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  1. Rivian couldn’t sell their own brand with the GM deal?
  2. Pumpkin looks different in that IRS.
  3. The last couple of new Tundras I’ve seen were fully loaded dressed up 4 wheel drives. Both were being worked hard in farm country pulling heavy trailers loaded with equipment like backhoes and such. I thought that was pretty interesting.
  4. Sign reflected in the hood.
  5. barney9014

    RAM Multifunction Tailgate

  6. barney9014

    BMW X3 M and X4 M

    I wouldn’t buy anything in this configuration. The best utility vehicle I ever owned was an extended length Aerostar. Kids and lumber hauling. We hauled a 289 in the back of a short version.
  7. barney9014

    BMW X3 M and X4 M

    The proportions of the X4 look better to me. Maybe it’s the rear fender area of the X6.
  8. barney9014

    BMW X3 M and X4 M

    https://www.autoblog.com/2019/02/12/2020-bmw-x3-m-x4-m-performance-bargains/ I'm not a BMW guy. The only modern one I've driven felt disconnected from the road to me. Just looking at the roof lines and dash designs. Dash designs look a little new Focus like.
  9. That sitting 4 adults comfortably is important. The Honda dealer here didn't have a truck optioned like I wanted when I was looking so I didn't bother. Really weird optioned and strange wheel combination trucks. For what I use a truck for the Ridgeline would meet my needs. I call my Tacoma a CarTruck anyway. It's not really that good at any one thing, except I'm comfortable driving it and to me it is quiet. There are rumblings that the next generation of Tacoma will be unibody too. I don't know how that would come out.
  10. As a point of reference my previous 1995 F150 with the straight 6 and 5 speed manual got 13 mpg in town and 13 mpg on the highway driving steady 70 for 84 miles every day. Didn't matter. Plus it couldn't tow itself out of a wet paper bag with the rear end it had. The factory setup was poor. It did nothing well except look good. It was a good looking truck. That is why I bought it, used. It would be interesting if solo the new F250 with the 7.3 could beat that gas mileage and also could tow a house when required. I could even get interested as the price reduction from a Diesel purchase should be nice. This should open up some new interest.
  11. I can relate. Stuff that I like and stuff that I don’t like about my vehicles. My user interface to them.
  12. barney9014

    TFL Ranger/ Taco tow test

    Those two definitely filled up the cabs well.,
  13. barney9014

    2020 Silverado HD

    There are 3 brand new Ford Super Duties on one street in my neighborhood. One guy bought one and the rest followed. They are everywhere down here. These are 2018’s and the grills look different, better maybe. They are mostly large boat pullers.