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  1. boredinbirmingham

    2018 Drive control malfunction 2 Struts bad so far

    This is the first I’ve read of these particular issues from this forum and a different Expedition forum. This is not to say yours is unique but in the circles I type in it is.
  2. boredinbirmingham

    Anyone done any customizing to their Navigator (2018+)?

    Agreed, satin + blacked out chrome is sharp.
  3. boredinbirmingham

    Turn off the Auto Start/Stop - HELP

    Me and you both lol it’s called a start up sequence and once it’s habit it’s way easier than any of the other fixes I’ve seen.
  4. boredinbirmingham

    Anyone done any customizing to their Navigator (2018+)?

    There is a video floating around of a Black ‘18 Navigator that got a matte wrap, the chrome blacked out, powder coated wheels, and the brake calipers powder coated red. It looks great! I’ll see if I can find the link. edit: insta post with said Navigator Here’s another one of the same Navigator but a little more explanation:
  5. That’s so crazy, the manager throwing the finance guy under the bus lol is this the same dealership you purchased from? That’s some world class finger pointing. I’m gonna pull out my paperwork and give it another detailed look... I really should know that thing inside and out considering the cost.
  6. You got my attention with this post. We bought it as well and added the pick up and delivery for it as well, I do not wanna deal with going to the dealership so the pickup/delivery was a no brained. The finance guy told me the same thing about what’s covered. Do you think the ford plan is different than the Lincoln plan? I wanna say he gave me a brochure of items covered and it included trans flush and even shocks/struts along with a bunch of other things I was surprised to see.
  7. Levi’s Gremlin... quick google search has left me unsure of this being the greatest or worst thing ever...
  8. boredinbirmingham

    Lincoln Way iOS app issues?

    App is up to date and I’ve done the delete and reinstall. I know I have the right credentials because I can log in online. I saw on the App Store reviews when I was reinstalling that I’m not the only one with this issue. Thanks for the info, y’all.
  9. boredinbirmingham

    Lincoln Way iOS app issues?

    Anyone else having issues with their Lincoln Way app for iPhone? Mine isn’t logging in and says ‘technical difficulties’... it’s been several days now.
  10. boredinbirmingham

    Electric 1967 Mustang

    Kinda reminds me of this guys: https://instagram.com/corrupttmustang?utm_source=ig_profile_share&igshid=g65xexf9pqtt
  11. boredinbirmingham

    Deciding between Navigator and Navigator L

    We got a regular length Reserve with a 2nd row bench, we also have two kids under 3 yrs old so that means 2 car seats. Our first road trip was a 6 hour drive to the beach with our bikes and a bike trailer/stroller. We usually pack our, the adult stuff, light but we grossly underestimated the amount of stuff kids add to the equation. The L would have been amazing! We came from a much smaller vehicle to the Navigator so the regular length one seemed cavernous to us. I’d say most of the time the short wheelbase is fine, but for those few road trips a year or hauling people in the 3rd row with day packs or whatever the L is a no brainer. We don’t want to put a cargo box on top, mainly because of the overall height of the vehicle because this would keep us from parking anywhere covered. My wife was super reluctant to buy me the Navigator in the first place, now she’s already hinting at trading up for the L in a couple more years and hoping for a hybrid.
  12. boredinbirmingham

    Climate Control

    Ah, I understand what you are saying now.
  13. boredinbirmingham

    Floor and Cargo Area Mats

    I got the weathertech set, mainly for the cargo area as I stick my stroller back there and it’s often muddy or wet. I do wish it had the ability to fold nicely if I wanted to use the third row on the fly but I can live with it. The second and third row weathertech is fine since we have 2 kids in car seats and rarely use the 3rd row but it’s carpet only for the front unless we are going to the beach or mountains where muddy shoes or boots will be worn. We switched out the carpet in the front with the weathertech sand it lasted only one day, we prefer the OEM carpet big time, I swear it’s higher quality than the carpet in our house! We laugh about how soft we’ve now become having bought our first luxury vehicle hahaha
  14. boredinbirmingham

    Instrument Cluster

    Coming from a car with analog gauges I missed them at first, now I rarely think about the gauge cluster, especially since I have the HUD. I did use the trailer screen for a while to observe the trans temp... I guess having any gauge was better than none. I do use the tach and speedo configuration because I like having the directions pop up in the center versus the side.... I’m a sucker for symmetry.
  15. boredinbirmingham

    Climate Control

    You can still control the rear from the front console and lock the rear controls out so you can freeze or heat them as much as you like lol