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  1. I think the Mustang might have to carry an ST in the Turbo versions
  2. The Kuga, the mechanical twin of the Escape compact SUV (spy images above), was Ford of Europe's best-seller with 153,542 units sold. The EcoSport came next with 111,856 units sold, up by 78 percent from the previous year. The Edge midsize SUV, on the other hand, sold only a measly 9,527 units, down by 41 percent from the previous year. With that said, Ford's SUV lineup is scheduled to be revamped this 2019. The EcoSport will get a replacement later in the year while a new Kuga is also on the way after the Escape's launch in the U.S. A seven-seater variant of the Kuga will also join the European lineup, ultimately replacing the Edge. Ford of Europe President Steven Armstrong also said that "another nameplate" will be launched this year. https://www.motor1.com/news/304639/ford-kuga-replacing-edge/
  3. If Ford Authority is trustworthy, that's Mach E
  4. Ford’s Forthcoming Performance-Focused Electric Crossover Caught On Camera LOL Mach E http://fordauthority.com/2018/08/fords-forthcoming-performance-focused-electric-crossover-caught-on-camera/
  5. RadicalX

    2020 Ford Explorer

    I thought there would be some RWD Explorers ST
  6. RadicalX

    2020 Ford Explorer

    and rwd explorers?
  7. RadicalX

    Ordered: 2020 Aviator

    congralutations! I will follow the topic to read more reports about your Aviator
  8. All these losses are also linked to the collapse of XE, XF, XJ sales under Jaguar. Looks like another brand is having a problem with sedans.
  9. Cadillac realized that it can no longer keep all cars with vertical headlights and vertical taillights as it happens since the years 2000
  10. RadicalX

    Chicago Auto Show

    Navigator hybrid
  11. RadicalX

    Chicago Auto Show

    I think the Puma too.
  12. Seems to have the size of a Mazda CX-3.
  13. production taillights Ford Puma (?)
  14. 2nd Gen GT was a right car at the right time. I believe it opens up space for new GTs in the future for this same price range. Maybe hybrid and electric GTs.
  15. Remembering that MKZ has the same back since 2013. If there is new generation MKZ, rear-wheel drive provided by CD6, I believe it would reach the 3k units per month. The problem is that the continental is very close to him and should receive a more differentiated frontal design, distanced the continental from the MKZ.
  16. MKZ sells very well, better than any Buick and caddy sedans. Expedition only grows. I remember seeing it last year selling 3k a month
  17. Will they still make new sedan and coupe Lincolns?
  18. I don't think Ford will keep the CD4 platform for long in production. The plan is to reduce from 9 to only 5 platforms, optimizing costs. That makes me believe in mk7 Mondeo and mk8 Taurus CD6
  19. Mondeo mk5 received a facelift in Europe and the mk7 Taurus will soon receive a half-life facelift. Maybe a new generation comes along CD6 with Mustang and Zephyr in 2021
  20. Does this picture have a lot of time? The front grille, which seems to be the new one from the Continental, makes me think it's a recent projection
  21. Ford won't bring sedans to US. They must be Lincolns. I don't think they'll be arriving in Australia. Last time I read from Hacket about Lincolns expansion around the world, it's not in the plans