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  1. First off, beautiful car! I’m partial to mustangs and enjoy seeing nice examples of the vehicle. Second, I found when researching the paint correction that the mileage had little to do with the need for the correction. My Nav had 250 miles on it when I took it in... I’d owned it less than a week and it was built 3 weeks prior. So in other words it was literally brand spanking new. I was shocked at the difference the correction made and mine is the Ingot silver color which hides imperfections pretty well. I paid a lot more than you did but I also didn’t have a friend who could do the work. 100% would do it again, though.
  2. boredinbirmingham

    2018 with 21 way seats experiencing a squeaky seat.

    Unfortunately it has not been resolved. I have not taken it back in yet since the initial attempt to repair. I feel like it’s something simple and cheap... to me it sounds like a lack of lubricant on a metal to metal contact point. However, just because the remedy may be simple getting to the area of the seat bolted may be the challenge. From what my service manage told me it’s somewhat common so hopefully there is a fix for this soon. It’s literally ‘nails on chalkboard’ level annoying to me.
  3. I’ve yet to take this vehicle through the machine. I took my Fusions through when I still got company cars and they did ok. These turbine wheels on the Navigator would probably laugh at any attempt in cleaning that didn’t involved multiple brush tools and some swearing. I got the Ingot Silver so it’s not too bad on showing dirt and with a foam canon cleaning isn’t bad, I actually enjoy it... for now. I also obsess over silly things like missed areas from poor car washing and water spots so I stick to the occasional wash.
  4. I don’t exactly remember as this was two years ago but it was just at $3k for full paint correction and detail, the entire coating, some clear bra applied to the door sills and running boards and around the back bumper, and some interior protection stuff. Also, it’s not an in and out process because the initial application needs to cure for 24 hours so the guy had my car for 3 days. There are other products out there so they may not all be like that. I know Madesto coatings cure under some type of special light so it may be quicker but I don’t know. Good luck.
  5. boredinbirmingham

    Automatic tow/haul 2018 Navigator Reserve

    So I had my dealer come and pick up the vehicle and they tested the tow system and it checked out as fine but they were not able to get the tow setting to come on... the service manager just said they could connect to the diagnostic machine but they didn’t have a trailer to connect. I guess the diagnostic machine isn’t able to mimic a trailer or enable the setting. Not sure what the issue is now, they have contacted Lincoln to see what to do next. I wonder if it’s something with my trailer connection. Not really sure what to think at this point. I’m traveling and towing next Friday so hopefully we have answers soon.
  6. Yes, I got gtechniq and while it was expensive for the initial install it has made a huge difference in keeping the vehicle clean. It’s extremely hydrophobic do regular washing is super easy and any bugs are junk on the vehicle come off with very little agitation. I have it on the windshield and the wheels as well... having the turbine style wheels with the coating is worth it alone as it makes cleaning them massively easier. It has to have a yearly application but I have it done when I have my annual full detail so it’s no big deal. I would do it again. This is also a very polarizing topic so expect some differing opinions.
  7. boredinbirmingham

    Automatic tow/haul 2018 Navigator Reserve

    No, I have been in 2h each time. I’m beginning to thing that weight may have a factor in this because a few min ago I went to connect again to see if it mattered if the car was on or off... I only connected the trailer wiring and did not connect the trailer ball or the trailer to the hitch and the car did not detect anything being connected. I’ll be towing again in a few days so I’ll have the ball installed so I’m going to play with this some more. But do you they g the weight of the trailer would play into this at all?
  8. I’ve noticed when connecting my trailer that the tow/haul setting doesn’t always come on but the trailer is detected by the car. Is the tow/haul setting not always enabled depending on conditions and trailer weight? When I connect the trailer wiring the instrument cluster displays the ‘trailer detected’ and wants me to select what trailer I have connected... all the lights works and all that but the actual tow/haul fount that changes the trans shifting does not enable. I have this setting set to ‘automatic’. Any ideas? Out of the last 5 times I connected the trailer it has come o twice.
  9. Drivers seat has a squeaky seat bolster, it’s the top one just below the head rest. Dealer replaced it as a warranty issue but the squeak was back within a day. I hear it when I shift around in the seat and it’s a metal on metal high pitch nails on chalkboard annoyance. Anyone else experience this or have any ideas? I told my service manager that I’d ask around before making him come back out to get it.
  10. boredinbirmingham

    Cupholders on rear on center console

    Agreed on the flimsy latch. The holders themselves are fine, they hold two of our camelbak 750ML bottles without any issue.
  11. boredinbirmingham

    Anyone done any customizing to their Navigator (2018+)?

    You could probably get good results from using a foam cannon at home for a wash, with the matte look of the wrap I bet it would look clean. I debated on removing the Lincoln badging from the rear decklid all together, that may be an option for you if you’re worried about too much black. The black powder coated turbine style stock wheels loom super sharp IMHO and I’d do the calipers with some color probably but that’s just me. That white is REALLY white so it’s hard for me to really say how blacking out a bunch of stuff would look as I have the Ingot Silver so it’s a lot more subtle color.
  12. boredinbirmingham

    Anyone done any customizing to their Navigator (2018+)?

    My tint was a few hundred, the powder coat I really don’t know what that runs. Just guessing maybe $5500 total or there about. My ceramic coating was $3200 if I remember correctly so I could see myself sprinting for a little more for a bad ass look and skipping in the ceramic. I don’t think you need ceramic on a wrap like that.
  13. boredinbirmingham

    2019 Expedition Platinum Head Up Display

    The comment above mine is the correct one, this is the same on the 2018’s.
  14. boredinbirmingham

    2018 Drive control malfunction 2 Struts bad so far

    This is the first I’ve read of these particular issues from this forum and a different Expedition forum. This is not to say yours is unique but in the circles I type in it is.
  15. boredinbirmingham

    Anyone done any customizing to their Navigator (2018+)?

    Agreed, satin + blacked out chrome is sharp.