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  1. DCP

    Deciding between Navigator and Navigator L

    There is no much room behind the third row in the standard length. You could use a cargo box, but the vehicle is quite tall. Reaching it could be difficult.
  2. An update. Both my printed manual and the online version I downloaded when I bought the vehicle don't describe a method for turning off the interior motion sensors. When I emailed Lincoln, the response was that you could not turn the motion sensors off, but perhaps my dealer knew of a "trick" to do so. After akirky's comment, I looked online for the manual again and, sure enough, there is a new version with the content he described. There is, in fact, an option to turn the interior motion sensors off in settings in the speedo display using the steering wheel controls. Thanks for the help that I did not get from Lincoln.
  3. akirky: I agree that it is helpful to look at the manual, but only if you look at the right manual. That isn't there in mine (p.85 deals with adjusting the steering wheel). This is everything it says about the alarm system (on page 82): ANTI-THEFT ALARM The system will warn you of an unauthorized entry to your vehicle. It will be triggered if any door, the luggage compartment or the hood is opened without using the key, remote control or keyless entry keypad. The direction indicators will flash and the horn will sound if unauthorized entry is attempted while the alarm is armed. Take all remote controls to an authorized dealer if there is any potential alarm problem with your vehicle. Arming the Alarm The alarm is ready to arm when there is not a key in your vehicle. Electronically lock your vehicle to arm the alarm. Disarming the Alarm Disarm the alarm by any of the following actions: • Unlock the doors or luggage compartment with the remote control or keyless entry keypad. • Switch your vehicle on or start your vehicle. • Use a key in the driver door to unlock your vehicle, then switch your vehicle on within 12 seconds. Note: Pressing the panic button on the remote control will stop the horn and signal indicators, but will not disarm the system. 82
  4. We travel with our dogs. When we leave them in the, they trigger the motion detector and set off the alarm. I asked Lincoln; they said the was no switch to deactivate the motion detectors, but suggested I speak with Lincoln about disabling them. Any suggestions?
  5. DCP

    Floor and Cargo Area Mats

    I bought a Lloyd Mats carpet liner for the area behind the second row. I did a lousy job matching colors, but it is a quality piece. It does not fold so you have to take it out if you want to use the third row. Something that would fold would be great. Please post if you find something that does.
  6. My peaking under the skirt suggests to me that it has a dual exhaust. I believe the brochure says it does as well.
  7. Ford says the engine makes 411hp when running on regular, so an 8.7% loss. I have not seen a torque figure. Is there any detriment to running an engine with retarded timing other than the loss of power?
  8. DCP

    Navigator troubles

    But I like bells and whistles! You're right, of course.
  9. I bought a 2018 in July with plans to tow. Finding one with the tow package was pretty hard compared to finding one without it. My sense is that not too many people plan to tow with this truck because dealers were not ordering many with the tow package. so, for resale, who knows? For 2018 anyway, the package was an eLSD, bigger radiator, backup assist, brake controller, and two speed transfer case. No extra cooling for the transmission, I believe.
  10. Wow. Thank you. I needed to apply the brakes after connecting the trailer to make it work. I never would have guessed that.
  11. Thanks, but it isn't that smart. On my trailer, that circuit powers loading lights. When I plug in the trailer, the tail lights and signals all work, but the loading lights circuit is dead. I plugged the trailer into my Suburban and the loading lights worked, so there is something needed in the truck to energize the circuit.
  12. Thanks. I checked that because adding a fuse was what I had to do in my last Suburban. In the Navigator there was a fuse there already, but no power in the 7 pin harness so there must be something more you have to do.
  13. It's a 2018. Nothing provided and the list of fuses wasn't helpful. Thanks for the comment.
  14. Anyone know how to turn on the constant power in the 7 pin connector?
  15. DCP

    2018 Navigator Issues...Maybe?

    I had the exterior mirror problem with the glass seemingly trying to adjust past its limit and keep trying yesterday for the first time. Folding and unfolding the mirrors resolved the problem. There is a mention in the owner's manual about doing this to reset the mirrors. The suggestion in the manual is that manually moving the mirrors can result in needing a reset. I could have bumped it, I guess. I have not had any of the other problems you describe.