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  1. Twin Turbo

    New Ford Puma

    Well, we already have Kuga (your Escape)........and Galaxy is a 7-seat MPV (I can't actually recall the last time I saw a brand new one, so it may not even be on sale any more!)
  2. They dominate the market...........but that's more to do with badge snobbery than the fact they are well engineered SUVs. A RWD Edge would have to be MUCH cheaper than the German equivilents to stand a chance. Its one reason the Mustang has been a huge success over here (UK/Europe). It offers the full-fat V8 experience for 2/3rds the cost of an M4/AMG Merc/Audi RS etc.
  3. Which, for this guy this lives the ROW (England) , is a real shame. Mustang is likely the only CD6 vehicle we'll get. Edge is about to be culled here as it just doesn't sell (not surprising, as it doesn't offer much more than the Kuga.....as costs LOTS more). I understand the new Explorer will be ROW......well, with the exception of RHD markets like ours. I honestly think that's a mistake as 7-seat SUVs are very popular here. Anyway......enough of that.......when's the next Mustang update coming lol
  4. Actually, I should be quoting Automobile, as that's where it initiated. Anyone on here know when S650/NG is really due? And is the S550 refresh really '21MY? https://www.automobilemag.com/news/next-ford-mustang-details-on-sale-info/ "One source says the CD6 Mustang, which goes by the codename S650, appears to be delayed at least to the 2026 model year, while another source guesses 2028 or 2029, either of which makes it less of a product plan than a promise to keep building the icon. In the interim, the S550 Mustang will receive a major mid-cycle facelift to update its current D2C platform and reskin it with new sheetmetal from nose to tail, which will require some underbody work. It’s the mid-cycle D2C update that will spawn a Mustang hybrid, although that car is said to be delayed slightly from the 2021 model year to early in calendar-year 2022"
  5. Could be nothing more than wishful thinking, but R&T seem to think the refresh would be significant. For me, it makes sense to launch a redreshed model with or at least shortly before, the hybrid model is revealed. Its strange.........rumors were strong (and mostly correct) on when Mustang received all it's updates from the '10MY S197, through to the '13 refresh, then the '15 all new model. If you kept a close enough eye on Mustang forums, you had a pretty good idea of exactly when those refreshes would debut, but since the '18 refresh, it seems either Ford keep changing their timelines, or those usually accurate sources have lost their touch. Originally we heard S650/NG would be a '21MY.....then '23MY......and now as far out as '26 or even '28/'29!!! "We know what the immediate future for the Ford Mustang looks like—a new Shelby GT500 later this year, and not too long after, a hybrid version. But the long-term plan for the Mustang is a little murkier. Automobile reports that we haven't heard a whole lot about a new Mustang because it's actually quite far away. An anonymous source speaking to the magazine said that a truly all-new Mustang might not arrive until the 2026 model year, while another guessed that it might not be until 2028 or 2029. In the interim, Ford will reportedly roll out a heavily revised version of the current S550-generation Mustang with new bodywork. The Mustang hybrid was supposed to arrive with this mid-cycle refresh in 2020, though Automobile says it's been delayed to early 2022 now." https://www.roadandtrack.com/new-cars/future-cars/a27017650/ford-mustang-next-generation-s650-rumors/
  6. Oh, I agree. I drive a '99 V6 coupe as a daily driver here in the UK, but my pride n joy (garage queen) is an '05 GT. The S197 was a massive improvement. The '10+ facelift moved the game on even more (I've driven several) and the S550 was yet another big improvement. I do agree though, that competition is good for the breed and I hope the Mustang continues to improve (now, if only I knew when the next revision was coming!)
  7. Which was a massive improvement over the 3.8 V6 4-speed auto SN95 from the previous year
  8. Absolutely this ^..............but if that "camo'd" S550 is all we're getting, it won't be nearly enough. The '18 front end came in for a lot of flack when it was revealed (but then most Mustang refreshes are met with horror.....but people soon warm up to it)........but I think Saleen (thanks to Sean Smith) has a great looking front bumper.
  9. I'll admit, I was thinking (hoping) this was just a "placeholder" bumper. The one thing that IS apparent is the turn signal lamp is higher up and closer to the headlamp.....I was thinking this could just be a hacked up '18 bumper with the new lamp in place.......although why they'd test just that even I can't explain. I was hoping for a significant change like we're going to see with the '21 F150. But if this is the only change......I'll be severely disappointed.....especially if the NG/S650 is as far away as rumor suggests.
  10. Well, yes, this one.........different bumpers? Hardly worth the effort if that's all it is! The bumper looks 95% the same as the current car, other than what's covered by the black 'tarp. Hardly enough to get '18-current owners to trade up.
  11. Interesting.....but surely incentives at this time of year (the '20MY cars will be hitting the lots within a couple of months) are nothing new. In order to keep sales strong, what's needed is a continuously improved product. News on the (rumored) '21MY refresh is thin on the ground......I'd have thought we'd be seeing camo'd prototypes by now if it was coming for the '21MY?
  12. This'll be why they didn't discuss the F150 in the Bronco video
  13. Twin Turbo

    '21 F150 SuperCab Spied

    These are great to see. I know the F150 is Ford's cash-cow..........but I'm more interested to know if that rumoured '21MY Mustang refresh is really happening
  14. Twin Turbo

    NEW 2021 F150

    This ^^ As I understand it, Ford were looking at developing a 4.8 but they managed to hit their MPG and emissions targets with the gen-3 Coyote, so the plans were dropped.
  15. Twin Turbo

    NEW 2021 F150

    More shots from Autoblog, including the interior. I assume that "tablet" is a placeholder for something rather more integrated.......or is it just the engineer's laptop?? https://www.autoblog.com/2019/05/09/ford-f-150-next-generation-spy-photos-interior/#slide-7575287