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  1. Yep! Picked it up last week. Love it! Thanks for the reply. Have a great week!
  2. SRAces

    When Will My Ranger be Shipped?

    Concur that the shipping side after the truck has been built is a mess. My current Ranger that is locked down for me is a dealer trade since my ordered unit keeps getting pushed back. When you live in more rural areas, the smaller volume dealers don't get the love...lol! The dealer that is letting my dealer have the Ranger originally had it scheduled for a 2/18-2/24 delivery window to the dealer. That came and went. Latest delivery window per the system is 3/3-3/8. Hoping that holds up, but today is the 7th and still Ranger on the ground at the dealer 60 miles away. I'm betting the delivery window gets pushed again. Truck build on 2/6.
  3. SRAces

    Ordered a Ranger Lariat

    Congrats! Will be a nice looking truck. Mine has been released to shipping. Was supposed to be at the dealer by now. Guess it might show up in the next week or two.
  4. Thanks cyberdman! Can I hit you up the following week? Simply amazing...lol! Looks like we will be driving the wife's car to Atlanta the weekend of 9-10 March at this rate. Have a great weekend! Steve Stubbs USAF (retired) Lake Park, GA
  5. Had a Ranger in the order bank with my local dealer. Dealer 50 miles away has one due in any day. Had a dealer ETA of 2/18-2/24. My local dealer is getting the new Ranger from the other dealer for me. They have made the deal with the other dealer. Just trying to figure out if my new Ranger is still in the railway system or off the train with the vehicle transport company. Window sticker lookup just reflects "Rail". Ordering dealer 03513. VIN# 1FTER4FH0KLA07709 . Don't have their order #. Sold my F-150 this past Sunday. Hoping to see this new Ranger in time for road trip 8-10 March. Thanks!
  6. It's a screen capture is off the KBB initial review video review with Lyn Woodward. That truck is exactly what mine will look like. Medium Stone leather and black running boards. Build week is currently 3/11.
  7. I have a Hot Pepper Red SuperCrew Lariat 4X4 with Medium Stone interior finally scheduled for a 3/11 build week. Been taking forever. Dropped the keypad to get it scheduled. I did a search as well and it seemed to me that the colors mentioned were the majority. A lot of Sport Packages ordered. Not a lot of straight up Lariats available with the color keyed bumpers. I chuckled when I went to my dealer to look at their very first Ranger. The person showing me the Ranger stated "it comes in either the Sport or Chrome look". Shaking my head...lol! Mine will be just like this one reviewed by KBB.
  8. SRAces

    Ranger Keypad Delaying Builds?

    I sanitized my screenshot from the dealer below to remove my dealer's identity. My truck was ordered as a stock unit using the dealer's very first allocation. The assumption was that the first stock unit would get built quicker than a retail unit. I told my dealer this morning to take the keypad off so the truck would get scheduled. I will work on a wireless keypad solution down the road from Ford that will work on the new Ranger.
  9. SRAces

    Ranger Keypad Delaying Builds?

    I just got a screenshot from my dealer showing my order is being held up for a keypad constraint. Can someone at the factory on this forum validate whether the keypad is really holding up orders? I would hate to take mine off just to get the truck built, but at this rate, I will not see my Ranger anytime soon. SMH.
  10. SRAces

    Ranger Keypad Delaying Builds?

    Thanks for the quick reply. It's interesting that we have yet to see any commercials on TV yet. Have a great Thanksgiving! Is your avatar a Maine Coon?
  11. SRAces

    Ranger Keypad Delaying Builds?

    I'm hearing on another forum that Rangers with the $95 keypad option are being delayed. Anyone know how long that delay is? I told my dealer that I had to have the keypad as I use it a lot on my current F-150 if I need to unlock the vehicle without the key fob. Comes in handy when you kayak fish and want to leave the keys locked up in the vehicle so you don't lose them on the water.
  12. SRAces

    Ranger starts production

    It will cost more in 2023!
  13. SRAces

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    My dealer just emailed me that they just got their first allocation. "One" He wanted to confirm my options. Sounds like he is letting me have that initial allocation. Will be ordered as a stock unit so it will get built. MSRP is $45,720. Will be interesting to see what the X-Plan cost is.
  14. Well I've given my final Ranger configuration to my local dealer to order. It tops out at $45,720. More than I paid for my 2004 F-150 SuperCrew Lariat 4X4 with everything you could get on it....lol! Had to get the Saber color. My only negative about getting the Saber color is that you have to add the Sport Package. So you lose the 18 inch machined aluminum wheels with stealth gray inserts and get the magnetic painted wheels as standard on the Sport Package. I would have taken the standard Lariat wheels mentioned easily if there had been the ability to delete the magnetic rims. Now you have to pay an additional $895 over the Sport Package price just to get rid of the magnetic rims and get back to a rim similar to what comes as standard on the Lariat. That's the only complaint I have.
  15. SRAces

    2019 Ranger Production Information

    I am getting out of an F-150 SuperCrew Lariat with 4-wheel drive. I kayak fish in the Gulf every weekend. Some launches require me to go down narrow and sometimes muddy roads for as far as 11 miles, so I want the piece of mind I get with 4-wheel drive. If I have to head north during the winter on a trip it will be helpful. Sometimes sandy areas can get soft at some of our launch points. Worth the extra expense for me.