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  1. Is Nasser coaching this guy? https://www.engadget.com/2018/11/07/ford-buys-spin-e-scooter-report/?yptr=yahoo
  2. Xbar


    Anybody remember "Corinthian Leather" ?
  3. Really? 6 days, left me hangin. Must have asked the wrong question, or maybe the wrong way. Anyways, I know where it's at now.
  4. Xbar

    Window Sticker

    This is probably the wrong forum for this, but if you got a VIN, go here. http://www.cotus.ford.com/
  5. Can I get a refresh on this please.
  6. Xbar

    Kentucky Truck Plant

    Hey Decker, any guesses as to how much time was lost on Explorer production? Or I should say, did they run very many incomplete units?
  7. Most likely at this time, they have no idea.
  8. https://www.yahoo.com/finance/news/ford-trademarks-classic-maverick-nameplate-200100502.html
  9. Thank You much.
  10. VIN: 1FM5K8FH7JGC07386 Order #: 3287 Dealer Code: F48556
  11. Xbar

    Union Dues?

    Mine works out to 1.44%
  12. Xbar

    Chicago Assembly 2020 Launch Retooling down time

    Thanks for the info Decker. I was going to wait for the new face of the Explorer, but now it looks like I will be jumping on a 2019. Right now as it is, I would rather drive my Edge AWD in slippery low snow conditions than my F-150. It seems to handle a lot better. The only time I will take the 150 over the Edge is in 6" or more snowy conditions.
  13. So where is all the money going? http://www.morningstar.com/news/dow-jones/TDJNDN_201801261468/fiat-chrysler-looks-to-pass-ford-in-profit-wsj.html
  14. Didn't Jac Nasser go on a little spending spree like this back in the day?
  15. Xbar

    Chicago Assembly 2020 Launch Retooling down time

    Why would they go back to RWD when they got the Bronco coming out?