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  1. K270

    New Escape

    I'm glad I bought my Escape when I did. Ever since the redesign of 2013, the look has been worse with every restyle. Should I ever need to get another vehicle, I'll definitely look at an Explorer, Edge or the Scout. Hopefully that's a road I won't have to go down anytime soon.
  2. K270

    Bronco mule

    Not the same commercial, but its the same idea. The commercial I've seen is Ford celebrating 42 years of the F-150 being the #1 selling pick-up truck. There is a F-150 towing a 70's era Bronco.
  3. K270

    Bronco mule

    Anyone notice the current Ford financing commercials? Do you see what the F-150 is towing on a flatbed? I wonder if that's intentional?
  4. Just thinking out loud here, what if that is a digital cluster? What if there's an option to toggle between a traditional cluster and numerical cluster?
  5. Do vehicle companies only test mules in the summer? Anyone love in Michigan that can tell us the expiration year on the tag? It looks like it's green.
  6. Maybe they're using the turn signal?
  7. K270

    2020 Silverado HD

    Is there a Gold Bowtie forum we can go to and spy on what the Chevy faithful are saying?
  8. You ask why. Do you know something about the 2012 Escape airbags? Because I to have a 2012 Escape and am shocked it wasn't recalled.
  9. I'll probably be the only one to say this, but that looks hideous. Not a fan of the Orange or what ever color that is.
  10. In one of the videos above one of the people mentioned price range similar to the BMW X5. The BMW X5 starts at $60,700 for a 2019 model.
  11. When I open a topic I've read previously that has new posts, I'm having a hard time trying to find the jump to new posts link. Where is it located? Its getting very frustrating having to scroll through all the posts and try to remember who's the last post was I read. Thanks in advance for any help!
  12. I'm shocked my 2012 Escape hasn't received a recall notice yet.
  13. K270

    F-150 S-type

    Then nuke it from outer space just to make sure its dead.
  14. When you say replaced, do you mean a new name and new design or same name with a total new look?