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  1. I’m averaging 23.9 mpg with the 1.6L since I bought my fusion in 2013. Considering half my driving is at 90 mph on a toll road and the other half I drive like a race car between stop lights, I’m pretty happy with it.
  2. T-dubz

    Buick Enspire Spied

    Terrible name. That hood does seem a bit too long, and why is the gap between the windshield and the hood so big?
  3. Everyone has their own opinion. I think the new escape looks like a 5 year old design and is the VW Beetle of compact SUVs. The rav4 redesign doesn’t seem to be hurting sales. It was up 10% over last April.
  4. Do we know how many rangers a month ford expected to sell? Curious if they are meeting or exceeding expectations. also does anyone know if they have started building the black appearance package yet? I’ve been trying to find pics besides the ones ford provided and I haven’t had any luck finding any.
  5. T-dubz

    Full size Bronco mule?

    You can see why they took the bumpers off. It’d be right where the wheel is.
  6. T-dubz

    Full size Bronco mule?

    I wouldn’t mind a single cab raptor.
  7. The difference is ford is leaving the sedan market and expecting its customers to buy more expensive vehicles. They other manufacturers are not leaving the segment so they will still have an offering in the size and price people want.
  8. Exactly. Meanwhile, GM already has the blazer on dealer lots and has shown the trailblazer and encore. Kia just showed it’s seltos, Hyundai showed the venue.
  9. What did ford expect to happen? I think everyone knew they’d go somewhere else. There’s really two issues going on here, size and price. If I wanted to get a ford suv comparatively sized to the fusion, I’d have to go up to the edge, which is thousands more. I could go down in size to an escape, but now I get a cramped back seat and still probably end up paying a bit more than the fusion. if I wanted to get a suv comparatively priced to the fusion, I’d have to go eco sport or escape. Nobody wants an eco sport and as mentioned above the escape has rear seat space issues. the beauty of the sedan was that you could start of with a low price, get most of the options you really wanted, have room for your family, and still walk out the door with a good price. The price conscious shopper can’t do that with suvs, so what do they do? They go to Honda or Toyota or Hyundai.
  10. Which brings me to another great feature, roll down back window lol
  11. I’ve always liked the switches in the mustang (the ones by the start button). I think at one point the raptor had some switches too. I hope the bronco incorporates them into the interior.
  12. I guess it depends on the market ford sees for this vehicle. I always saw the bronco as a niche vehicle like the raptor. If that’s the case, then throw general appeal out the window and cater to your target market. You wouldn’t want a bunch of Prius or minivan drivers determining the looks of an off-road vehicle. if however ford sees the bronco as having more mass market appeal, what you are saying makes sense. Mass market appeal usually means bland and boring though so I’m afraid of what this will mean for the bronco.
  13. yep, I think the rav4 xse hybrid is the best looking in the segment right now, and it also gets 41 mpg. If the bronco scout doesn’t work out, this will probably be at the top of my list.
  14. I liked the fusion sport but getting rid of it makes sense. I bet they could just make a sport appearance package for a fusion se and make more money that way.
  15. T-dubz

    Musk on the Tesla Pickup... hahahaha

    What a terrible article. Especially this paragraph: “If Tesla is able to release a truck at its planned price point and be able to drive 400 or more miles on a charge it can boast "something extremely interesting" in the segment, Electrek opined. By comparison, the Rivian R1T starts at $69,000 with a range capability of 230 or more miles.” Umm, I guess you don’t realize that the rivian truck has a 400 mile range option, as well as a 300 mile range too. Way to gloss over that to make the Tesla look better. And if they are implying that the so called $50k version of the Tesla truck with have 400 mile range, they are sadly mistaken. Maybe 200 if you are lucky.