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  1. Perhaps their alliance with VW will alleviate some of this if they work together on electrification; we will have to wait and see. I would be shocked if Lincoln doesn’t get its own BEV.
  2. Bellanca

    Caddy to show off XT6 at Detroit

    My BL Continental stickered for ~$80K; I have no reason to believe the EB Aviator will cost any less, especially when you add in options like the air suspension. My guess is the GT will add $4-5k over a similarly equipped EB Aviator. They said during the release that it would compete with the likes of the X5 on price so I think high $50s base to mid to high $80s for a fully loaded BL GT.
  3. My F-Type is a porker for being all aluminum; anyway I thought maybe they’d go all aluminum to amortize the costs. Curious how much this will weigh and the weight difference between the base TT V6 and the PHEV.
  4. I don’t know if I missed it or if it was even mentioned but is the Aviator and Explorer going to have an aluminum or steel construction?
  5. I do think this was a missed opportunity to update the interior; it’s screaming for a 10” screen and the same piano keys in the Navigator and Aviator.
  6. The same people who had no intention of buying one in the first place.
  7. I’m betting once the wraps come off we’ll have a better appreciation for the design. It still looks cobbled as it is.
  8. After having a few base model Continentals as loaners I think Lincoln would be best served to drop that trim and start with the Select(which sounds more base than the actual base model, Premiere—but that’s another topic), or keep it at the Reserve level as base for the Aviator and Navigator.
  9. I’m betting that Phone As A Key will be one of those features that many wonder what took so long; but as others have said you’re not forced to use it; you still have a conventional fob, so I don’t understand the backlash towards giving people options—of course it’s not a necessity, but that’s what luxury is all about. I’ve already come to the conclusion this is my next car, now I just have to decide on colors—definitely want the Take Flight theme, though.
  10. I figured base pricing would be around $45-50K but with so much standard equipment I have no idea; maybe closer to $60K?
  11. Absolutely love it. I’ll be ordering once the books open.
  12. Bellanca

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Production Schedule

    Woo! Can’t wait to see this rig!
  13. Eh, the transmission in my Continental leaves a lot to be desired. Reviews of the 8-speed seem to be pretty positive, though, and the 10-speed in my brother’s F-150 is very smooth, I’d say on par or better than the ZF 8HP I had in my XF.
  14. I misread your statement; nothing to see here.:)
  15. I’m just saying if it’s lame like the XC90 T8’s 20 mile range it’s not worth it.