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  1. mpcmotorsports

    2018 NHRA rule change for PS

    NHRA's Factory Stock class should become the new Pro Stock class. It reminds me of the early days of Pro Stock with the factory support and stock body cars.
  2. mpcmotorsports

    NHRA Factory Stock...

    NHRA Factory Stock should replace the current Pro Stock class.
  3. mpcmotorsports

    Online Builder for 2020 Available

    Watch the TFL video on the Explorer St. The 2nd row buckets do fold flat.
  4. mpcmotorsports

    Another Bronco mule sighting

    If you actually watch the video, it was in the mountains of Colorado.
  5. mpcmotorsports

    Ford Drops 325HP Fusion Sport

    Much easier to find a Titanium FWD than an AWD SE or SEL. Can get a Titanium FWD for same or cheaper than the AWD SEL.
  6. mpcmotorsports

    Ford Drops 325HP Fusion Sport

    I would be one of the first in line for this...
  7. mpcmotorsports

    Ford's fight to remain an icon

    I meant the actual service bay area, not the waiting room.
  8. mpcmotorsports

    Ford's fight to remain an icon

    Before I saw the light and started selling Fords, I worked at a large Toyota store. They averaged 130+ cars a day in the service department. Salespeople were for the most part prohibited from entering the service department, but I can assure you that most of them were not there for routine maintenance.
  9. mpcmotorsports

    Puma ST being developed?

    Probably won't get it, but never say never.
  10. mpcmotorsports

    2019 Ford Escape SEL - deactivation of Auto Unlock

    Yes, these are the instructions that I am following and yes, it works as long as you do not start the vehicle. Just push the start button without putting your foot on the brake. "See your Dealer" does not work. Ford Tech Hotline said that this should not be printed in the owner's manual.
  11. mpcmotorsports

    2019 Ford Escape SEL - deactivation of Auto Unlock

    Update...the instructions say to "turn car on". This means do not start the car. If you watch the FordTube video, you hear the engine start when the turn the vehicle on.
  12. mpcmotorsports

    2019 Ford Escape SEL - deactivation of Auto Unlock

    My customer wants the other doors to remain locked when she opens the drivers door. Like when she stops to get gas to keep someone from entering her vehicle from the passenger side. She does not live in a high crime area. Just a paranoid old woman. Not sure what IDS is, but our service department put it on the computer. There is no way to disable the auto unlock by going into the vehicle computer.
  13. Has anyone successfully deactivated the Auto Unlock feature on a late model Escape? I have a customer that wants it turned off for safety reasons. She is an older widow. Has read the owners manual page for page. I have tried unsuccessfully to use the "turn car on, press unlock 3 times, turn car off, press unlock 3 more times, turn car on, horn chirp to indicate program mode" as suggested by the FordTube video. Cannot get the horn to chirp after following the procedure. Service tech could not get it to work. Any help is much appreciated.
  14. In Oklahoma, it is $500 rebate + $1,000 Conquest. I wonder which markets have the $1,500 Conquest?
  15. mpcmotorsports

    2020 Explorer, sync 4?

    I read on another site that it is Sync 3 with updated graphics and interface.