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  1. gthims

    2019 Edge Titanium

    BUMP VIN: 2FMPK4K97KBB19852 First I would like to thank you for your efforts tracking my Edge through the system. Did it get built yet and do you have an ETA for it. Thank You
  2. A lot depends on your state laws. My brother had a Can Am Maverick which Florida does not allow to be registered for road use. But after installing a windshield & wipers, directional & brake lights, street legal tires etc. he was able to have my sister register it in Arizona and then drive it on the roads in Florida. He bends the rules.
  3. gthims

    2019 Edge OK to Buy

    My dealer has 2 base units on their lot. So I stopped in and checked them out this past week. My Titanium should have been built this past week and arrive mid November.
  4. gthims

    2019 Edge Titanium

    BUMP VIN: 2FMPK4K97KBB19852 Can you give me an update on my Edge. Thanks You
  5. Do they give you a time at the 1/8 mile. Way back when I raced my 1979 Mustang it was on a 1/8 mile track, Oxford Plains Speedway in Maine. Mine was always under nine which was considered very respectable for a street legal car on that track.
  6. gthims

    150 MPH Cop Explorer

    That's to fast. Someday those 150 MPH explorers will be in the hands of the general public and some teenager will take it out to see what it will do on a public road. Its a death trap. Any pursuit that requires a speed over 120 should be done with a radio or helicopter.
  7. gthims

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    Go back to your dealer. They set the priority code for 10 through 19
  8. I was looking for a mid size pick-up back in June. I almost bought the Honda Ridgeline. I went to the dealer 3 times checking it out but ended up deciding against it. It had a couple of novel features, lockable trunk in the bed big enough for me to get in & speaker inducers in the bed liner, but the ones on the lot had a very poor fit and finish on them, body panels did not line up well at all etc. I'll wait a year after the new Ranger comes, read the reviews and take a serious look at them. I'd like to have a smaller sized pick-up but don't need it right now. But I guess I'm getting a little off topic here in the Lincoln forum.
  9. gthims

    2019 Edge Titanium

    Thank You very much.
  10. Hi I ordered my Edge Titanium 301A K4K AWD on July 15 and have checked in with the dealership ever other week. The last time they only had a partial VIN and said it had been submitted. They said the same thing today but had the full VIN 2FMPK4K97KBB19852 . Can you give me any more info on its status in the system. Thanks Greg
  11. Thanks for posting the article. I ordered my 2019 Edge Titanium back in July with the tow package and the mandatory AWD due to the tow hitch. Being in Florida I rarely need all wheel drive, but there has been several times with my FWD Escape I wish I had it trying to tow a 2000 lb double jet ski trailer up a dirt boat ramp or even a concrete ramp when the tide is out and its slimey or covered with seaweed.
  12. gthims

    In transit

    Welcome to the forum donjksr. I'm new myself, less then two months here. But I have been reading a lot on the site, and occasionally putting my two cents in, while I wait for my new Edge to be built.
  13. gthims

    Creeking front end

    I had an old Crown Vic with that creaking problem. I got a needle that fit my grease gun, $10 on Ebay, and injected grease into the rubber bag surrounding the ball joints. It helped. Just make sure they are not worn out and loose.
  14. Start by replacing the reservoir cap. You know that is bad, you may have hot spots inside the motor boiling the coolant away from them making them very hot and obstructing proper coolant flow. I have had sensors that didn't work because the coolant had been boiled away from them. You have identified a defective reservoir cap and neither you or I know how that will effect the proper operation of the coolant system but it should be replaced first then go about testing the other unknowns.
  15. Thank You for the response. It will be replacing a 2008 Escape with a quarter million miles on it. The Escape has been a very dependable vehicle, and still is, but since I placed the order for the Edge I am getting very anxious to receive its replacement.