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  1. Assimilator

    MKX vs, Nautilus

    It's always a matter of opinion of course, to me the Nautilus looks way more elderly than MKX, but I know they are trying to target an older audience so this likely fits that demo far better. I'm in my 30's and I know I'm an extreme outlier as it is so it's probably a good indicator that I don't like the styling but people older than me do. The Aviator will be a different story but I plan to step out of my 5th MKX and into a 2020 Explorer Platinum this time next year. Aviator is probably too extravagant and the Explorer has something the Lincoln doesn't that I really want, a Vertical infotainment system with split-screen CarPlay.
  2. Assimilator

    MKX vs, Nautilus

    Standard LED Headlights, 8-Speed Transmission, Standard Co-Pilot360 (BLISS, Emergency Braking Auto High-Beams, and Pedestrian Detection), Full LCD instrument panel, frameless rear view mirror, rear view camera washer. It also has the more fuel efficient but nearly as powerful 2.0L EB replaces the 3.7 V6 as standard. I know there are bunch of other things I'm missing but that gets you started. But I would probably just go for the best deal, especially since I don't think the Nautilus looks that good unless you spring for the best version, that huge boxier front overhang needs larger wheels to balance it out which wasn't the case with the MKX. I still prefer the styling on MKX with the exception of the taillights.
  3. Assimilator

    Test mustang

    Wow that looks amazing, wish the US didn't have the amber reflector requirements.
  4. They won't understand until it starts making money, that's always the case.
  5. Assimilator

    2020 Jeep Gladiator Leaks

    Have to admit, FAR more personality than the Ranger. Not something I would want over Ranger but Jeep can probably sell these for more money. They probably have another influential phenom on its hands. Jeep really is a superstar in the automotive world right now, even Ford is hinging its turnaround on beating Jeep. And yes, there is a soft-top convertible version, something you definitely can't get on any other truck. Pretty awesome!
  6. Compared to the Renegade (and initial sketch) I do like the thinner more horizontal/wrapped fascia elements, I think that's what the final design is trying to achieve. This is also a signature Ford design preference...at the moment anyway. I'm a little iffy about the prominent 'filler' pieces across the front which sits above the tiny bumper. I've never been a big fan of the small bumper thing, it always looks cutesy retro.
  7. I'm not exactly sure where the Maverick is positioned but I know it was being developed off of Fiesta mules so although it's probably C-Segment sized I'm not entirely sure it's C-Segment based. I still think it's going to be positioned as a cheaper alternative to Escape that competes more closely with the new Trax, Compass, and Renegade (all of which are based on B-Segment architectures). I think that would make some sense, otherwise you're just selling an Escape with an alternative appearance and prevents you from competing more directly with the volume competitors. EcoSport is getting a replacement around 2022 which is also getting a pick-up version. Chevy also adding a smaller utility to be positioned beneath the new larger and more expensive Trax. So I think the Big 3 will each have 2 vehicles in these entry level segments. Either way I don't think Maverick has the potential to be the volume seller, it has a relatively eccentric personality like the Renegade. But if they can sell 8,000 units a month, that would be pretty decent.
  8. I still can't get over that fascia on an otherwise nicely crafted body design. It's too bad, the sketches looked far better. They probably had to make some compromises that required a total rethink up front. I don't think this will be a big seller, especially if you look at the Renegade vs the Compass, this is still a fairly small customer base and the Ford will be more expensive than both. Compass sells 2X+ more than Renegade despite being the more expensive option.
  9. There are some other tidbits in there. Here is the grille of the new Explorer Platinum and the rear light of the Maverick.
  10. This is apparently the source of the leak. http://www.fdm18pics.com/event-pictures/
  11. I'm not a huge fan of Maverick fascia in particular, I do like the rest of it. It's actually an interpretation of the grille from the Bronco.
  12. NOPE! That's the Maverick. (AKA, Baby Bronco CX430). Very few have actually seen the final Bronco besides a few CAD renderings.
  13. The Gen 2 3.5L EB is staying in the Big Trucks and Vans. Explorer will be the only surviving nameplate that used the 3.5L V6 and that's getting the 3.0L EB instead.
  14. I think the violin is a bit much, not everybody loves the sound of a solo Violin. The Xylophone is very appropriate.
  15. The 3.0L EB will kick the pants out of the old 3.5L EB.