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  1. Willwll313wll

    New Ford Puma

    I really like this! They did a great job. I think it'd be a hit here in the states in it's class.
  2. If it looks just like those chops and has nice colors like that, I'd buy some more Ford stock!
  3. I think these would sell like hot cakes. I love it. Wish they were real!
  4. Willwll313wll

    Ford shares jump

    I sold my Ford stock last month to pay off my car... I knew the financially smart thing to do would be to wait a little while longer (though I still made a profit), but I'm so impatient.
  5. Oh wow... I think it would’ve been easier to just remove the pic in its entirety though lol
  6. I feel like that Lincoln counterpart is years down the line. We have gotten a lot of product from Lincoln in the last year or so. I hope we aren't moving into a space where there wont be any debuts for a year or two. I'll take a concept though!
  7. Ugh, not another CUV. Is the market getting as bored of these as I am? I guess not... I'm ready for something truly exciting. I'm definitely looking forward to their EV and maybe a whitespace vehicle. The continental needs to stick around too and move to the Avi platform.
  8. Now that we have the Corsair, Nauti, Avi, Navi, and Conti... What's next to debut for Lincoln??
  9. Thanks for that info guys!
  10. Exactly... but shit I guess time will tell.
  11. Naa it isn't the PHEV, and likely not a canceled BL model either after thinking again... maybe just standalone options, another package, or things we will never see make it to production (like the original MKZ quad exhaust tips I will never let go of)... for comparison with the PHEV
  12. Maybe they cancelled it at the last minute because that's definitely a unique grille, wheels, and body cladding (colored like the plug-in).
  13. I love the Black Label wheels, grille, and total appearance.