delivery; it’s been a long wait from July. Whatever the delay is, I’d rather it be a solid fix/change from Flat Rock. 👍🏼
  4. StromSpeed

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    My update yesterday from dealer was that it’s now in a “Pending Update” state under “ETA Dispostion”. Last movement in system was 11/4.
  5. Agreed, I rather not speculate and get the facts and be an informed customer. Such openness does wonders for the brand and customer loyalty. But I also understand why not to disclose either.
  6. Curious to know if anyone is able to give us more visibility on this? I’d rather know it’s a delay for a confirmed change(s). It would actually make me more confident in my built given Ford is concerned not to release until it’s right.
  7. Absolutely. Will do.
  8. I ordered a PP2 on 7/28, build 10/17, and still shows in production. No shipping info, and EDD this Friday 11/16. I hope the hold is for the ticking issue, as well as any manual MT-82 issues. Rather that get done at the factory then in the post delivery dealer loop.
  9. StromSpeed

    Drive your car off the line program

    This would be very cool. Or at least a pic of your car rolling off the line would be sweet!
  10. StromSpeed

    Hello! My First Ford!

    Thats is very cool. Will do n Will do!! Thanks!
  11. StromSpeed

    Hello! My First Ford!

    Thats is very cool. Will do n Will do!! Thanks!
  12. StromSpeed

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    Given the recent reports of Coyote “ticking” and MT-82 shift fork issues, agreed, I’d rather they hold it and put all the lastest versions of hardware before delivery. If this is the case for the delay.
  13. StromSpeed

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    Yup welcome to the PP2 wait. I ordered my PP2 on 7/28, went into build on 10/16, and as of today still in a “in production” status. I have an EDD of 11/16, but that is not happening. Demand is totally stripping supply as everyone has already mentioned.
  14. StromSpeed

    photos from the factory?

    This is such an awesome idea of capturing your car on the line, or coming right off the line! I'm waiting for my car as well and have a blend date of 10/16/18 and would L-O-V-E to see my GT PP2 on the line so that I could blow that pic up and place it in my garage! Such a great idea that I would be willing to chip in on the cost and I assume there would be some of us Ford enthusiasts that would too. Maybe worth floating the idea up the channel and see or see if MCA could help start a discussion on this?
  15. StromSpeed

    Hello! My First Ford!

    Hello everyone! Very excited to join and get my first Ford: a Mustang GT! I have ordered a 19' Mustang GT Premium, 401A, PP2, Act-Exhaust, and B&O. Looks like from the forum threads so far I will have some time to wait given my selections. But I would rather know a car was built on the line just to my spec. Wish I could even see the car on the line or even a quick-pic of it heading down the line! How awesome would that be! Very excited to join the Ford Family! Thanks, Marcus.