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  1. 😄 The Jaguars I owned ran the gamut. The '02 X-Type was a disaster, with major issues with the drivetrain. On the other hand, the '96 XJ6 X300 was almost trouble free for the few years I had it. Worst of all among the cars I've owned was a '94 Lincoln Continental. Had problems with just about everything on it- engine, transmission, suspension, accessories, body, electronics. All of the Rangers and Couriers I had over the years were decently reliable.
  2. That's the logical thing to do. I know that 2019 is the first model year for T6 Ranger in the U.S., but the truck goes back almost a decade in other markets like Australia and Asia. That may help. Also the engine and transmission have at least a couple years of history in the Mustang. I fully expect that 2019 Ranger in the U.S. will have its share of first year bugs. I'm willing to take the risk, after all I've owned Fords, Lincolns, and Jaguars with crummy reliability records as used vehicles.
  3. Good point. I remember Jim Farley mentioned Ford would focus more on retention of current Ford owners, rather than conquest sales at the Ford dealer meeting last October. https://www.autonews.com/article/20181019/RETAIL03/181019590/ford-summons-its-swagger-shifts-marketing-focus-to-keeping-loyalists I think Ford is trying to juggle both now. Maybe Ford executives decided they needed to take some action to address Ford's continuously declining market share in the U.S. Conquest sales incentives are one way. Also, Ford's owner loyalty at the manufacturer level is still high, but stagnated in the past few years. GM grabbed the IHS Markit "Overall Loyalty to Manufacturer" award away from Ford in 2015 and has maintained it ever since.
  4. Congrats to your father in law on his new Canyon diesel pickup truck, that's a good deal he got! Last year when I test drove midsize pickup trucks, Honda Ridgeline and Chevrolet Colorado V6 were my favorites. I also test drove the diesel powered Colorado but didn't find it much better than the gasoline V6. And the diesel cost a lot more. Ultimately I pre-ordered a new '19 Ranger XLT Supercab without test driving it. All of my previous trucks were Ford Rangers and Couriers. Guess I just felt most comfortable getting another Ranger rather than a Ridgeline or Colorado. My choice may not be a rational one, but I don't care and haven't changed my mind. 😄 Looking forward to taking delivery of the new Ranger this summer.
  5. rperez817

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    Great video review of Cadillac CT5 from a German perspective. From Autogefühl.
  6. Thanks for sharing details these offers Anthony! Hopefully Ford extends or increases them in the May and June timeframe. My pre-ordered Ranger isn't expected to arrive at my dealership until then.
  7. rperez817

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    In some cases that is true. But not always. There are "rebranded" vehicles that are built at different assembly plants. Example. Chevrolet Blazer V6 is a rebranded Cadillac XT5. But the two models are built at different assembly plants. Blazer at Ramos Arizpe Assembly, XT5 at Spring Hill Assembly. Then there are vehicle models that share an assembly line but are not "badge jobs". Example. 6th gen Chevrolet Camaro and Cadillac ATS Coupe are built on the same line at GM's Lansing Grand River Assembly plant. But these two cars are substantially different. GM said that about 75% of Camaro's architectural components are unique to it, not shared with ATS or any other GM product.
  8. rperez817

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    You didn't say sedan, I did. Your statement "Cadillac is a rebrand of Chevrolet" is true for some Cadillac vehicles but not others. That's what I was getting at. To be specific Escalade, XTS, and XT5/XT6 are rebranded versions of Chevrolet Tahoe/Suburban, Impala, and Blazer respectively. Other Cadillac models including the new CT5 don't have a Chevrolet counterpart yet.
  9. rperez817

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    That's true for the "Cadillac truck with the 22s" assembled in Arlington, TX. CT5 doesn't share its platform with any Chevrolet sedans though.
  10. rperez817

    Cadillac unveils new CT5 - the CTS replacement

    BMW sales in the U.S. for Q1 2019 was still 56% sedans/coupes/convertibles, 44% CUVs. If current trends continue, won't be long before it becomes 50/50 though. The "yuppie car" of 2019 is actually a luxury pickup truck like Ford F-150 King Ranch, GMC Sierra Denali, Chevy Silverado High Country, Toyota Tundra 1794 Edition, etc. Many customers who owned BMW, Cadillac, and other luxury sedans are now going for those trucks.
  11. rperez817

    Ranger - there is no competition

    Yes sir fuzzymoomoo! Thank you in advance for your and your colleagues extra effort in building and assembling Supercab Rangers. 👍
  12. rperez817

    Ford and VW partnership

    Thanks for the offer Joe771476 sir. Which airlines have been doing trans Atlantic flights using 737 MAX? I know Norwegian Air Shuttle had flights between New York Stewart International Airport and Edinburgh Airport using that aircraft, but those are currently grounded.
  13. rperez817

    Ranger - there is no competition

    My '04 Ranger is serving me and and my family well. It's keeping busy in our business as gardening and lawn care season is in full swing! 392k miles on the odometer right now and running good. Still, I know we'll be all smiles when it comes time to take our company's sign off the old Ranger and put it on the new Ranger. Some of our customers are just as excited as we are to see the new Ranger!
  14. rperez817

    Ranger - there is no competition

    Wonderful post Ricky Ranger! I'm also waiting on a pre-ordered 2019 Ranger. Looks like it should arrive at my dealership by early June. Your post summed up my feelings perfectly. Ford was completely wrong about the midsize pickup truck market in the U.S. in the early 2010s after they cancelled the previous Ranger. But they did the right thing bringing the global T6 Ranger to the U.S. market now rather than waiting until the next gen Ranger is ready. I don't mind the wait, and I know my family and I will be smiling when we put our new 2019 Ranger to work in our landscaping and lawn care business this summer. Thanks again for your post, and best wishes as you wait to take delivery of your 2019 Ranger! 😎
  15. Sure it is. There are "countless" other articles that lambaste German automakers for "cheap and horribly nasty" piano black trim, like this one. https://www.carthrottle.com/post/7-car-interior-fails-which-make-me-mad/. The case for "anti-American bias" doesn't exist. Unless you get your news from pravda.ru or something like that. If there is any bias here, it's your own.