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  1. Rich B.

    Coyote engine noises

    For sure, similiar problems have occurred with the Road Runner engine as well. That was the upgraded version of the Coyote used in the Boss 302. Aside from the 5/50WT oil which is mandatory more that one has developed the infamous "tick". This is nothing more than performing the first due oil change and there it is. Now a TSB was issued to add this Ford approved oil thinner/distillate as it was thought the oil viscosity was too thick. Seemed to be the fix in some instances and others just lived with the problem. Nobody could ever figure out the cause, many guesses have prevailed over the years, well since '12/'13 anyways. Possibly further info on this is available by now I'm not aware of. No problems with mine but I don't run it a 7K RPM all day either.
  2. Rich B.

    Undercoating for 2018 Expedition?

    Many are against it and I've driven cars through winters- with and without undercoat. I like it myself if applied right. In ME cars can rust from the outside in or opposite. Aluminum is subjective to corrosion and winter will certainly aid in creating bubbles in paint from 2 dissimilar metals in contact. To be blunt, the underneath primer only on my '13 Boss302 just plain sucks. Do not drive it at all in winter. Undercoating also serves as sound deadner and sand blasting protection in under areas. Could actually do the underneath with the aerosols, only problem is getting the tough areas if not on lift. Spraying inside fenders, doors, sills, etc would be another process. Be careful to keep all drain holes open with any of that.
  3. Rich B.

    What MY Mode settings do you have ?

    Well let's see. Hmm, mines only a 2013 so what I have is: 1) Wide open side pipes and Corsa Xtreme mufflers. 2) Use only Trackey feature (like a "tune"). 3) Shocks set firm for front and medium rear (for launch weight transfer). 4) Steering set on Sport Mode. 5) Launch cal'ed for 2.5k RPM. 6) Must be a few things I can't recall even (have hood struts not prop rod but maybe doesn't count). 7) Only a 6 speed tranny. You probably don't have spare tire, may want to check if you have Brembo brakes...... Have spare in mine but boy am I behind the times, guess I'll keep it though.
  4. Rich B.

    burning smell

    Agree also with afore posts. Remember my '69 roadrunner (kept a decade) in those days new exhaust pipes maybe every 3 years. So much oil and protectant on metal you'd think the car was on fire underneath the way it smoked at first. The only other thing may be disc pads dragging on one of the wheels. That would be a bit different with a heat type smell or parking brake discs not fully released perhaps (should have warning chime though)? How 'bout this- Do those even have a spare tire yet? The '13 Boss 302 had the compressor and can of slime. Mine has the full size spare now but very costly. More $ than a full size OEM used wheel spare, but it sits flat in the wheel well with jack, chocks and sockets underneath. Some of the guys have these 6" tall humps in trunk and have to let half the air out of tire to fit in at all🙀 Oh the problem is the Brembo front disc brakes, too oversized for conventional Mustang spare to clear. Cargo net is great addition also if you don't like things shuffling from side to side in trunk.
  5. Rich B.

    1979 T-bird?

    https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ford_Thunderbird. I don't think that or those eras would be desirable at all. Were everything a T-Bird shouldn't be, except maybe the last generation. A big car by then, probably expensive to run and maintain. No longer in sports mode, Corvettes were pretty lame through those times too. But if it's free and with a minimum of money spent would be a great hand me down for daughter. It would be a big, heavy safe car anyways I would speculate also. Kids, seem to wreck cars pretty well unless they buy them on their own.
  6. Rich B.


    But if somebody smoked in vehicle, cabin air filter filters intake air for pollen, dust, exterior airborne particles. Unless filter is charcoal based and a recirculation system is in use? My Mustang has the filter behind the battery in engine compartment.
  7. Rich B.

    Hood Warranty Failure

    For sure, have seen identical problems myself. Some body shops and dealers have no business being "in" business. Seems eventually always had the last laugh as none of them around anymore- Oh well...... Will have to go back and look at photos but Ford is well known for the hood corrosion or electrolysis for at least the last decade. The problem being an aluminum hood and steel body. Best bet is to heave the hood and reinvest in say a Tiger or Cervani fiberglass hood. Started hearing about this on Shelbys with hood pins and paint bubble issues. You'll hate how daughter will trash your Mustang. Girls aren't as bad as boys in that aspect but I had a Dodge 'Lil Red Express Truck, enough said on that. My '13 Boss now goes to grandson when I'm dead lol. Thanks on the mini-novel, it's great to see other than production stats on this particular forum. Oh too, no problems with my paint, lucky I guess after 7 years ownership. Actually mine is a tri-coat and in sunlight has a luminescent appearance (Gotta Have it Green). Probably the stripes are covering the blemishes. Con't- I'm sorry, can't tell anything from photos. Not good at picture taking either, see if I can find photo of problem as I know of it.
  8. Rich B.

