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  1. Yup, the sound difference alone would be worth it. Hearing a new Raptor it’s as if Honda or Toyota built the motor. 😓 Atleast now we can stop talking about EB 5.0’s or the like in SD’s as Ford themselves admits that the Ecotrash is nothing more than a marketing gimmick that doesn’t cut it in the real trucks. They must have gotten tired of the GM 6.2 beating them in performance and economy and more than likely long term reliability.
  2. 7.3 will likely not weigh much more than 6.2 that had no problems being in last gen Raptor. Based on what we have heard with 7.3 being 50lbs less than V10 it could actually be around 120lbs more than 3.5EB. 😂
  3. Because Ford’s building a new big block and the Raptor is supposed to be the baddest truck Ford builds. EB V6 is the most overrated motor on the market today from Ford. The 7.3 would put out similar power NA, should be more reliable long term, cheaper to build, and sound a heck of a lot better. It’s not like the EB’s have earth shattering fuel economy either.
  4. Raptor needs this motor, it most assuredly fits and how much more would the 7.3 weigh? I feel most Raptor buyers would prefer a V8 if the option.
  5. Steve557

    New Ford 7.0 L....?

    I don’t really think the type of people who will be buying the 7.3 want AFM anyway.
  6. Can’t wait, very excited the 7.3 does appear to be available across the lineup.
  7. On my 4th SD since 99 actually...
  8. Owning a few 6.2 SD’s and frequenting the ford truck forums I can tell you that the most trouble free motor Ford puts in a truck is the 6.2. In the 150 the MPG difference between 5.0 and 3.5 EB is minimal with the 5.0 being a much simpler motor. EcoBoost is a whole lot of hype IMO.
  9. Guess so if there’s no V8, disgusted if they put money into a hybrid instead of dropping a V8 in.
  10. If I ran the number on buying a vehicle with hybrid technology I find it highly unlikely it would pay off for me. The electric grid in this country cannot handle a mass change to electrics anyway. Start stop can be as seamless as possible but it will never be the same as the engine running. I don’t want to press a switch every time i get in a vehicle either. I have mostly found the nonsense behind reducing carbon footprints and increasing MPG to cost consumers quite a bit of money in the long run. All this talk of a hybrid Bronco is hilarious too, give me a 5 liter or I won’t buy one (my last onewas a 94 and would love to buy a new one someday but no V8 is a deal breaker for me).
  11. They can keep this electric stuff, keep building the Super Duties with a big V8 (without start stop bs or any other hybrid junk) is all I ask in the future
  12. It’s about time they decided to compete with the Power Wagon. Hopefully 7X is available.
  13. Steve557

    Wards '19 Best Engines

    Agreed, they had the mod’s on their list for quite a while and I always found the 5.4 to be a pile of crap in comparison to the competition.
  14. Steve557

    Last Vermont SP CV

    Still a few left rolling at Mass State Police (saw few at Middleboro barracks last week).