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  1. I wonder how many HP that outputs (or takes off)
  2. carrera911

    Visit to the Tesla factory

    Thanks for sharing. I don't suppose you were able to take pictures in the visit (I assume if you signed an NDA they didn't let you take pictures). 2500 cars a week is a production rate faster than exotic cars I suppose.
  3. carrera911

    Ferrari Test Drive

    I've done a few laps in a Ferrari 458 Italia in Vegas, indeed an exceptional experience. For the ones who can not afford to buy a Ferrari but still want to get a taste of it I think it's a must.
  4. carrera911

    Mustang SUV

    I guess when you need to fit all the family in one car it's hard to have the Mustang cool factor
  5. carrera911

    Funny Electric Car Commercial

    Tesla does it better
  6. I'm gonna think out of the box here and say that the sales people are not so motivated about making sales. My recent experience was 50-50. Some sales agents just don't care too much about potential sales which means they are demotivated and people seek out the competitors.
  7. carrera911

    Mustang SUV

    Mustang used to have a station wagon. Not really my cup of tea tho.
  8. carrera911


    I dont get why they don't offer it as a purchasing option. My garage is a one car garage and it is sooo small I'm stressed i'd scratch the car. 360 would of helped a lot!
  9. carrera911

    Adaptive Cruise Control. yes or no?

    I find this option an expensive option for my personal use. I hardly experience traffic (thank god!) so spending about $1900 on this feature just doesn't make sense. With that in mind, I assume it's going to be a standard feature in future cars and that might help keep the car's value on resale.
  10. carrera911

    Drive your car off the line program

    I'd like to add to this that photo shots from the assembly process of the owner's car would also be great. You get to basically experience the production of your car.
  11. carrera911


    Hard top convertible mustangs would be an amazing change. An actual change that would make me consider a convertible. Also a 360 camera coverage and the option to replace the cluster gage on 2017 models with the 2018 ones
  12. carrera911

    A clear convertible top?

    I find it to be ugly. I wonder why mustang doesn't offer hard convertible tops? It is time for that!
  13. carrera911

    California Special

    California Special Package includes: 19-inch Ebony Black-Painted Machined-Aluminum Wheels Black Painted Mirror Caps and Hood Vents Ebony Leather/Miko® Suede Seat Inserts with Red Contrast Stitching and Embossed Logo Faux Gas Cap Hood and Side Stripes Performance Front Splitter Premium Carpeted Floor Mats with Red Contrast Stitching Raised Decklid Spoiler- Black Underhood California Special Strut Tower Brace Badge Unique Black Upper and Lower Grilles (Tri Bar Pony Logo on Upper Grille) "Diamond Plate" Aluminum Instrument Panel with Unique GT/CS Badge Door Inserts, Shifter Boot, and Console Lid with Red Contrast Stitching "Diamond Plate" Aluminum Instrument Panel with Unique GT/CS Badge -> I know this is going to sound stupid but this is the reason I got the CS package to begin with. I couldn't stand the regular silver colored console.
  14. carrera911


    Sounds promising. I am soon taking delivery of my 2017 GT. I think Ford was more realistic in the fuel consumption on the 2017 GT's and put 15-24MPG
  15. carrera911

    Newbie from Florida

    Hey Guys, My name is David and I'm new here. I own a Focus 2016 and ordered a Mustang GT premium about six weeks ago. I gotta be honest, I'm quite surprised how many people are making factory orders. I thought most people by off the lot!