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  1. https://www.hagerty.com/articles-videos/articles/2019/02/14/ford-may-offer-third-engine-in-mustang More questions than answers in there, for me. Why, for instance, is the 5.0 listed twice. Once as 435hp (which is the '15-'17 rating) and a second 5.0 with TIVCT (which the 5.0 has ALWAYS had) with TBD for the HP...... Anyway, it'll be interesting to see. Whilst I appreciate it's a lot easier to offer a hi-po version of an existing engine, I really wish they still offered a V6....the 3.0 would be great if offered at 400hp, especially if the V8 adopted the Bullitt's 480hp tune. Perhaps for S650......
  2. Twin Turbo

    2020MY Production Schedule

    Thank you, that would be greatly appreciated!
  3. Twin Turbo

    2020MY Production Schedule

    Is anyone able to confirm if the dates for the '19/'20 Mustang have changed at all? Thank you
  4. Also, how old are these spyshots? Or has Summer arrived early in Detroit? 😜
  5. Isn't Mach-E the Mustang inspired crossover? If so, this can't be it, surely?
  6. 7-seat Kuga/Escape, as per the other thread?
  7. You're right, the Edge is only a 5-seater, but a little bigger in terms of space than the Kuga. I'm assuming next-gen Kuga will grow to effectively offer the same space as the current Edge.....and a 7-seat Kuga would, you assume, be a little bigger still. You're right though, it's not really a direct replacement, but will likely appeal to those that wanted a slightly larger SUV than the Kuga. In terms of the Edge not being suitable to narrow European roads, I don't really think size was its problem. The Galaxy is bigger and used to sell well. I just don't think the extra inch or two over the Kuga was seen as value for money. Sadly, most Europeans would rather buy a German rival for similar money. There's still far too much badge snobbery over here 😒
  8. We know Ford execs are tight lipped (remember the hot water Jim Owens got into for "Venon kills demons")........so why would Mike Levine say this? Testing the water? A big block Mustang should appeal to me, but a high-tech S550/S650 with a relatively low tech (pushrod/no DI etc) V8 just doesn't seem to gel. Unless they do an aluminium block version, it'll just be far too nose heavy.....and I'd be surprised if this 7.3 can better the current 460hp (or 480 in the Bullitt) of the Coyote. Sure, the 7.3 will have it beat on torque (I assume around the 600 lb/ft area??), but right now, and I can hardly believe this old dinosaur is saying this, but a hybrid Mustang with a V8 plus and extra 200 lb/ft from the batteries might actually be more appealing. Sure, that'd be heavy too, but that weight wouldn't not be over the nose to the detriment of handling.
  9. This makes sense. Whilst I like the look of the Edge, it doesn't really offer anything over the slightly smaller Kuga. Offering 7 seats means, I guess, the S-Max and Galaxy 7-seater days are numbered, too.
  10. Please Ford.....please don't call it Puma. I had one of the originals and it was a brilliant little car (best FWD car I've ever driven). It'll never happen, but I'd love to see a real Puma replacement, built off the latest Fiesta, made as a small coupe again [/img]
  11. This is brilliant news......if true. I've long wanted to see Lincoln produce a RWD coupe and saloon based off the Mustang platform, ever since the S550 was first in development. Given S650/NG Mustang is mooted to be a '23MY, my assumption is this would come afterwards. Whilst there's no technical reason the Lincoln couldn't come first (after all, Aviator was seen before the new Explorer), some may not like to think of a new Mustang being based off of a Lincoln, rather than the other way around. Whatever......if it looks this good, bring it on NOW!! [/img] [/img]
  12. Good to hear some S650/NG Mustang news at last! With regards timescales, last I heard it was going to be a '23MY, anyone know if this is still the case?
  13. Twin Turbo

    Ford mondeo

    A subtle but effective update. Such a shame the Mondeo is still a VERY rare sight on the roads here in England.......and this facelift wont' change that
  14. I'm English and bleed Ford blue...........so they're continued struggle in Europe really saddens me. From the mid-60's through to the mid 90's, Ford ruled the market. Cars like the Cortina and Sierra were the number one seller. Mid-sized saloons and (later) hatchbacks, ruled. The Cortina and Sierra were the company car user's 1st choice. My dad had a number of both and that's where my love of Ford began. Then saloons started to fall out of favour for the more versatile MPV. Ford were slow on the uptake here (although the same goes for most European marque as it was the Japanese that ruled this sector to start with). Ford teamed up with VW (yes, way back in the late 90s/early 2000s) for the Galaxy/Sharan twins......and it took them far too long to filter the MPV down to the smaller models (S-Max/C-Max/B-Max). Then MPVs fell out of favour for SUVs. Once again, Ford was late to the party. Where's Ford's Explorer for Europe? No where. The Volvo XC90 and its ilk have proven the 7 seat SUV will sell like hot cake here and yet Ford STILL doesn't have anything to offer. We have the EcoSport (I can't recall the last time I saw one) and Kuga (we actually own one)........and that's it! Ford seems to think the "Active" models will fill this niche, but I'm not so sure as they offer nothing over the standard model. The other problem is image. Over here most people would rather buy an Audi/BMW/Mercedes. Ford realised their biggest selling trim was the Titanium (top trim) so they introduced Vignale. Even nicer trim and dealers had to invest in special areas of their showroom/service area for Vignale. Again, I can't recall the last time I saw ANYTHING on the road in this trim level Ford of Britain has a proud history (heck, the Model T was built in Manchester!!!) but that's been eroded over the decades. I don't know what the answer is for Ford, but I hope they work it out and don't bail on Europe.
  15. Twin Turbo

    2020 Ford Explorer

    It's a lot better looking than I thought it was going to be............although that front end is still going to take getting used to. BUT....that vertical touchscreen........no, just no! Horizontal ones a bad enough when they're just "tacked on" like an afterthought, but this is just ugly! Why the heck can't they just embed it into the dash properly? The Mustang shows it can be done and I'm sure even that one could be expanded to 10" wide (I believe it's 8" at present), as there's still quite a lot of plastic area surrounding the edges. For me though, I'm still excited to learn about the RWD platform............mostly so we can take a stab at what the '23MY S650 may consist of!