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  1. Late response here but I'm sure they'll figure out what to do with the excess floor space you guys have there. Our stampings come from Buffalo Stamping and some from Chicago Stamping as well. I would imagine because the the d471/472 flex/mkt platform is similar to old explorer that Chicago did some of the work. Buffalo also used to Stamp for old Ford Talbotville but as you know no more crown vic so that stopped a long time ago. Btw, the word at the plant is the MKT is phasing out in June and the Flex the end of this year. Our contract is September 2020. Im sure some of that extra room at your plant will be utilized more when the Bronco comes into production. Whenever that may be. We used to have two paint shops but they demolished the Windstar plant one that wasn't being used in like 2013.
  2. Our line speed I believe is 72 units and hour in the main plant. In body shop and paint its lower I know that much. Our plant like MAP used to be 2 different factories, then they closed Ontario Truck Plant in 2004. Ford then gutted the truck plant and in the three buildings made Body 1 , Body 2 and paint.There is also a body 3 which was made in 2014. Oakville Assembly Plant which made the Windstar and so called Freestar was joined to the truck plant and boom now you have OAKVILLE ASSEMBLY COMPLEX since 2006. Some people thought Bronco was going to Oakville, I told them no chance in hell its going to MAP!
  3. Yes we worked a lot of 4 hour shifts and were laid off for a week last September so that would explain it getting there so late. We did and are still doing a lot of OT to make the numbers. As an employee there I'm glad that you're enjoying your Nautilus.
  4. Yes Oakville is the sole source of the 5 seater Edge globally. The 7 seater is built in Hangzhou China along with the next generation Taurus that North America didn't get as most of you already know.
  5. I'm surprised to see Edge sales down. I work at Oakville Assembly Complex and we are working all out right now. 10 hrs in trim and chassis and 3 8 hour shifts in body and paint. Wknd OT as well. We are still building Flexes and MKT's, the word is that they may be extended til the end of the year. We had a slow launch with quality issues late last year. We worked OT last two months of the year to try to make up lost units. Also thousands of vehicles were held and the lots had to be cleared out. Saturday and Sunday production are being scheduled so these sales figures are interesting.