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  1. Sterling Archer

    It`s Gettin Close

    Sterling Axle and VanDyke transmission also have them stored in blocked off parking lots. Im not sure what they are stocking up for? Maybe they are planning on a long strike?
  2. Sterling Archer

    Election time at Local 228 Sterling plant.

    Heard a rumor today that the soon to be FORMER plant chairman and his cronies are planning on challenging the election results at local 228. Dont know what he plans to accomplish since he lost by a nice margin. Maybe he is trying to get to 100 of his buddies hired in before he HAS to step down.
  3. Sterling Archer

    Election time at Local 228 Sterling plant.

    They dont have an app that I am aware of. They just plaster their posters all over the plant and expect someone else to take them down after the election. The one good thing out of our elections is we have a new plant chairman. We will see how he works out. Alot of promises were made. Lets see if he can keep any of them. The one bad thing is we elected someone that only cares about himself and his close friends. He will stab you in the back or throw you under the bus if it will help him get a minute of O.T.
  4. Sterling Archer

    Election time at Local 228 Sterling plant.

    Well I did see a couple of our Elected people. They were transferring golf clubs from one vehicle to another before their 930 am secret meeting ! LOL
  5. Sterling Archer


    Which plants are putting on new employees? We have people in zone # 2 that have been TPT's for OVER 2.5 years.
  6. Sterling Archer

    paystub site

    I'm not sure how it works with Ford but I know with other companies you can demand to speak to someone from the USA and by law they have to connect you. Good Luck
  7. Its funny to see all of these elected union officials that you haven't seen since the last election campaigning for votes. Most of them only come around at election time asking you to vote for them. They cant be bothered to spend any time on the floor during NON Election years. They claim they are to busy in meetings, trying to save your job or get new work .They they don't have time to walk the floor and visit us peasants and see how things are really going on the floor. Its really funny they don't have time to walk the floor but can spend weeks campaigning for your vote. The only ones you see are the committee people on a regular basis.
  8. Sterling Archer

    paystub site

    I just logged in and had ZERO problems. Went straight thru to payroll website.
  9. Sterling Archer

    Ford building a new factory?

    They also need to get rid of the TPT workers. Or at least give them a better path to full time. I know some TPT workers have been waiting over 2.5 years to become full time. The union keeps telling them to hang on that they will eventually be full time. Maybe after the next contract depending on how many people retire. What happened to equal pay for equal work? Women have been fighting for equal pay for generations and now a 2 tir person or TPT is doing the exact same job as a "legacy " employee at sometimes half the pay and ZERO benefits. Does that sound like equal pay for equal work? And it dosent matter what is in the contract. As long as local 600 gets the last vote it will ALWAYS pass 50.1 to 49.9.
  10. Sterling Archer

    Ford building a new factory?

    https://www.cnbc.com/2019/03/20/ford-to-build-new-factory-in-michigan-for-autonomous-vehicles.html?fbclid=IwAR3Ob-lRtlppXy3-aSMh231chzfgOEUx82perVOR7asUxodPxo6M-3_ZyVE Anyone heard of this new factory and where it may be located?
  11. Sterling Archer

    Where Is The IUAW?

    From what I hear from the people coming to Sterling from VanDyke is they are going down to 1 shift. They only have 1 line running. That is what is keeping the doors open. I really hope they get some new work in the next contract or that Ford gets their head out of their asses and keeps building at least some small cars. I cant believe they are getting rid of the Fusion and Focus. You see them EVERYWHERE !!!!! I understand that they are not as profitable as trucks and SUV's but incase anyone has noticed the price of gas is going back up. Once it gets above $ 3 per gallon I think we are going to start and see the small car sales start to pick up again. Especially if our piece of crap governor gets her $ .45 gasoline tax she wants. But hey. Keep voting Democrat and following the union like a bunch of sheeple instead of doing some research on the canditates and making informed decisions.
  12. Sterling Archer

    Where Is The IUAW?

    Sterling is only around 70 % capacity so that is not the reason. There is still alot of empty space and more each and every day. They are removing all of the outdated equipment and trying to find new work to put in the empty spaces. Its not like we do not have the manpower. We just got 80 people from VanDyke and another 80 coming in the next few weeks. Its pretty bad when VanDyke has a jumbo banner posted outside the plant saying they are the " assembly plant of the year " for 2018 and they are basically down to one shift. If they are the plant of the year then why did Livonia get all of their jobs?
  13. Sterling Archer

    Where Is The IUAW?

    Or how about giving the Axle for the Ranger and the Bronco to Dana, when they have a perfectly good ALXE plant in Sterling Heights? You would think it would be cheaper to build those axles at Sterling Axle since they are a 2 tier plant.
  14. Sterling Archer

    vandyke plant

    800 ? are there still that many working at the VanDyke plant ?
  15. Sterling Archer

    VanDyke TPT vs In-progression

    Rumor has it you guys do NOT have any In-progression employees working at your plant. Only TPT's and STPT's. If this is true then the only way you can get hired in at your plant is if you are transferred in from another facility like Sterling which has In-Progression and TPT's? What then happens to the TPT's working at your plant if they are NOT allowed to be moved up as people retire or transfer to another facility? Are they allowed to be moved to another plant that has In-Progression employees or are they just sent packing ? I tried looking this up in the contract but can not find any information regarding TPT's working in TIR 1 plants only. I mean seriously. Why would anyone want to get someone a job at Vandyke if there is no room to advance?