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  1. bikinchris

    A Retro Styled Panel Truck

    Those are junk. The only thing worse is the Chrysler PT.
  2. bikinchris

    An actual small pickup

    The new Ranger is actually bigger than an F100 used to be. How about we reintroduce an actual small pickup? Maybe use the Transit Connect chassis and put a built in bed on the back? How about revive an old idea and use the bed design concept from the old VW van based pickup? They had bed sides you could flip down like a tailgate. You could either open the tailgate or open the side gate or open both sides and the back and you had a flat bed.
  3. bikinchris

    How about a Falcon?

    The Mercury equivalent to the Falcon was the Comet. But Lincoln never cared about selling any equivalent auto.
  4. bikinchris

    How about a Falcon?

    I woud like to see Ford make a lightweight car tat would compete on the ST level of the Continental Sports Car Challenge. The Miata, Porsche Cayman etc. would the the target. The 2.3L engine used in the Mustang would work great. I know it would likely be a "me too" car, but it would be a good car for young people. The Falcon was a sporty car built before the Mustang was introduced and would be a good name for it.
  5. bikinchris

    Custom screen background for sync 3

    My 2014 Transit Connect has my company logo as the background. I like that touch.
  6. bikinchris

    Upgrade the parking sensors

    I think Ford needs to upgrade the parking sensor system. The thing doesn't know I am backing up and it keeps telling me the front bumper is close to an object, or the rear bumper is close and the vehicle is in drive and moving away. Another point is the system takes FOREVER to reset after the alarm is going off.
  7. bikinchris


    Personally, I would like to see Ford build a tribute to the original Thunderbird. Styling very close to the original 2 seater but with a retractable hard top. 4 wheel independent electrically tuneable suspension and either the 3.5L twin turbo or a Voodoo engine. In other words, the car I wish they had built in 1956 but with upgrades.
  8. bikinchris

    Auto Lock when key out of range

    Me too. The cars that use the no-key style ignition could do this. Also, the hybrid cars could turn off when the key leaves the vehicle so the idiots who die from carbon dioxide from leaving the car on in the garage can stay alive. But I do suspect the batteries would die quickly if this was implemented.
  9. bikinchris

    Ford Celestia convertible

    The Mustang chassis cannot fit 5 people. It really doesn't fit 4 adults.
  10. bikinchris

    Transit Connect wishlist

    One more request. Years ago, Ford had some fleet vehicles that offered Owner-Operator packages. Instead of bare bones interior, they offered a little higher level trim packages. I would like to have seen an owner package on the TC Van for people like me who are going to be the only person who drives. Sunglass holders, more electronics, better trim level etc. would make driving even more comfortable.
  11. bikinchris

    Transit Connect wishlist

    My sun visors are already starting to sag. I am almost ready to glue a magnet on the back of the visor and on the shelf above the visor.
  12. bikinchris

    Transit Connect wishlist

    AH HA! I got a notice in the mail, that the van should have had a power outlet in the right rear interior where the blank plug is. They say they will install one there. Next, I would like to have an option for speakers installed in the rear doors, so when I am working, I can have a little background noise if I so choose. I would also like a door lock button back there.
  13. bikinchris

    Transit Connect wishlist

    Work lights facing rearward in the back of the van. A couple of decent LED lights you can use to work at night. Also, an optional dome light or two. When the van has racks and bins inside, the side mounted dome light, is obscured and not as useful. I will try to mount a dome light or two in the "ceiling" of my TC. I will also try to place a power outlet on the right rear quarter. There is a hole already there and I bet there is a power plug somewhere inside the panel there. I can mount a power converter once I have that plug and even use a small compressor or Dremel tool, solder iron, etc.
  14. bikinchris

    Dead pedal availability

    The Transit Connect has a dead pedal. Made in Europe also.
  15. bikinchris

    Boss 302

    Now, you can want a GT350? If your dealer is a jerk, nothing is stopping you from getting it somewhere else. The internet can be your friend.