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  1. Well that’s great news. Now if it stays around the same price of the current mkc, I’m gonna have a tough decision to make between maverick, Corsair, and ranger.
  2. Mules for the escape have been around for a while now and we should see the production version soon, however we haven’t heard or seen anything about the Corsair. I remember a story a while back saying they were pushing up the redesign so I would have expected to see something by now. I’m curious to see if they differentiate it from the escape as much as the aviator is different from the explorer.
  3. An aviator reserve is cheaper than the explorer platinum. The reserve comes pretty well equipped at around $57k. You can even add the elements package to get heated and ventilated first and second row seats and a heated steering wheel and you are still under $60k. I can’t see myself ever picking the explorer platinum over the aviator reserve.
  4. https://www.autoblog.com/2019/02/15/2020-ford-explorer-pricing-announced/ tops out around $60k for platinum. Base is around $34k. ST is $55k
  5. I was hoping they added the “tombstone” option from the death race mustang lol
  6. T-dubz

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    https://www.carscoops.com/2019/02/gm-eyeing-rivian-electric-pickup-itll-beat-amazon-first/ looks like GM and amazon are thinking about purchasing a stake in rivian
  7. video is about a question from a listener who was comparing a ranger xlt supercrew 4x4 to a Colorado lt 4x4 as a daily driver and for light payload and light towing duties. The listener said he could get an extra $3000 off the Colorado. The guys picked the Colorado for seat comfort, they split on ride comfort, towing and payload were a wash since he was only doing light duty stuff. In the end they chose the Colorado. They preferred the Colorado’s looks but it sounded like the $3000 was the main deciding factor. if price was really the deciding factor, I’d just wait until ford had some incentives on the ranger instead of buying a Colorado.
  8. Finally sat in a super crew ranger xlt today. I think maybe I was expecting more from the interior so I walked away a bit disappointed. It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what it was, but something just seemed off. It’s almost like the interior can’t decide if it’s a truck or a car. Also there wasn’t much color variation. Maybe the differences in color are a bit more noticeable on the lariat interior. The back seat was also smaller than I expected. I’m 6’2” and with the driver seat adjusted to a comfortable position for me, the seat behind it was cramped. I had to spread my legs to sit comfortably. Not sure how well car seats will fit back there.
  9. My parents 2018 platinum explorer is the same way. I kept trying to show them how to control the ac since my 2013 Fusion has it but then realized they don’t include it anymore.
  10. That white one with the black wheels looks pretty sharp to me.
  11. That’s the best feature in my fusion, but apparently they have removed that ability from newer fords.
  12. looks pretty much identical to the new focus (seen above). Guess I should have known that would be the case. I think it’s a pretty big improvement over the current one.
  13. The AC controls in the current escape are my biggest complaint. The fan up and down buttons are too far apart. Not sure why they didn’t put them right next to each other. I was hoping to see if they fixed that but it’s blocked in the pic. The area above the vents where the radio controls are also looks kind of bare, like there should be more buttons there or that the black plastic needs to be a bit smaller. There’s also some weird texture on the door panel below the guys arm in the pic. besides that, I like it.
  14. https://www.motor1.com/news/304892/ford-escape-spied-hybrid-confirmed/
  15. The edge is only a 5 seater too right? How can a 7 seat Kuga replace a 5 seat edge? It would seem to me that the edge is not being replaced by anything. It’s just being dropped due to poor sales. on a side note, I wonder if this means we will see the 7 seat escape here?