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  1. Dayshift

    NOO MOE Sedans

    Toyota and Mazda to build new joint assembly plant in Alabama to build next generation of cars. Honda and Volkswagon also making plans to ramp up production of cars in us. At the same time FORD eliminates sedans and reduce our customer base. How can the other companies sell sedans and we can’t? I recall us depending completely on truck and Suv sales once before. Dejavoo I guess.
  2. Dayshift

    Retiree's Xmas bonus

    Retiredmasrerhelp: Did your check finally arrive. I wish we could get you retirees a raise on your retirement, but we will be lucky to get a raise ourselves.
  3. Dayshift

    Retiree's Xmas bonus

    The direct deposit stubs ($250.00) should come in the mail this week. I know several arrived yesterday.
  4. Dayshift

    4% bonus

    Bonus checks posted today. Deposits will be made this Fri.
  5. Dayshift

    What's coming in the next CONTRACT 2019??

    Lets look at what the UAW already got: * A new UAW President Gary Jones * A new FCA vice president Cindy Estrada * A new Ford vice president, Rory Gamble * A new GM vice president, Terry Dittes * 27,405 new paying UAW members from 2014 to 2017. * Increased revenue stream, dues increased to 2.5 hrs. pay per month, up from 2 hrs. * 31% pay raise for union leaders President: $200,657.07 (1.8 times a representative's salary), up from $153,248.29 Secretary-treasurer: $186,165.17 (1.67 times), up from $142,080.87. Vice presidents: $180,591.36 (1.62 times), up from $137,718.59. IEB members: $166,099.46 (1.49 times), up from $126,551.13. * A federal probe at FCA with 4.5 million taken from training funds. * 2015 UAW contract negotiator charged with taking bribes from FCA senior executive * A slowing auto market with dying prospects of a fair upcoming contract. * Multiple failed attempts to organize workers at major foreign automakers * Solidarity forever with multiple tiers of pay for it's members doing equal work. * Hoffa and the teamsters pledge to respect our upcoming picket lines. * Class action lawsuit by FCA membership that 2015 contract was rigged for FCA by UAW. * GM outsourcing 1500 assembly jobs at Lordstown to it's low-wage subsidiary, Comprehensive Logistics, across town.
  6. Dayshift

    Inflation Bonus

    A inflation bonus does not take the place of a raise, but it's $1500 I would not have had ($998 after taxes). In the future need to push harder for raises instead of bonuses. I only have a few years left but for the younger employees a raise keeps giving every year for the rest of their career a bonus is a one time thing.
  7. Dayshift

    Livonia Trans

    Either you don't understand how the Ford system works and why or you are just to selfish to care. In my almost 30 years with Ford I have worked with or been bumped by people who transferred from each of the closed plants listed below. Every one of them was able to keep their Job when the ax fell on their plant. We did not grumble or complain, we understood that is how it works. We except this system because we know it will protect us if we find our own plant closing. If the UAW / Ford systems bothers you so much you may want to try retail or fast food work where seniority means nothing. Saline Monroe Wixom Atlanta Canton Forge Ypsilanti Plant Edison Assembly Twin Cities Norfolk Ford / New Holland tractor division Batavia Transmission North Pen Lorain Assembly New Jersey Assembly Norfolk Assembly St. Louis Assembly Cleveland casting Rouge Railroad World Headquarters Food workers Mazda Chesterfield
  8. Dayshift

    Lima update!

    Q-bert, Do you think Roger or John have a chance for the Chairperson slot? Any predictions on shakeup's?
  9. Dayshift

    Profit Sharing Checks

    Just curious about how profit sharing checks are used. For those of you who don't mind sharing Please post how you use your check. * Put some or all in TESPHE * Invested it outside of TESPHE * Put it in regular savings * Paid off bills or other debt * Spent it * Other
  10. Dayshift

    It's That Time Again

    Well it's that time again. The local UAW triennial elections are just around the corner. * Any interesting candidates out there? * Any likely upsets or changes in leadership? * Any interesting campaign stories or slogans to tell about past elections? * Anyone want to put a plug in for their guy? Some of you like to grip, the triennial elections are you chance to change things up!
  11. Dayshift

    IRCP Grads

    what is a PSO?
  12. Dayshift


    Ford is expected to report 4th quarter earnings on 01/26/2017. Wall street is expecting $0.37 a share for 2016, down 30% from the $0.56 a share for 2015. I suppose we can expect profit sharing checks to be a little lower than last year but still healthy.
  13. Dayshift

    Is Ford stock a good buy

    Does any one know if we can expect another special dividend this coming January, like we got this year ($.040 per share). http://seekingalpha.com/article/4034022-ford-forget-special-dividend
  14. Dayshift

    IRCP Grads

    Depends on how many finish their classes by 1/1/2017 at your plant. Some plants are putting trades on like crazy. The key is to get your classes done by the deadline and get your spot on the list.
  15. Dayshift

    Union Elections

    Now that the Clinton / Trump debacle, I mean election is over we can start talking about local union elections. I know you all can hardly wait to have people you rarely see come by to tell you why they are the best person for the job. We will soon vote for delegates for the The 37th Constitutional Convention held in June & elect our local union leadership. Many of you gripe a lot, so now is your chance. Do any of you plan on running, supporting some new candidates or proposing constitutional amendments. What should change about the UAW. If you want the UAW to go away start your own thread for that.