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  1. Yay, more numbers to go with a bunch of new letters. Will they refer to their vehicles as, for example, CT5-400 (like the BMW 328i)?
  2. DequindreToo

    GM Sales February 2019

    The Blazer isn't off to a great start. Then again, GM isn't offering any incentives on them yet. I feel like they'll need to at some point...
  3. GM is making it extremely easy for Ford to prop up the Lincoln brand to new heights. Other than die-hard Cadillac fans, who in their right mind would choose an XT6 over the less-expensive and far-superior Aviator?
  4. It's sad, but it seems like most Taurus buyers (civilians and police departments alike) have voluntarily moved into vehicles like the Explorer and Edge.
  5. I'm not really familiar with the attitudes of the British people, but there may be some that are happy to see a mainstream British automotive brand back on the market.
  6. Is the rather plain design found in the XF and XE starting to hurt Jaguar?
  7. Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
  8. Wow... Cadillac and Buick car sales are in a tailspin.
  9. DequindreToo

    PennDOT Rust Compound

    I'll have to make sure to wash off my car this week...
  10. DequindreToo

    Thoughts on Joy Falotico?

    Coming from a finance background, I hope that Hackett didn't stick her there just to be a bean-counter.
  11. DequindreToo

    Thoughts on Joy Falotico?

    Has she had her hands in many Lincoln projects yet?
  12. I wouldn't be at all opposed to the Continental name transitioning to some kind of coupe. It would still fit the Continental's flagship image.
  13. I guess this bodes well for the long-term outlook of MAP.
  14. If Lincoln has the vehicles that you mentioned in development, they're going to completely derail Cadillac (probably moreso than Tesla).
  15. Does anyone have any firm opinion of Lincoln's new boss, Joy Falotico? Kumar Galhotra is a hard act to follow (he seemed totally committed to the Lincoln brand), so it would be interesting to hear some insider opinions on how she compares. Joy has a background in finance, so being thrust into a brand management role would be something completely different.