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  1. It is a shame they cannot make a small and profitable truck operation in Bahia. Or even Argentina, close to the Ranger, now that the Focus is gone. Shurting down their whole truck operation, including dealerships, is doomed to affect negatively the brand in the region.
  2. Why not moving trucks to Bahia?
  3. Union costs in that region are also said to be high. I just wonder if it would not have been wiser to move that production line elsewhere, like Camaçari, especially If one considers long term returns. Trucks were originally built in Anchieta and moved to São Bernardo many years ago, so I guess something similar would be executable. As has been announced, not only production at that plant will stop, but the whole commercialization chain will close down too - a decision which cannot be reverted when the economy moves towards a growth cycle, in a country totally dependent on truck transportation.
  4. Ford Brazil annnnouced it will close the plant is Sao Bernardo, where trucks are built: https://g1.globo.com/carros/noticia/2019/02/19/ford-anuncia-fim-da-producao-em-sao-bernardo-do-campo-fiesta-sai-de-linha.ghtml
  5. Brazilian magazine QuatroRodas claims the small pickup Courier, to rival the likes of Fiat Toro, will be based on VW's Tarok. Not sure if this info is to be trusted, though. https://quatrorodas.abril.com.br/noticias/segredo-picape-anti-fiat-toro-da-ford-sera-derivada-da-volkswagen-tarok/amp/
  6. Not a bad set of countries if one considers global GDP
  7. Makes It sound like C2 will be short lived, shame... Well, at least in 'emerging' markets I can see ICEs staying longer. But Ford does not seem very confident right now in bringing C2 to S.A., hopefully that will change.
  8. I wonder if these are good or bad news...
  9. There are rumours that this Territory is coming to South America. It was one of Ford's highlights during last year's São Paulo motor show. I'm curious about its platform and its implementation in regional plants.
  10. But Vignale doesn't seem to be very appealing in Europe. In the end of the day it is a Ford and people think twice before paying the extra. A separate brand could add value. And VW has been able to mantain similar products in different price tiers, throughout the brands.
  11. Any news on the european side of the story? What are the expected changes? I wonder if this partnership could help taking Lincoln across the pond, especially to save plants from being axed (not to mention improve profitability)
  12. Maybe any eventual extra capacity at Ford's plants will be absorbed by VW demands on trucks, vans and even SUVs
  13. They could be planning to build a Passat-based replacement for the Fusion with Ford's badge.
  14. passis

    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    Fiat Toro shares its platform with Jeep's Renegade-Compass and is sold in some markets as RAM.
  15. passis

    2022 Compact Pickup Details

    Maybe something a little bit bigger, like Fiat Toro, Renault/Dacia Oroch or VW Tarok