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  1. michjbthemh

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    Etis shows nothing for me 😞
  2. michjbthemh

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    I couldn't agree with you more!
  3. michjbthemh

    2019 Mustang Order Status/Scheduling

    The last update I got yesterday is that my order is in production with a pending ETA update. The order tracking site still shows estimated delivery of my Mustang to be October 28th. Well, I don't think THAT is going to happen! LOL
  4. Oh my God, really? That is awesome! Thank you so very much. I sincerely appreciate it!!!
  5. Thank you! 1FA6P8CF4K5128290
  6. This does answer some questions. Thank you for sharing!
  7. I couldn't agree with you more! It is just tough waiting when you are not really given definitive answers and feel like you are being left in the dark. Thank you for clarifying, I appreciate it!
  8. Thank you for this. It explains a lot. I was told mine is held for engine issues but I did order a Need For Green Mustang GT which does come standard with stripe so.........It's anyone's guess. I just know at this point, I probably will not see my Mustang until January.
  9. Thank you for clarifying and also for the link. I am going to look at it now.
  10. Well, thank you for your answer. I ordered NFG too! I did get to see one in person and the color is beautiful!!! Please keep us posted.
  11. What does this mean? I don't understand parts hold for PCM? Do you know what that persons status is? I am on that forum and I didn't see that post. I am going to go look for it now.
  12. Just curious, how do you know there is a hold on yours? Did your salesman tell you that or Ford Order Tracking?
  13. Mine was built on October 4th also. Don't have mine yet as you probably know,
  14. I couldn't agree with you more. I just wish I knew for sure that this was the case. Keep us posted on whether you receive your car on time if you don't mind. Good luck!
  15. I don't know why this topic posted twice so I am responding in both. I am sorry.