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  1. It's not easy designing a utility vehicle to be graceful and elegant, but it could be done. The Maybach concept is an example of why the three-box layout is difficult to use on a tall-bodied vehicle. It would take an even shorter decklid to eliminate the stubbiness, which would end up being a bustle-back. That's basically what Rolls-Royce did with the Cullinan. They even call it a "three-box SUV".
  2. They could transform the Continental into a '40s tall sedan-type ultra-luxury crossover. That's basically what the MKT Concept was. Too bad it had FWD proportions and an overly laid-back a-pillar.
  3. https://www.motorauthority.com/news/1121044_2019-lincoln-continental-coach-door-edition-is-sold-out
  4. https://www.autonews.com/world-congress/toyotas-lentz-sees-car-sales-stabilizing-evs-languishing
  5. The Handler

    Ford Announces Next 5 Models

    Insiders seem 100% certain Lincoln's two CD6 sedans were cancelled. I remember seeing leaked Zephyr sketches on here a few months ago, though. Perhaps they're counting the next-gen MKX/Nautilus, a subcompact, a BEV, and a "whitespace" utility?
  6. That's what happens when you put a lot of careful thought into your product strategy.
  7. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/2019/01/11/ford-kumar-galhotra-lincoln/2519565002/
  8. Very nice Suzuki XL-7!
  9. The Handler

    Mercury Vehicles in Development in 2010/2011

    Mulally was so obsessed with econoboxes during that time, completely ignoring the fact that increased fuel efficiency for trucks and utilities was right around the corner. Imagine where Lincoln would be today if those pointless MK- cars never happened and the Navigator received proper attention. Plus, Lincoln could have had a new Aviator years ago if they hadn't wasted time and money on the MKT. Those had to be the worst years in the history of product planning at Ford.
  10. I also believe what we're seeing is blowback from the Mulally era.
  11. The Handler

    Mercury Vehicles in Development in 2010/2011

    All mid-priced brands had one foot in the grave when the ladder strategy started to collapse. The trim level concept is obviously far more cost effective than splitting hairs with several mainstream brands. Ford tried to find a niche for Mercury, but it was just too late.
  12. The Handler

    Mercury Vehicles in Development in 2010/2011

    I can still remember Mark Fields saying a Mercury is for the type of person that owns an iPod. 😂
  13. Most of the "respected" names cater to Hollywood's nouveau riche and the wannabe rich posers. They apparently make a lot of money by slapping their name and logo on high tops and hoodies....