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  1. No. Is not the same engine. Is a plug in hybrid with 50 more HP (that is the power of some compacts from 15 years ago!), and 600 lf of torque. Do you know one european midsize 3 row luxury SUV with that power and cost less than 80000$ ?
  2. 88846$ for a full equiped Aviator Black Label Grand Touring in Burgundry Velvet and Chalet theme. A good price for the best 3 row seats medium size luxury crossover, 450 HP plug in hybrid powerplant included! Get out of the road Audi Q7 and Q8, BMW X5, Porsche Cayenne, Volvo XC90, Jaguar F-Pace, Land Rover Range Rover Sport, Mercedes-Benz GLE... you can´t compete with this beauty!
  3. New import in Europe? The only new SUV/crossover that Europe can import is the new Explorer. The Kuga, that will be completly new, is not an imported model, it is builded here. The Explorer can be usefull to replace the people movers that nobody is buying rigth now: S-Max and Galaxie, and will compete with some others "big" european SUVs like the Land Rover Discovery and VW Touareg
  4. Chineses and Old people actually buy cars and that is the Lincoln business: sell cars. Why do you despise certain buyers? Only white, American and young buyers are valid buyers? You are very wrong. Thank God you have nothing to do with the direction of Lincoln. There is Cadillac, trying to win over younger buyers who like European sports brands, with a disastrous result. Lincoln's approach is the right one. The "quiet luxury" is its market.
  5. If you want to build and price your 2020 Lincoln Aviator, do it! https://shop.lincoln.com/build/aviator/#/select/
  6. So, we will have all these crossovers/SUVs in Europe: Ka+ Active Fiesta Active EcoSport Small C-Crossover (Puma?) Focus Active Baby Bronco? Kuga Edge
  7. Mercedes-Benz is thinking about this, too...
  8. This is the direction every luxury sedan must take. Tall (almost crossover) sedans , like those of the 40s, to save them from the extinction.
  9. No. Production limited to 80. 80 Anniversary Coach Doors Edition... And it is a great succes. Every single auto magazine is talking about it. Is a big marketing campaing for Lincoln.
  10. falconlover 1

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    Ford Europe needs a car to replace the C-Max and to compete in the small C segment crossover market. In Europe the C segment crossover market is splited in two sizes. The Kuga will be the "big" C crossover and a new car will be the "small" C crossover. Even the B segmant crosoover market is segmenting in two sizes! here, Ford has the Ka+ Active , the Fiesta Active and the EcoSport, that cover it very well. But the C segment needs attention.
  11. falconlover 1

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    One guy here, supposed to be well informed ,say that the CD6 will not be for sedans. But i think is difficult for Ford to keep a platform for only two nameplates (Explorer/Aviator). Ford needs to expand the models based on this architecture to get more profits on this platform. I suspect the Mondeo, the Taurus will be builded on that... and in the future a new Lincoln sedan too. The next Mustang , aparently, will be a version of the current car... I think is a mistake.. Ford must make the new Mustang on CD6 , with a 4 door coupe version and a Lincoln branded 4 door coupe version, too. But... the "car armaggedon" kill everything but the SUVs and trucks.
  12. falconlover 1

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    Some one here think Ford will use the CD6 platform for the Mondeo/Taurus in China and Europe ,eventually? That car could be a very good sedan and very competitive in Europe with some BMW, Mercedes-Benz and Audi offers...
  13. falconlover 1

    Lincoln's Elegant BEV

    ...And everybody will be confused!
  14. Edge competive? Where? Wich what vehicle? Here in Europe, the Edge cost as much as a Porsche Macan or a Mercedes-Benz GLC...
  15. falconlover 1

    Chinese Ford Taurus MK7 refreshed

    Glad to see some sedans with the blue oval on the hood... at least in China.