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  1. When was the last time you’ve seen NM used in a brochure/site—in the US? Sometime never.
  2. Bellanca

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    Black Label only, and whether you go with a BL or not certain veneers, whether it be wood or aluminum are paired with those colors. I assume Lincoln doesn’t let you choose as to keep down on costs. But maybe in the future they will.
  3. Bellanca

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    It’s hard to tell with the images they have on the configurator—you’d think at this point the colors would be more accurate. I ordered mine with the Flight Theme and after seeing it at a show I’m glad I did; it’s beautiful.
  4. Bellanca

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    Build and Price now has all of the interior colors shown.
  5. Bellanca

    Lane Keep Assist Gone

    Ahhh, thank you and now I feel like a complete idiot. I completely forgot about the button on the left stall until you mentioned it. Seems kind of redundant to have to press two buttons to truly activate it. All fixed now!!
  6. So, I just had my Continental in for its 40,000 mile service which took a whopping two weeks because of parts issues for the recalled door latches and then to top it off they reinstalled the old door latches instead of the new ones. Anyway, so, I’m driving my car and I notice that the gauges just seem different, I thought maybe it was part of an update. I noticed that I didn’t see the lines on the side for the LKA so I went into the settings to make sure it was selected, and it was, for both the alert and the aid, I’ve turned my car off several times since getting it and for some reason this feature seems to have disappeared. Has anyone had anything like this happen? This is just so bizarre.
  7. Bellanca

    2020 Jaguar XE Revealed

    The new XJ is most likely being unveiled later this year so I don’t see it getting the axe for at least another generation; there was also the rumored J-Pace. The XJ still sells well considering its age; the XE and XF’s sales pretty lackluster.
  8. Bellanca

    2020 Jaguar XE Revealed

    Yes, the XE and XF will probably get the axe and be combined into one model; perhaps they’ll then offer that car in a LWB configuration.
  9. Bellanca

    2020 Jaguar XE Revealed

    I think it’s a solid improvement; I always thought the XE was a good looking car but a bit too restrained and the interior always felt rather ho-hum to me, but these updates change that; just hoping the I6 somehow makes its way into the lineup. https://media.jaguar.com/news/2019/02/new-jaguar-xe-enhanced-exterior-all-new-luxurious-interior-and-intuitive-new
  10. On a somewhat related note I saw the I-Pace today and looked it over for a few minutes. That is not a Jaguar in my eyes, that thing is an eyesore. At least the interior is a step in the right direction.
  11. Bellanca

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    Finally got to see it in person and I LOVE it.
  12. I’m not a fan of the lifted sedan. Reminds me of an old AMC. Hard pass.
  13. GM is seemingly the place where brands go to die.
  14. I’m curious if the deal they made with Waymo is part of these earnings, there’s no way they’ve even produced enough I-Paces for all that they ordered. https://www.cnet.com/roadshow/news/waymo-jaguar-ipace-self-driving-electric-suv/
  15. PAG was a bit of a disaster but most of those brands probably wouldn’t be around if Ford didn’t buy them.