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  1. barney9014

    TFL Ranger/ Taco tow test

    Those two definitely filled up the cabs well.,
  2. barney9014

    2020 Silverado HD

    There are 3 brand new Ford Super Duties on one street in my neighborhood. One guy bought one and the rest followed. They are everywhere down here. These are 2018’s and the grills look different, better maybe. They are mostly large boat pullers.
  3. How comfortable are the jump seats in the F150 SuperCab on hour long trips? I looked at a friends the other the other day. Curious. The seats do get up out of the way for in cab storage. The back seat of my Tacoma with full 4 doors gets uncomfortable after a while. It's the design of the flip seat back there that makes it harder.
  4. barney9014

    RANGER 270HP/ 310 TQ

    I manually shift my Tacoma down and use the ECT power button to make it more fun to drive around town. It does shift to 6th as soon as it can on it’s own. Highway mpg is about 25 and in town 18. Power seems ok but I drove underpowered manuals for 16 years before this truck. The back seat is a temporary place to be in the double cab. The Ranger should do well.
  5. I hope Ranger gives Tacoma some good competition. I like the turbo 2.3 in the lower end models. Some people need work trucks with a little power.