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  1. dlghtjr90

    2019 Lincoln MKZ Production Information

    Omitting the Adaptive Cruise Control as part of the Co-Pilot 360 Protect on the Fusion is bit odd as there is already the radar for pedestrian detection. However, this is most likely due to the fact that Toyota's adaptive cruise control on Camry LE/SE is only good for 32mph and above and only when you step up to XLE it is for full speed range. Adding Co-Pilot 360 Assist will add the adaptive cruise control, and the MKZ will have this as standard, so at least this is all on par with the competition.
  2. dlghtjr90

    2019 Lincoln MKZ Production Information

    @knarf MKZ is getting the 360 view, or the 360 Co-Pilot Protect which includes BLIS, LKAS, and rain-sensing wipers. In fact, the adaptive cruise control is also standard in MKZ while it is optional in the Fusion as you have to get 360 Co-Pilot Assist. I see in Page 8 that selecting the 3.0L AWD will also come with torque vectoring and sport-tuned suspension which is what the Driver package was.
  3. dlghtjr90

    2019 Lincoln MKZ Production Information

    So nothing yet unlike the Fusion?
  4. dlghtjr90

    Ecosport Fuel recommendation

    The most 'bang for the buck' will be staying with 87 octane. The extra ~50 cents you have to pay for premium fuel over regular fuel is not close to matching the fuel economy benefit.
  5. dlghtjr90

    2019 Escape Production Information

    That we'll see about a year from now. I expect the Escape and MKC to go on a twin schedule for the complete redesign similar to Fusion and MKZ.
  6. dlghtjr90

    2019 Escape Production Information

    It is likely because the MKC gets a revised styling with the new Lincoln grille while the Escape will be a carryover.
  7. dlghtjr90

    Ecosport Fuel recommendation

    To see the benefits of premium fuel, you will need to drive at least 2 hours ideally on all gears to get the engine and transmission adjusted to the premium fuel. The general trend for premium fuel is that if it's a small-displacement engine like 1.0L Ecoboost, you will see a noticeable benefit in fuel economy because the vehicle can use every bit of extra hp that comes with premium fuel and thus less load on the engine. For big-displacement engine like 3.0L twin-turbo in Lincoln, you will see a noticeable bump in power. The car is already overpowered as is, so the fuel economy will stay mostly the same, but all the extra power will make it even faster.