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  1. We rented one. A red hatch right after they came out. Sweet looking car. But the first thing I thought: “What the heck is wrong with this thing?” I was in the small car purchase mode too. So it didn’t make the list.
  2. Not my local dealer,. Have to drive to another state. They call it MB Vans Locations I think. We have a new dealer locally but it’s not on the list.
  3. Probably wouldn’t sell and where would they build it anyway. I like the size. As mentioned the Metris is limited to commercial dealers too. Can’t buy one at the local MB store.
  4. I’ve owned 3 Aerostars, passenger versions, back in the day. I hauled a lot of stuff in those including a 289 from my 1966 Mustang.
  5. Old thread. I’ve been seeing a number of these on the road. I like this mid size and slab sided utility. I loaded a passenger version up on the build site at $40K. I hope Ford will bring the Transit Custom.
  6. A geriatric accessible truck would be nice. One that is a little closer to the street. At least maybe an option, a version, anyway. Would help with loading the bed too. Not all of us need the elevation.
  7. That Tacoma has a sunroof. They rest don’t appear to. I have to admit the floor pan is high on my Tacoma. At 5’9” I have a few inches between my head and the headliner with no sunroof. A lower step in would be nice but the truck fits me nicely. After a year and a half the shifting weirdness has resolved mostly and down shifts when coasting to a stop. It was irritating for a while. The next generations of the Ranger and the Tacoma should be interesting.
  8. Rivian couldn’t sell their own brand with the GM deal?
  9. Pumpkin looks different in that IRS.
  10. The last couple of new Tundras I’ve seen were fully loaded dressed up 4 wheel drives. Both were being worked hard in farm country pulling heavy trailers loaded with equipment like backhoes and such. I thought that was pretty interesting.
  11. Sign reflected in the hood.
  12. barney9014

    RAM Multifunction Tailgate