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  1. RadicalX

    New Ford Puma

    Bring the Puma to Brazil, Ford
  2. but its already exists and Its called GT Carbon Series
  3. The most insane thing about the GT is being able to be competitive having a V6 biturbo, but you insist on a V8 as if that kind of propeller had some future. Countries are banning combustion cars and the next step in the GT's legacy is to be EV. Too late for V8. Its time to hybrid GT
  4. RadicalX

    Ford/FCA Merger?

    I believe Ford can join GM, getting Ford-GM alliance. GM could help Ford in China, while Ford would help GM to return to Europe
  5. I like how the displacement was maintained. I also like the changes that the GT500 seems to bring, mainly about downforce and ability to compete in corners. Much more than just putting a truck motor inside the hood, doing a drag setup and then creating a car that goes well only in a straight line. I'm already looking forward to watching videos of Mustang GT500 annihilating the time of the GT350R (which is my favorite Mustang) at Nurburgring, which is something that everyone would be curious to see, because Mustangs fast in drag race everyone has ever seen.
  6. I believe that the skateboard platform should serve the next generation of Nautilus, which is the CUV immersed in the most competitive segment and with dimensions close to the EQC
  7. RadicalX

    Holy $%!#... Another Avenger was sold!

    Lincoln is another of the dozens luxury brands offering SUVs. Pacifica is not the most sold even in the minivans segment. I can't believe Lincoln and Chrysler are in comfortable positions. For Lincoln to be definitely competitive, everyone knows it need their own platforms and engines. For Chrysler to be competitive, it need to have something besides Pacifica
  8. RadicalX

    Holy $%!#... Another Avenger was sold!

    Alfa Romeo is very weak! Jeep Compass and Renegade do not seem to have good market acceptance. Chrysler is dead and Dodge is on the precipice. 1500 Ram, Gladiator and Wrangler are the cars that will hold the whole group
  9. RadicalX

    David Woodhouse Resigns

    After Lincoln show the Corsair, which would theoretically be the last Lincoln to complete the whole modern lineup, he decides to go away. It looks like he waited to complete all the car changes for the signature grille to make the decision.
  10. In 2016, a hundred Fords event in Brazil called "All Ford Day ", received the legal department of Ford Brazil that ordered the withdrawal of the word "Ford " of the event and warned that the upcoming events of fan-clubs will not be able to use the name "Ford ". After the censorship, meetings of Fords in Brazil came to be called "ForDay ", "Meeting of F. Family in Brazil ". On the day 05/19/19, 400 Fords met in Interlagos; Fiesta, Focus, Fusion, Mustang (including Shelby GT500), Focus RS MK2, F-100, Ranger Splash, Maverick, Galaxie and Escort were among the hundreds of Fords at the racetrack. The way Ford Brazil deals with brand fans has aroused the attention of the Brazilian press https://www.flatout.com.br/forday-2019-ford-do-brasil-ouca-e-aprenda-com-os-entusiastas-nao-com-o-seu-juridico/
  11. Here in Brazil the Powershift became legal process and harmed images of all Fords sold here. Prior to Powershift, Ford was on a growing margin of sales and public adhesion. It came to liberance in segments. Powershift completely ruined the prospect of brand growth for four years. Only last year Ford Brazil decided to replace it with the 6F15
  12. XT5 and Escalade hold the whole Cadillac. Chevy crossovers and Camaro are going well. GMC is only with the growing Acadia and Buick is as strong with crossovers as Chevrolet. Strange is to notice the Buick Regal selling well
  13. I follow the Continental's sales since the premiere and the model has even gone from 1500 units a month. While the MKZ, which has decade of history and was once the best seller of Lincoln dies at a minimum, showing still potential. If the Cadillac had the MKZ, I wouldn't neglect it