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  1. MKZ sells more than triple the Continental's sales, and does not seem to have the same attention as the "biggest" brother. It'S a sedan that's been on the market for a decade and it's carried Lincoln in the back like the brand's best-selling car for years. Make a CD6 MKZ, since the platform will be shared between Aviator and Explorer. Put a 2.3 Ecoboost of Mustang HOP 335 on it and a hybrid version
  2. I read a while back that Fusion would become a crossover, but keeping the style "fastback". Maybe a crossover wagon or a crossover coupe
  3. It does Not seem rational to Lincoln to abandon the MKZ, which has good sales until today despite the age of the project. Keeping a sedan within the FoMoCo group would be an interesting strategy in the US and China likes sedans
  4. It would be nice to Lincoln to make a CUV rival of GLA, X1, Q3 and UX
  5. Corsair interior and exterior
  6. I don't see comparing the XT4 with Terrain in every review, saying the XT4 is a Cadillac version of Terrain. With Lincoln It always happens
  7. 2.3 280 hp its the same Focus ST C2 engine and setup
  8. The Edmunds Video on Corsair relied entirely on the comparison between Escape and Corsair. Frustrating The car looks beautiful. The interior is magnificent and the front looks much better than the Aviator
  9. It will be difficult for the Brazilian to swallow a Chinese car. Jac and Chery try hard, but can't even reach competitiveness. The Press has massively disclosed that the Territory is a Yusheng, and this will cause negative repercussions. Brazilian buys Ford because it is Ford, a brand that is 100 years ago in Brazil. They are traditional and do not trust the hard money (because the price of a CUV in Brazil is stratospheric) in a product that the press discloses as doubtful. Territory is only back in Brazil because the dealers are terrified with the closing of the factory of São Bernardo do Campo and afraid of Ford close also the Camaçari factory. The right decision would be to bring only Puma and Kuga (under another name, because Escape in Portuguese means exhaust)
  10. The new Escape will be made in General Pacheco (Argentina), which opens the possibility of exporting to Brazil
  11. It would be a big mistake for Ford Brasil to bring a Chinese car. The Media has already massaced the model. They Should bring Escape or Puma
  12. Nautilus and Expedition are the two great and good surprises among the passenger cars. Transit, F and E truck series are strong too. Even this year there will be Escape, Explorer, Aviator and Corsair on this chart
  13. As for the Puma, will be an Escort C1 SUV. Just look at the teaser and the photos of the Escort 2020 comparing the high position of the lights. The LED is almost identical to the LED of the Escort 2020