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  1. Bignolefan

    Deciding between Navigator and Navigator L

    We went with the L and love it! Originally concerned that it would be too big but coming from a crew cab F150 it feels much much smaller than the truck although its the same size. The turning radius and adaptive steering compared to the F150 makes all the difference.
  2. Bignolefan

    Inflatable Rear Seat Belts

    Scratch that. Just checked out the order guide and see that the rear seat minders only come with the inflatable rear seat belts.
  3. Bignolefan

    Floor and Cargo Area Mats

    I know you said you prefer the carpeted mats but the weather tech’s for the second and third row are awesome! It’s one piece and covers the pass through if you have that option which I do. The front ones cover up the Lincoln door jam logo unless you cut them so I have the OEM all weather mats up front and the weather techs in the back.
  4. Bignolefan

    Inflatable Rear Seat Belts

    I picked up my 2019 reserve last Friday and although I too read about the belt minder for the 2nd and 3rd rows it doesn’t exist as far as I can tell. As for the inflatable rear seat belts, I didn’t even see this as an option when I ordered. The belt minder I think is an EU requirement for 2019. Maybe it didn’t make it to the US models?
  5. Bignolefan

    Window Sticker Lookup

    That makes sense
  6. Bignolefan

    Window Sticker Lookup

    FWIW, I was able to use http://www.windowsticker.forddirect.com/windowsticker.pdf?vin=xxxto look up the window sticker for my 2019 Navigator. It didn't show up until ~2 weeks before my scheduled build date; which I've read is expected. In my quest to understand all the values displayed, I did find out that the PDF that gets generated contains hidden text. If you select the PDF as if you were selecting text with your mouse, you'll see that there are fields that are not displayed. You can copy this selection and paste it to a text editor to see the values. In the screen shot below, you can see what this looks like when you make the selections with your mouse. These values show who the vehicle was sold to and their address as well as the final assembly plant. I was really after the build date as described here http://www.allfordmustangs.com/forums/2210156-post.htmlbut that doesn't look like it is being added to these pdf's. If ford wants to really keep these details hidden they probably want to update their PDF generation code to not include the values at all. Wasn't what I was looking for but I thought it was kinda cool so figured I'd share.
  7. Bignolefan

    2019 Deliver Date Estimate

    I was going to order a 2018 but the dealer said i just missed the cut off. Hopefully your order comes in sooner than they say. Using the site I was able to get the window sticker about 2 weeks before my scheduled build date which was cool but as far as I can tell the window sticker doesnt show the build date. I also tried out the Lincoln concierge chat and got some basic info on the status but the dealer had more details. Didnt want to blow up the dealer too frequently though Ill reply back once its in just to validate the dates.
  8. I've been lurking on the forums for the last few months but haven't posted. The info on the forums is great! Thank you all, its really helped nail down my decision. Just wanted to post here in case it helps someone else trying to gauge when their 2019 Navigator order would come in. I ordered a Reserve L on 8/10 and just got notified from the dealer that the scheduled ETA is 11/14 - provided it didn't get held up for inspections. So a ~3 month lead time.. Been a long wait but only a few more weeks (hopefully)!
  9. Bignolefan

    Production Week Scheduling Timetable

    Anyone know if the ok to buy been given for the 2019 Navigator yet? I havent seen it in update notices yet.