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  1. Steve557


    Raptor still offers the 5.5 with SC.
  2. Not surprising, diesel stopped being good in 2007 (or early 2003 in Ford’s case).
  3. Steve557

    GM Sales Q2 & June 2019

    Silverado is in a bit of trouble...
  4. Uhaul must have gotten a big order of new 650’s.
  5. Steve557

    Ram TRX testing

    Competition to bring a V8 back to Raptor hopefully!
  6. Hopefully, I am interested to see if for 20 they made stuff like LED’s or even Sport package available on SC trucks considering F150 offers most packages in SC form but not the case with Super Duty. Was a struggle just to find a SC Lariat when I bought my 17.
  7. Agreed, Bronco has always been a good mix of desert racer (Bill Stroppe anyone?) and rock crawlers. Still miss my 94 Bronco, favorite vehicle I ever owned.
  8. Excellent and something I would be interested in IF available with the Supercab.
  9. Steve557

    TFL Towing: F150 vs F250

    Best compromise would be a 6.2 SD, comparably equipped they are a few grand more than 150.
  10. Steve557

    1994 Bronco Dually on eBay

    Since when was the 302 the premier engine choice in a Bronco? 👎
  11. Since there is no comparison of a Jeep with an IFS I would say using two vehicles that are comparable with the different suspensions is a pretty good way of showing that there is little difference in driving dynamics... I wasn’t comparing the two vehicles... but rather comparing the suspensions between two like vehicles...
  12. It’s apples to apples, same class of vehicle one with SFA and one with IFS to illustrate that there is no great difference in ride quality between the two setups. If anything the Jeep probably has a lot of wind noise and other dynamics that have nothing to do with the axle set up. Maybe I should go tell the people I see cruising at 80 down the highway in new Wranglers that it’s terrible? Ford has enough mall cruisers in their SUV lineup. Don’t ruin the Bronco with IFS.
  13. Suck to drive down a freeway on? Bit of an exaggeration. I drive plenty of Super Duty’s and Silverado HD’s at work and there is no great difference in ride quality like some who have never driven them think. Solid axle in the market Bronco is targeting has more pluses than minuses.
  14. IFS gets a big thumbs down from me.
  15. I thought the 4.3 was gone like 10 years ago to be honest 😂.