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  1. True that within Texas toll roads, tag read or license read will charge the same amount to a toll tag account but will take many days longer to post for license read. I am not sure same will apply from out of Texas charges or if they will even do license reads. Then there are places that will read NTTA toll tags but do not read license plates at all (DFW, DAL ... ). I do feel that the total lack of any acknowledgement or concern from Lincoln and from the tolling authorities is unacceptable.
  2. LHB

    Cold air intake

    FYI: from 2018 Lincoln Navigator Owners Manual third printing July 2018 ... Automatic Transmission Adaptive Learning This feature may increase durability and provide consistent shift feel over the life of your vehicle. A new vehicle or transmission may have firm shifts, soft shifts or both. This operation is considered normal and does not affect function or durability of the transmission. Over time, the adaptive learning process fully updates transmission operation.
  3. LHB

    Black Label benefits?

    ... (and a few reminders to salesman)
  4. LHB

    Locking the drive mode

    I have noticed that when I set to EXCITE mode which is 4 wheel drive (‘4A’ in lower left of instrument cluster and ‘EXCITE’ in lower center) it stays 4 wheel on restarts (4A).
  5. <Begin Rant> I have had ZERO luck getting any definitive information. Lincoln Owners Manual (2nd printing) indicates to place in the dotted frit area to the left of the camera assembly above the mirror.. can not get any knowledgeable confirmation of there being a problem ... just people reading the manual to me or saying 'Ghee ... I haven't heard of any problem'. Much the same from the NTTA (North Texas Toll Authority) ... mount as instructions say (under mirror mount). If it does not work, bring vehicle into one of their locations (Dallas area ... I'm in Houston) where they can check for a windshield location that will work (if any)... If it doesn't work ,, nothing more they can do (for this I'd have to drive 4 hours each way) but they really don't know of a general problem. I have tried pretty much all possible locations. Right now I have a tag under the mirror as NTTA instructions say.... it does not read. Fortunately NTTA and the other tolling authorities in Texas share their databases and when the toll tags don't read they bill by the license plate even across the tolling authorities... just takes a week or so longer to show on my account (at the proper discount rate) and where toll tag read would be required (like DFW or DAL airports, were I still living in Dallas area) I won't have access. <End Rant>
  6. LHB

    Extended warranty

    Ford ESP ... you configure it as you like (Miles/Time) and categories of coverage (I get it configured to essentially fully extend the factory bumper to bumper coverage to 6 years / 60000 miles). Some dealers will discount it (check on the internet... there are a few Ford dealers that will discount them .... I use prices quoted there to get an idea what I expect and usually get the dealer I'm purchasing from to match it). I've had a dealer (2015 F-150) better my best internet quote and current one (2018 Navigator Black Label) add to my trade in an amount to get to price. It will seem pricy ... 'til you check the price of some of the hi-tech assemblies ... of which there are m a n y in todays top end models.
  7. LHB

    2018 Navigator Issues...Maybe?

    Hope you realize you can adjust the open-to height so it won't hit your garage door ...
  8. These newer vehicles have replaced hardwired circuits with digital networks and control most of the wired functionality (like what a button press does) with codes in the control modules. So changing hardware would not change the functionality. Perhaps Forscan could change it but I personally would not want to 'mess' with the default programming.
  9. Appears that ‘D’ button can be programmed as ‘LOCK’ or ‘SOURCE’ ... just not user selectable. May not be dealer (allowed) programmable but may be possible with right equipment & knowledge.
  10. LHB

    2018 Navigator Issues...Maybe?

    In my humble opinion all sort of ‘unexplained’ things can happen when keys with fob are carried in a pocket or purse ... that’s why I always place the keys on my keychain into my pocket but let the fob hang outside the pocket (I usually wear shirttail out so the fob is covered from sight).
  11. LHB

    Noisy cooled seats

    As I understand it there are 4 fans individually controlled. Front, rear and each front seat. I have not noticed much ‘noise’ from the seat ventilators. The front and rear fans can sound like a hurricane on MAX but quite tame on normal speeds to maintain temps once they reach settings.
  12. Thanks for response. The one toll tag read (on the Navigator) was on Beltway 8 mainline between 290 & I10. Other Beltway 8 tolls on that same trip showed up days later as license reads. My NTTA account posted toll records show toll date&time and posting date&time ... (but not license or tag read).
  13. May I ask how long it takes for your tolls to post to your HCTRA account and have you noticed differences between HCTRA and TXTAG toll postings? My experience was that toll tag charges (DFW area & Houston area) appeared on my NTTA account within a very few hours. Since getting my 2018 Navigator and trying multiple NTTA toll tag stickers on various locations all except one has been charged by license read and have taken from just over a week to multiple weeks to post. TXTAG (Grand Pkwy) seems to be the slowest to post (by license read). I have to call NTTA to find if the postings are from toll tag or license read (no such indication on my acct records that I can see with my online account access).
  14. PP R~~~ N D~~~ Actually, the PARK key is nearly double the size (width & depth) the other 3 keys, then the Ridged REVERSE and DRIVE Keys are separated by the Smooth NEUTRAL Key. OH, By The Way ... if you put the transmission in NEUTRAL it times out then goes to PARK ... when going through a car wash BE SURE to press NEUTRUAL twice to lock in NEUTRAL!!
  15. ... And if it is has parking brake on and you put it into gear and touch the throttle it automatically disengages the parking brake. There is a tactile difference on the shift keys but I have not found that useful and look at them as I select ... I do find it annoying when the keys are in shadow and the lights are not on so I can't easily make out witch key is what.