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  1. Would that be a bad thing? It’s almost like they could advertise that as a feature. If you slapped “powered by Tesla” or “powered by Rivian” on any other manufacturers EV, I bet it would have instant credibility.
  2. https://www.motor1.com/news/345295/ford-escape-raptor-render/ While this is just a motor1 render, it looks better being higher off the ground.
  3. Wow, I really like this. Interior is awesome and exterior looks just like the aviator. Any word on pricing? If it stays close to what the mkc is then this might be my next car.
  4. I’m not sure about that, it doesn’t have the Chinese grille. It looks exactly like the st line they showed for Europe.
  5. The orange one doesn’t look bad but the proportions on the blue one look all wrong
  6. Any chance we see some different trims like an ST at the ny auto show?
  7. I think to truly have automated cars, all the roadways need sensors installed. The current technology that depends on cameras just doesn’t seem safe. I read a story a few days ago about how these cameras can be blinded by the sun. Also dirt can affect how well the camera sees. I can barely keep my back up camera clean so I know that’s an issue too.
  8. https://www.motor1.com/news/341012/ford-mustang-performance-model-spied/
  9. That was an interesting video. I’m not sure if that guy could talk any slower, and I’m kind of disappointed that ford wasted money on such a goofy production, but it did in fact look better in the video.
  10. I’ll check this out. It could be that the pics out there just don’t do it justice. What ever happened to assimilator anyways?
  11. I have never owned a vehicle that was not a ford. I own a 2017 escape. I get discounts on ford vehicles. Even with the discount, I would buy the CRV over the new escape. I would like to say that I would buy the maverick over the CRV, and I would based on looks alone, but many articles lately have been saying it’s positioned between the ecosport and escape in size. It will need to have more backseat legroom then the current escape for me to buy it, and I’m not sure if it will. I get that I’m probably in the minority, but if other people share my opinion, I could definitely see them buying the crv too ( I thinks it already the best seller), and they might not like a retro inspired soft roader maverick.
  12. I think the new escape pushes the softness bar quite a bit further then either of the rav4 or crv, (both of which I don’t even really see as soft in terms of design, at least on the current models). I would say the suv market is so strong because people don’t want that softness. also, I thought the maverick would be a niche vehicle because I thought it was supposed to be 4x4 or awd standard. Please correct me if I’m wrong on that as I can’t remember where I thought I heard that in the first place.
  13. Well my main point was that in my opinion a more suv like escape AND the maverick would sell better than the car-like escape AND maverick. also, I’m not sure how well jeeps smaller SUVs sell, I don’t see many in the road around here, but I wouldn’t call any of those masculine, and that’s where the maverick will have a step up on them however I’m sure it will be priced more than those as well.
  14. The problem is the maverick will be a niche vehicle. I think it’s sales would be roughly the same regardless of what the escape looks like. Just because you don’t like the car-like escape doesn’t mean you are going to go to the opposite extreme and get an offroad-ish 4x4 suv. You’d probably want to get an suv somewhere in the middle between escape and maverick.