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  1. Eh, the transmission in my Continental leaves a lot to be desired. Reviews of the 8-speed seem to be pretty positive, though, and the 10-speed in my brother’s F-150 is very smooth, I’d say on par or better than the ZF 8HP I had in my XF.
  2. I misread your statement; nothing to see here.:)
  3. I’m just saying if it’s lame like the XC90 T8’s 20 mile range it’s not worth it.
  4. As long as it’s reasonable I could see going with a BL PHEV, but it’d have to be on par to what BMW’s new X5 offers as far as range is concerned. Otherwise I’ll stick to the 3.0TT.
  5. Any idea on what kind of premium the PHEV will carry over the regular 3.0?
  6. The grille appears to look a bit different; hopefully they didn’t tone it down too much.
  7. Bellanca

    Ford BEV (Mach1) Sneak Peak

    Well, it wouldnt be the first time theyve made a head-shaking decision.
  8. Bellanca

    Ford BEV (Mach1) Sneak Peak

    Lets hope its sooner; but the most important thing is that its a fully baked product. I wonder if Lincoln will get a variant.
  9. Bellanca

    Ford BEV (Mach1) Sneak Peak

    When is the Mach1 supposed to arrive? I just get a little irritated when Ford shows a product/teases one and then doesnt launch it for 2 years...
  10. Bellanca

    Ford BEV (Mach1) Sneak Peak

    I like what I see so far; I hear it is more F-Pace than I-Pace in silhouette.
  11. Really love this thing, and from the one set of spy photos it appears to be keeping many of those little details like the ventswas kind of a letdown when the Continental concept had those nifty vents and then the production version looked like everything else theyd already had.
  12. My sister is in Vegas and described it(the Mach1) to me as super awesome and to me that says a lot because she and I have similar taste when it comes to cars.
  13. Anyone have an idea when the order books will open?
  14. Bellanca

    Hello hello

    New here, though Im over at FIN and I used to post over at MT when it was still active; joined here as it seems to be more active than FIN. -Pete