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  1. I, on the other hand, am surprised it *is* coming to South America... very skeptical about that
  2. Does anyone know how much of Rivian this 0.5billion investiment will get Ford? Would it reach 10% ownership of the company?
  3. I got the impression that Rivian's truck is going for a more luxurious market than the BEV F-series (or Ranger). VW is also separating their basic and luxury plataforms/architectures for EVs within the group.
  4. Maybe the Maverick nameplate has been downgraded to the recently announced replacement for Fiesta/Focus/Fusion, a C2 "version" of (B) Puma.
  5. Yes, I have hopes this new product is the next generation Territory (what I called anti-Compass earlier) and hopefully it can be ready soon, assuming Hecket is making the development more agile. Escort and Territory should also be Ford's bread and butter in South America, considering a) Ka's margins are low, b) Ford needs a successor to Ka, Fiesta and Focus in a region where affordable sedans *still* have a good place, c) Ecosport is too small even for our market.
  6. Regarding Puma in the US, wouldn't it make more sense to explore the C2 architecture - and make a more compact Escape - rather than producing a B platform vehicle like the Puma? (I am assuming the Puma shares production line with the Ecosport in Craiova)
  7. I totally get your logic and you are probably right. However, there are two points unclear: 1. Where's the Ranchero cuv in that schematic pictures? At some point I thought the Ranchero would mate with Maverick / baby Bronco but Im confused about that now. The Courier is always described to be SouthAmerica bound too, and for that, it should be somehow affordable. And Maverick should have a higher price tag than Escape, not very suitable bellow the equator. 2. The green light the project got a year-or-so ago does not mean the development could not have taken place in those recent 12 weeks. This affordable but not small cuv could be the anti-Compass that Ford desperately needs in developing markets (and which would also play an important role in North America).
  8. Could this new nameplate be the urban cousion of Ranchero?
  9. Don't these renderings, and possibly the car itself, resemble a bit the Evos concept?
  10. In an article I read it said 2bi in the last 20 years. I just read that Ka will leave Europe at the end of the year.
  11. I wonder if they will continue to build Ka in Bahia. Although volumes are good, margins in this segment are small, even in Brazil. GM has the best selling car overall (an entry car) here and strugles to make a profit.
  12. Does this move isolate Ford India from the other subsidiaries? Will Ka/Figo be confined to India?
  13. That's great news that the Escape will finally be produced in South America, if confirmed. But coincidentally, Motor1 Brasil just released spyshots of Territory near Ford's testing/development centre, near São Paulo. In portuguese: https://motor1.uol.com.br/news/340110/flagra-ford-territory-suv-brasil/
  14. Agree. They should make Puma alongside Ecosport ( in a new generation around 4 metres ) and import Maverick (from Mexico) and Escape ( where from? ). But none of these models are around the corner for us... And dealers are getting so anxious that they'd rather have people coming in to see a doubtful vehicle than not coming at all. But that could hurt the company image.
  15. I heard this decision is being reassessed due to dealerships pressure. Does anyone know a bit more on this?