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  1. Makes It sound like C2 will be short lived, shame... Well, at least in 'emerging' markets I can see ICEs staying longer. But Ford does not seem very confident right now in bringing C2 to S.A., hopefully that will change.
  2. I wonder if these are good or bad news...
  3. There are rumours that this Territory is coming to South America. It was one of Ford's highlights during last year's São Paulo motor show. I'm curious about its platform and its implementation in regional plants.
  4. But Vignale doesn't seem to be very appealing in Europe. In the end of the day it is a Ford and people think twice before paying the extra. A separate brand could add value. And VW has been able to mantain similar products in different price tiers, throughout the brands.
  5. Any news on the european side of the story? What are the expected changes? I wonder if this partnership could help taking Lincoln across the pond, especially to save plants from being axed (not to mention improve profitability)
  6. Maybe any eventual extra capacity at Ford's plants will be absorbed by VW demands on trucks, vans and even SUVs
  7. They could be planning to build a Passat-based replacement for the Fusion with Ford's badge.
  8. passis

    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    Fiat Toro shares its platform with Jeep's Renegade-Compass and is sold in some markets as RAM.
  9. passis

    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    Maybe something a little bit bigger, like Fiat Toro, Renault/Dacia Oroch or VW Tarok
  10. It seems the "new Ford" Territory (JMC Yusheng S330 ) is indeed going to replace the Focus in Argentina's Pacheco plant, for the South American market. However, VW will be producing Tarek/Tharu in Pacheco, where Ford will produce the Ranger and VW Amarok... maybe we can see an MQB-based Ford CUV (sounds better in terms of platform)
  11. You all have great views and observations on this topic, it makes all the sense to me now that I hear it. However... are those efforts enough to make Europe and South America profitable? I tend to think the solution there is to share assembly plants. Am I being too pessimistic?
  12. I had the impression MEB and Model E architectures were already coming out of the oven. But saying they are considering sharing their experiences gives me now the impression they are going back to the drawing boards and and combining the best engineering solutions. That does not seem feasible at this point, though... Could they already be foreseeing BEV 2.0?
  13. It would make sense for the sedans and hatchbacks which Ford is not so willing to develop any longer. But not for their CUVs, which should be on an electric C2, right?
  14. I agree with you. Right now, I can see Ford using VW's A0 MQB platform and current plants in Brazil to produce a Polo-based Ka and a TCross-based Ecosport. But what to do with Camaçari plant in Bahia? It is a relatively modern plant, surely will not be closed... Would they be willing to eventually share the costs to upgrade it to C2 and produce simplified C-cars, such as a next generation Escort? Focus and Golf have become too expensive/unattractive and I do not see electric cars getting popular in South America soon, so they will still need low cost alternatives to those in the next generation. PS1: Do not underestimate Ka's sucess in South America: it is currently Brazil's second best selling vehicle (GM Onix is #1). PS2. Do not overestimate Ecosport's either: although a big hit until a few years ago, the arrival of competitors took away its hype.
  15. True. But the alternative Ford was considering was to leave the market, which would also have high costs. Besides, an exit would have demaged the brand permanently in the region. And in good economic times (not so frequent, I'd agree) this region sends a good amount of money back to the headquarters. PS: Curious about your experience in AutoLatina...