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  1. FordChief

    Escape How-To/ DIY's/ and Reviews YouTube Channel

    Thanks for the helpful info.
  2. FordChief

    TPMS Help!

    You may need to visit your local dealer to have then check system, but if you end up needing new sensors go to this place I got mine from https://www.fordpartsprime.com/ . I like them since they have all O.E. parts but really cheap compared to the dealers. I tried 3 different aftermarket ones before just to get one to work what a waste of my time that was, lesson learned. Stay with o.e. parts always
  3. FordChief

    Part number assistance

    Thanks for the PN. I verified that this is what I needed so I went ahead and ordered it online at a nice deal. https://www.fordpartsprime.com/oem/ford-seal-bl3z7z276a.html
  4. Looks awesome! Thanks for the pics.
  5. FordChief

    Cool Bronco-Raptor pictures

    Thanks for the video. Nice rendering.
  6. FordChief


    It looks like OP's 2017 Expedition didn't come equipped with the cabin air filter. The 2018 model does have it. I searched on https://www.fordpartsprime.com/ but I could not locate the filter.
  7. FordChief

    Raptor broke

  8. FordChief

    Ford Truck Accessories

    I'm kind new here and I just stumbled upon this thread. Check out https://www.fordpartsgiant.com/ for genuine OEM Ford parts and accessories. My shopping experience with them has been excellent. They are legit.
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    New Member

    Welcome to the club!
  10. FordChief


    New member checking in from Los Angeles. Look forward to contributing.