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  1. falconlover 1

    Is this the next gen Ford Ranger?

    Pure speculation. A clay model? Fake image? Real next Gen Ranger? Next Ranger for every market, but North America? The Focus based small truck? Everything is possible. And I like it, whatever is it.
  2. Really nice. I agree that the front end needs to be taller to resemble the Aviator. The rear spoiler on the roof needs a different paint treatment. Lincoln´s designers have had to continue with the sloping line that come from the upper side of the windows and continue it , downward, to the base of the spolier, not upper to the spoiler. That is a small detail that could change the design a lot. The same with the chrome trim arroud the windows... Is too expensive to make the chrome trim complete arround the roof spoiler and at the base of the rear window on the hatch? That could give a better finished look to the vehicle. But, aside of those small critics, is a very good designed vehicle. And will sell better tha the smaller MKC. The interior? I´m curious... When it will debut?
  3. Mariner is a name that could be used by Lincoln on a small crossover, smaller than the Corsair.
  4. falconlover 1

    BMW X3 M and X4 M

    I want some of those guys that make photoshops, makes one of a coupe crossover based on the new Aviator. The results could be amazing.
  5. falconlover 1

    BMW X3 M and X4 M

    That is the future of "coupe" in a world without sedans...
  6. falconlover 1

    BMW X3 M and X4 M

    Lincoln needs a Coupe Crossover, ASAP. The Lincoln Mark series of this decade is a vehicle like the X4 and X6...
  7. falconlover 1

    Rivian R1T electric pickup

    a very loose GM is buying what they can not do fast enough to fight the Ford electric F series...
  8. Oh! 10 years after Ford launch their first EcoBoost they claimed this? Really?
  9. Oh, please. Don´t put those pics here. That Toyota is horrible! Is hurting my eyes!
  10. Is E X A C T L Y the same dash as the Focus dash. That is economy of scale!
  11. Land Rover has the brands to make their business profitable: Range Rover: luxury. Land Rover/Discovery/Defender: premium. The premium brands need to grow in volume and make the company sustainable in the time. The platforms for Land Rover must be shared with others Tata brands... otherwise, will fail.
  12. falconlover 1

    2020 Cadillac XT6 Revealed as Caddy's First Big Crossover

    1980 Cadillac Coupe De Ville. Tailfins with vertical lamps. 1990 Cadillac Fleetwood/ Sedan De Ville. Tailfins with vertical lamps 1970 Cadillac Coupe De Ville Convertible. Tailfins with vertical lamps. I can continue showing you... .... Maybe some of the few exceptions to the "tailfin" design habit is the spectacular 1980 Seville:
  13. I agree with you. The 7 seat Kuga will replace the Grand C-Max. The S-Max and the Galaxy could be replaced by, and I hope this will be in this way, the new Explorer.
  14. The new Edge was launched some weeks ago and, at least in Spain, no gasoline engines. Only diesels, just when the customers have stopped buying diesel engines. 🙈
  15. falconlover 1

    2020 Cadillac XT6 Revealed as Caddy's First Big Crossover

    Since years 2000? I believe that everything, but the Catera, since ever had vertical head and tail lamps at Cadillac! The rear vertical lamps, like fins, are a Cadillac own characteristic.
  16. Is incredible that a luxury SUV brand, like Land Rover is in red. What the market want? SUVs and crossovers! And the most profitable are the luxury ones. Land Rover have a complete line up of premium (Discovery line) and luxury (Range Rover line) SUVs and Crossovers. So, the bad management of the company must be the cause of this situation.
  17. Yes. the Edge is priced like a Macan and this is a problem because the car doesn´t justify it. The difference in price between the Kuga and the Edge is more than 18.000€ (20.000$), starting at 38.000€ (41.000$ !). Ford Europe needs that 7 seat compact SUV, but need a bigger SUV like the Explorer too. And, of course, a fair price for the Edge.
  18. Look at the doors hadles: looks almost identical as the doors hadles in the Continental: disguised in the chrome piece that is under the w indows ... Nice
  19. No surprise here. The Ranger is a 6 years old truck... Maybe the new one that will come in 2021 as a MY 2022 will be the best.
  20. falconlover 1

    RAM Multifunction Tailgate

    Oh! What a novelty!. But.... really? I think I´ve seen that tailgate somewhere else... 😂
  21. falconlover 1

    Polar Vortex not kind to Tesla's, EV's

    If you want to go to work , you live in a town with polar vortex and you own a Tesla, take your Mustang! 😁
  22. Somehing very interesting will occur when all that tech on Tesla will be available in real luxury cars like BMW or Mercedes-Benz... with the other luxury amenities. What will happen with Tesla?
  23. Americans think that an expensive product is a luxury product. No. Some not so expensive ones are luxury products. Take the Mercedes-Benz A-Class. You can buy one for less money than a Tesla model 3. And you can see the Mercedes-Benz is a real luxury vehicle. Look at the interior, the materials, the quality.. you want to have the Mercedes-Benz for something more than its drive assist devices or the power of the engine. The Tesla? a badly ensembled electric car with some advanced drive assist devices and a high price.
  24. One thing is the preference of your son, and another is what a luxury vehicle is. Tesla is not a luxury vehicle. Clearly, your son doesn´t like luxury vehicles...