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  1. 2016RS

    How to disable my airbag *gasp*

    Post the VIN#. Maybe someone here can look it up and see if it's part of the recall but I doubt it because of the year.
  2. I've received the same letter. And I own a 2016 RS with 6 speed manual.....
  3. 2016RS

    Wayne Assembly

    Where at in Body?
  4. 2016RS

    Wayne Assembly

    Starting in a week or so, the area East of where you work is going to start getting reorganized and cleared out. I'm not sure what the plans are for that area.
  5. 2016RS

    Kansas City getting work from DSP?

    Those are new presses in those crates and under the tarps. The dies are old Focus dies.
  6. I've owned 2 3.5 Ecoboost F-150's. My current one is a 2018. Very satisfied with the power and towing ability. Do you know what CAFE Standards are? With most of the sedan's going away Ford needs to squeeze every drop it can to meet those MPG standards. Especially with most sedan's going away.
  7. 2016RS

    Kansas City getting work from DSP?

    Kansas Stamping is getting a new Cross Bar Stamping Press. The press is currently being stored at the old Wayne Assembly Plant. Fuzzymoomoo Can also verify this.
  8. Those F-150 dash panels aren't aluminum. If they were aluminum they wouldn't be so heavy. Those panels are made out of what's called "Quiet Steel". I just walked past 1 Line, we're stamping out 7,500 of them this run.
  9. Where did you get that INFO??? From your work area walk about a 1/2 mile South and you'll see what I'm talking about. MAP Stamping stamps out the bed sides and the bed floor. Sub Assembly puts them together. You are correct about the tail gate because its stamped out of aluminum, same as the fenders and hood. MAP Stamping isn't set up to make aluminum stampings because we don't have a system set up here to handle the aluminum scrap.
  10. 2016RS


    MAP Will not need any workers when the Ranger build starts. MAP Is trying to figure out what to do with the workers they already have.
  11. The lack of experienced knowledge is a huge factor when you push that knowledge out the door in one large swoop. But at least the Millennials are happy with their Dearborn Campus.... (Romper Room)
  12. 2016RS


    I started at that plant in 1986 when it was Mazda.
  13. 2016RS


    deflep1, Well written and the reality of TRUTH... But I don't think whatever your Plant and Assistant Plant Managers attempt to do will change the future of FRAP. Those decisions are decided from way up the Totem Pole from where those people stand....... How is the morale at FRAP?