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  1. boredinbirmingham

    HUD clock setting

    I haven’t had that issue. I changed the time in the clock settings and it reflected on the HUD.
  2. boredinbirmingham

    Cold air intake

    Will do.
  3. boredinbirmingham

    Cold air intake

    It happens when Im driving slowly through either parking lots or neighborhoods at speeds of 30mph or less. I notice it when encountering any incline so it would be during downshifting. On regular driving I do not notice it... maybe if Im creeping toward a stop light I will.
  4. boredinbirmingham

    Cold air intake

    Good to know, thanks. It feels like the hunting for gears is a more recent development... how long does it take to get fully learned? Ive had the truck since January and have close to 10k miles.
  5. boredinbirmingham

    Cold air intake

    Thats good to know. Adding noise is the last thing I would want to do. Im happy with the performance as is, if I made any changes it would be a tune of some sort as the shifting is sometimes weird..... it kinda hunts on occasion but I drive like a snail from time to time so I may be feathering the throttle which could cause that.
  6. boredinbirmingham

    Cold air intake

    Thats not bad... what kinda HP would that 3-400 be buying?
  7. boredinbirmingham

    Cold air intake

    Ive seen on another forum people talking about ones for 17 F150s for their 18 Expeditions but I dont think anyone has done an install yet. They run around $1,500 I think, that may include the Intercooler Im not sure.
  8. boredinbirmingham

    Military Rebate on Navigator

    This is similar to how my experience was, it was awesome! Easily the least stressful quickest car buying experience Ive ever had. Ive been told by some I could have negotiated a better deal blah blah blah..,, Ill happily pay to not deal with the car buying BS. From what Ive seen I got a great deal. The worst part was the wait since we ordered in August of 17.... but it was worth it.
  9. boredinbirmingham

    Black Label benefits?

    Is this something thats only available going forward or do you think 18 Navis get this with a phone or sync update?
  10. boredinbirmingham

    Black Label benefits?

    Is this something thats only available going forward or do you think 18 Navis get this with a phone or sync update?
  11. boredinbirmingham

    Packaging Options for 2019 Lincolns

    I always kept my moonroof shade closed as well on the cars Ive owned until I got the 18 Navigator, I actually like that is obnoxiously large, it makes the cabin feel larger and my kids like looking out. In my previous vehicles it was pretty much for the front occupants and rather small.
  12. boredinbirmingham

    05 Navigator Rear Defroster Shattered Window

    Dang! Thats an impressive mess. Did you get an immediate loaner? So far our dealership has been super fast with maintenance and service.... in my driveway within an hour with a loaner. Hopefully youll get answers and a quick fix.
  13. boredinbirmingham

    2019 Expedition Production Information

    If I remember correctly from my 2018 Navigator order the ones built before Job#1 date will end up as regular stock and special orders begin production once Job#1 has been achieved. You wont get a VIN until a couple weeks before your truck is scheduled to be built. Dont quote me on this but I believe this is the process.
  14. boredinbirmingham

    Navigator troubles

    A few days ago my running boards stayed deployed while driving for a few hundred feet and once Ive had my drivers seat not return to the proper driving position. That and the mysterious clicking side mirror but that hasnt happened in a while now. It sounds like some have worse issues than others but there are some strange things afoot in the new Navigators.
  15. boredinbirmingham

    Should I order the HD trailer-towing package?

    I agree with the resale value comments but more with the beefier radiator and 2 speed transfer case. I got the tow package mainly for those two reasons. I do tow with mine but its a small utility trailer and I use it a few times a year with no serious weight. I will say the back up assist feature makes me look like a seasoned trailer backing professional once I got the hang of it.