    Need Advice On Polishing My Lower Side Molding

    Good recommendations, experienced the problem also. Seems to be an age, sun exposure and wax residue common issue. First had this happen on my '69 road runner with the matt black hood. Ended up wiping down with a lightly oiled cloth, lasted about as long as between washings, but this was 1969 too. The wax shows up white in every seam, nook and crannie also. Don't let wax dry on if out waxing on a sunny day, will never get off (been there, done it of coarse). Boss 302 stripes are a problem also with any buildup collecting in the seams and what affect wax has on the reflective component, well not really sure. Some even tape them off when waxing. I do a light buffing on occasion and use the wash 'n wax products. The gleam is exceptional so something's got to be there. Some antique and collector car enthusiasts won't even wax (not saying all of coarse). Have heard of tooth brushes being used to clean any left on wax areas that can't be reached. Oh well......
  9. Rich B.

    2007 Mustang New here...

    Very nice, the Shelby's also had the retro hood scoop. Nice to see post other than somebody asking on status of their new car order.
  10. Rich B.

    Any Improvement?

    Has Mustang gone with the one piece driveshaft at all? At least in 2013 they were 2 piece. Many moved to the one section and claims are it is a big improvement. So why in particular one type or the other, which is superior, but why? So am in the middle, not looking to the past but towards the next generation.
  11. Wish more info was present on the Mustang Forums other than tracking orders. Still strongly believe it's about the journey- destination can be disappointing. Way better thinking with unknown anticipation, must be other things to do in the meanwhile. An example was when we ordered our 2014 Fiesta Platinum no less. That was assembled in Mexico and rail shipped to ME. The car will get to its destination when it gets there, patience is a virtue. So if I think of something will just post over. Also they do a great job on assembling across the border.
  12. Rich B.

    Brake Job Economics

    Lmao, roger that on made in China. Our complete transmission MT82 (Boss 302) is made there. The Ford 5/50wt oil manufactured in Korea no less. There is some quality stuff even so coming from overseas. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Getrag Disc brakes seems to of become more of a science this past decade or so. On all 4 wheels, not that long ago only fronts were disc and just drums on all 4 wheels, seems yesterday.
  13. Rich B.

    New Tires for PP2

    Only if.... The high performance rubber does not have a long life expectancy. The compound of coarse is softer for grip and they just don't last as compared with a 60,000 miler. Same thing with my Perelli's, but with only 3K on OD on a 6 year old car are still in great shape. But wait, these things can only be used in warm weather now even. Take the car out on a good November day and forget it. Same as driving on black ice, tires go hard, no flex or grip at all. Forget about a compact spare too, I still have nothing but pump and slime (Boss 302). That stuff will ruin TPMS as is my understanding. So guess to play, you will pay. And then there's the ones that put snow treads on and drive through the winter months. Best of luck there with wide tires and a low sitting unibody. What's a Premium GT with PP2? Last I knew that meant a pre-production car that was #2 off assy line, very rare, worth more.
  14. Alexa is looking better everyday lol https://www.amazon.com/dp/B07456BG8N?tag=mh0b-20&hvadid=78271518759183&hvqmt=e&hvbmt=be&hvdev=t&ref=pd_sl_2g7cb1h5zl_e.
  15. Rich B.

    New to me Mustang 2.0

    Roger that on taking it easy. Makes me think though, over the years I've heard both ways. Run it like you own it or take it easy untill first oil change. Myself, I take it easy but the Boss motors were way weird as they'ed develop an engine ticking after first oil change. Nobody knows why but believe it's something to do with the 4 camshafts. Even have a TSB out for this to add oil treatment (oil thinner) with the 5-50wt oil if problem occurs. Strange, as no problems with mine and don't know if it's a problem hence forward with the Coyote engines. Ours has what Ford knighted the Road Runner engine, was a bit faster than the Coyote back when. Think the Coyote finally caught the bird though lol.