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  1. Hi cyberdman, Could I get an update on my truck's location? Vin#: 5LMJJ3LT5KEL02827 Thanks again...
  2. Hi cyberdman, Just wondering if my truck is built yet? Vin#: 5LMJJ3LT5KEL02827 Thanks again...
  3. Anyone have pics and/or vids of this color? Can't seem to find anything online; and production should be starting soon. Would it basically be the same as the previous metallic black on the old Navigator model?
  4. Hi cyberdman, I guess 2019 production is supposed to start on 10/15, just curious on the status at this point. Vin#: 5LMJJ3LT5KEL02827 Thanks...
  5. Navi657

    Paint Color v.s. Quality

    It could be worse; this Ferrari 488 has a blue paint color that is a $100,000.00 option...😯https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=URLAedhIKbk
  6. Could be turbo related maybe?I had a S-Class that started doing that after a dealer service. Turned out that tech forget to refill one of the turbocharger coolant tanks; so the fan started running even after the engine was turned off in order to keep turbo cool...
  7. Navi657

    Anyone else's Navi on hold?

    Good luck! I'm sure it feels like Christmas coming early... Yeah, my truck's msrp jumped $3500, but part of that is tech pack being standard now...
  8. Navi657

    Noisy cooled seats

    This particular technology has definitely gone backwards in the last few years, at least with US brands. My previous gen Escalade had great cooled seats. Now, both Lincoln and Cadillac have noisy seats that are "ventilated," not cooled.
  9. Navi657

    Anyone else's Navi on hold?

    Considering that discounts are few and far between on any Navigators, and 2019 production starts next month; why not just go with a 2019? At least the resale value will be higher...
  10. I have a S-Class; the ambient lighting is nice, but sometimes less is more. I think the 7 Series and A8 are trying to one up Mercedes with way too much ambient lighting, almost looks like a strip club inside the cabin. Just some tasteful accent lighting, and I'll be content with the Navigator.
  11. Navi657

    2018 Navigator-2nd Row Center Console

    God himself couldn't get a ccw permit where I live. Even mags are restricted to 10 rounds, lol...
  12. Navi657

    2018 Navigator-2nd Row Center Console

    I'm more of a 9x19mm Parabellum man myself...😀
  13. Navi657

    2018 Navigator-2nd Row Center Console

    Thanks for input... I'm thinking of perhaps using a clear film tape to protect black plastic sections...
  14. Navi657

    2018 Navigator-2nd Row Center Console

    Interested to hear update on scratching on rear center console. @ 1:15 mark in this video, shows terrible scratching on a press car with only a couple thousand miles. I hope that normal wear will not be this poor...
  15. Seems like a cost cutting decision, or maybe, they figure since a driver can reach back and turn off manually, that none is required...