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  1. jmuratides

    2016 Escape Titanium

    Cyberdman Can I get one more updated status. Hopefully the last one. Thanks in advance. 1FMCU9JX0GUB17965
  2. jmuratides

    2016 Escape Titanium

    Seeing if I can get another update on this vehicle. Thanks for all the help and information. 1FMCU9JX0GUB17965 JM
  3. jmuratides

    2016 Escape Titanium

    Cyberman Thank you again for the quick update! JM
  4. jmuratides

    2016 Escape Titanium

    I was wondering if I could get an update on car. Thanks fin advance or any information. 1FMCU9JX0GUB17965
  5. jmuratides

    2016 Escape Titanium

    Cyberman Thank you very much! JM
  6. Can you please provide me any information? Order vehicle end of July from military auto source dealer and wanted to see if there was any status. VIN 1FMCU9JX0GUB17965 Thanks again for any information.
  7. jmuratides

    Useful resources for those joining the Ford Family

    Thak you for the great service and insight. My dealer has not provided me with really information because they have three different offices and it has been quite the challenge with thiks order. Will countine to troll this site for the great infromation and updates since I already own 2 fords and plan on sticking with them as long as they countie to do good for me. Thaks again for everything.
  8. jmuratides

    Remote start app for Mobile Phones

    Would be a very nice option to have!
  9. jmuratides

    Drive your car off the line program

    Deffinetly would be great experience. I watched the boeing factory process and I am sure it would be something comparable on people would see their cars being constructed. Maybe one day.
  10. jmuratides

    X-Plan Pins For Everyone! *sticky this*

    this is great information from everyone. I will need to look into it for future purchases but for the time being I think i am stuck. O well I am sure I will be buying again soon.
  11. jmuratides

    2017 Ranger?

    Love my Ranger and drove it till it couldnt be driven anymore. Wish they would come out with a new one.
  12. jmuratides

    New 005

    Awesome truck. Like the wheels!
  13. jmuratides

    Ford Sync 3 debuts

    Excited about SNCY 3 but a little leary after problems with orginal SYNC and MFT systems. Anyone have any experience with SYNC 3 yet?
  14. jmuratides

    19" Aluminium Wheel Paint

    Had the same thing happen to my F-150 after a while the dirt just filled in the scratches and now hardly noticable. I gues if someone wants them that bad they can have the damaged set of rims. Still makes me upset though when nice wheels gets damaged.
  15. jmuratides

    Window sticker

    Thaks for the info and site. Mine still doesnt work. Must need to wait a little longer.