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  1. Any further info regarding having this system work for Lincoln orders?
  2. DeeCee

    2019 Lincoln Nautilis

    Bump for Lincoln Nautilus VIN 2LMPJ6L98KBL19754 Thanks in advance
  3. DeeCee

    Airbag Recall - Free Rental

    I also learned to drive at age14 in a dump truck. It was my grandfather's truck used for trash pick-up in our town. When full, we (I) drove to a ravine in the "country" and dumped the load in the ravine. We then got out of the truck with our 22 rifles and shot at the rats in the ravine. This area in my old home town is now a subdivision in the expanded city limits. I often wonder if the people living there know they are located over an old garbage dump! And by the way, this was not in Arkansas where I now reside, it was in Illinois.
  4. Not being able to go beyond the first post in any topic makes this forum useless
  5. Same here using Firefox browser. Even on topics showing more than one page, I only get the first post on each page.
  6. Bump VIN 2LMPJ6L98KBL19754 Thanks in advance
  7. He stated the dealer installed a new battery on Oct 4.
  8. DeeCee

    2019 Nautilus

    Got it this afternoon: VIN: 2LMPJ6L98KBL19754 Again, thanks in advance.
  9. DeeCee

    2019 Nautilus

    VIN decoder says I have an invalid check digit . Will get back with dealer to get this resolved. Sorry I wasted your valuable time
  10. DeeCee

    2019 Nautilus

    Sorry about that. I'll visit my dealer again tomorrow and get the correct VIN. Apparently I wrote it down wrong.
  11. Ordered a 2019 Lincoln Nautilus Reserve. Dealer said it is scheduled but had no further details. Would appreciate any info you can provide. VIN is 2LMPJCL98KBL19754T Thanks in advance
  12. Nice looking truck. What is the range on something like this?
  13. Would be nice if they could email or text the VIN to you once it is avaiilable.
  14. DeeCee

    ETIS not responding

    OK, I'll give it a try and let you know. Thanks. I tried it but I didn't get far. The first thing that showed up was :Ford ETIS Terms and Conditions for Registration. The killer was 2.1 which states " You warrant that you satisfy the Ford Owners condition: (a) You are an independent automotive service or repair business", which I am not. I give up!
  15. DeeCee

    ETIS not responding

    I have Ad Blocker but the pop up block is off. However I cycled the pop up block button and now on Etis I get two register pop ups. One if for Ford Dealers and Staff and the other is Independent Operators. However, on the Independent Operators I get this message: "Only individuals who have been allocated a registered account and authorized access to this website should proceed beyond this point.: Since I have not been allocated a registered account and authorized access, what do I do now?