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  1. FL_Engineer

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    I'm thinking the dealer misspoke and they put the second order in as a dealer stock order since they couldn't recall my original retail order without losing my spot. They already told me they aren't worried about the XLT as they will have no problem selling it. I've been getting my info straight from the Business Manager since I'm doing X-Plan so you'd think it would be somewhat accurate.
  2. FL_Engineer

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    That's what we had thought too (the dealer and I). But now the dealer is telling me that for some reason Ford only pulls retail Ranger orders once a month instead of weekly.
  3. FL_Engineer

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    My dealer screwed my preorder up and ordered an XLT instead of the Lariat I signed for in my buyers order (we had gone back and forth before settling on the lariat). They've been cool about it since I have an email chain that backs me up and it's clear as day on the buyers order, but they had to order my Lariat as a retail order. They put it in as priority 12 but now I've worried it will be delayed as they tell me Ford only pulls retail orders once a month for scheduling. My dealer is one of the larger ones in the area the deals in volume so I am hoping they have allocation. I have the VIN on the preorder and it's scheduled for delivery in 55 days! Anyone have any info on when they usually pull the retail orders, just looking for a VIN so I can track it on my own? BTW, thanks to everyone on here; this thread has let me speak with my dealer like a pro