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  1. falconlover 1

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    Maybe you are rigth. In any case, the design of this car is painful. Is cheap looking (a black plastic panel simulating a rear window??? really???), uncohesive, with terrible proportions and bad stance, horrible details (that C-pillar is a mess... is horrible... is emetic), with a front end that can be used in any cheap asian sedan (more fake black plastic air scoops than in a Civic...). I cant understand how this design received the green ligth for production. Maybe because is very cheap to produce it...
  2. falconlover 1

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    The rear quarter window is fake. I could not believe it when I realized. This window and the large amount of black plastic that floods the front of the vehicle simulating air intakes make this car the farthest from a luxury car that can exist. The proportions, the details, the ornamentation, the fake rear window, the fake air intakes at the front, the terrible C- pillar... this car is a design mess.
  3. falconlover 1

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    The lack of a grille is not a problem. Some of the most succesfull Ford´s models didnt have grilles...
  4. falconlover 1

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    This car is a mess.. poor Cadillac designers, what are they smoking? Cadillac is trying to copy a fiasco from BMW? Because that is the unique succes this vehicle will have: copy a failure...
  5. No official information, of course. Only logical deductions of what we are seeing so far...
  6. I´m old enough to remember Cadillacs with proper names. Everybody knew waht a Cadillac Fleetwood was. Or a Cadillac ElDorado. Or a Cadillac Sedan De Ville... Cadillac XT6 440 .... really??? Really???
  7. falconlover 1

    Tesla Model Y Debuts

    Is the worst design I have seeing in the last 10 years. Is a crossover? Why that extremely arched roof?. Tesla has been able to design a vehicle with less curved roof and give more space to the passengers inside. Aesthetically, the proportions are a mess. Is a horrible vehicle. The worst is that this model is so similar to the Model 3, that almost made that model superfluos. What is gaining Tesla with this model? A vehicle for the people that like SUVs/crossovers? I think no. This is a tall (very tall, extremely tall) hatch. Not more than that. Maybe for all this not even Wall Street is happy with this new vehicle...
  8. The Mustang sub-brand is a reality. You, guys, need to accept it. The models of Mustang sub-brand will be, by 2021: Mustang coupe, Mustang convertible, Mustang hybrid and Mustang Mach E (performance electric crossover)
  9. That tuit from Ford... I suspect the electric performance crossover will be called Mustang Mach E. Yes, Mustang. And will take the Mustang´s wild horse at the front of the body.
  10. falconlover 1

    C8 Corvette allegedly too powerful for its frame

    This is ridiculous... Is a marketing campaing. And that vehicle is not a Corvette.
  11. Vignale Aviator diesel for Europe? Vignale is the "luxury brand" of Ford in Europe, and now has a complete line up of luxury version of the Edge, Mondeo, Kuga, S-Max, Galaxie, Focus and Fiesta. Why not a new, exclusive model for the "brand" with the Aviator? An Explorer diesel version for Europe is another posibility, but why use the Aviator body for test it?
  12. When I see the comments, you do not want a secondary brand of Mustang. You are very conservative. Do not worry. The management of Ford is also too conservative. That is why the Company is shrinking more and more each year, abandoning some markets and segments. Unlike VW, which is gaining market share and new segments with new products (really new), new brands and new ideas. Do not worry. A sub-brand Mustang is something that will not happen. It's too good for it to happen at Ford
  13. But will happen in Europe, where is needed to replace the dead Grand C-Max 7 seats people mover.