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  1. mustangchief

    Playstation 4 via 110V

    PS4 Pro and Xbox OneX can use 160 to 180 watts on newer intense games using a lot of graphics power. If you are using any other game consoles than those, you'll be fine.
  2. mustangchief

    Security Cameras/Doorbells

    I have tried many of the Cams out there. Before you buy, you should ask a few questions 1. Do I have or want an automated house? This is important if you want to integrate things. Amazon (alexa) Google (Heygoogle) Microsoft (Cortana) are the major interfaces, then you have Hubs from Samsung, Honeywell, D-Link and others. You have to plan, most questions I get are from people who want to know why this doesn't work with that, even though the box says they will. It gets really tricky when you mix more than three major vendors. Currently, I have two ring door bells, a ring spot light cam (I use the rings with Amazon Show) Note, My house has a Alexa in almost every room. I also have a Honeywell security system with cameras, an older Samsung HD wired security system with DVR, Several Battery powered Blinks, A wireless Samsung indoor cam to watch the dogs, Furbo has a camera, I guess you could use it for security. (I use it to give the dogs treats when they encourage delivery people not to peer in the windows. Yes, with cameras get ready to be amazed at what your neighbors and delivery people do when you are not home. By the way, cameras do not stop thieves, they only record them. If you have a cam like ring and catch a thief in the act, you might get the chance to see how efficient your local police are as I did. I give mine an A+ across the board. That brings up the next question, what do you want the camera to do? record, alert, email, two comms, just listen? The third question is where are you going to place it? Ring cameras are great unless you put them in a low light porch area looking toward bright light, then you will hate them. Placement is very important for good recordings and weather protection. If you want just a video doorbell, ring is the best thing out there as far as price and service. If you are going beyond that or expect to grow your automation in the future, you should develop a plan first. If you want to go professional, ONSSI, Speeco, Bosch are decent. I do the engineering on the hardware side for Fire, Security Alarms, Access Controls and building integration. I work with the software and design folks a lot. Integration is the biggest headache.
  3. mustangchief

    2020 model year changes

    Wait until July, order bank opens third week, changes will be in the order guide released around then.
  4. mustangchief

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Production Schedule

    If she is at a position with Ford where she can get the info on her build, she should be answering all of your questions.
  5. They explorer adds the spark to a 350 HP motor. The Aviator starts with a 400 HP base. I can't imagine the Aviator and Explorer will be rated the same, just like the Gator and Expedition the Aviator should have a tad more ummppphhhh. Is the Explorer headed for China or just the Aviator. I think next week we'll get our answers.
  6. mustangchief

    Aviator is smaller than the current explorer

    Put three hundred pounds on in the same size pants and somethings gotta give internally. The posh seats will take up more space 😀
  7. I believe they are already retooled?
  8. mustangchief

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    Yep, my bad, repeated the second row. Sorry for being old and blind.
  9. mustangchief

    2020 Lincoln Aviator Order Guide

    Here is how it compares to other Lincolns with 4X4 or AWD Navigator L Navigator Aviator Aviator GT MKT Nuatilus Towing 8400 8400 6700 5600 4500 3500 Head Room front 39.5 41.8 38.7 38.7 40.1 39.9 Leg Room front 43.9 43.9 43 43 43 42.8 Hip Room front 61.9 61.9 58.5 58.5 55.7 56.4 Shoulder Room front 65.2 65.2 61.5 61.5 58.6 58.9 Head Room 2nd 37.9 40 38.4 38.4 39 39.2 Leg Room 2nd 41.1 41.1 40.1 40.1 41.8 39.6 Hip Room 2nd 61.6 61.6 58.3 58.3 55.9 55.6 Shoulder Room 2nd 65.1 65.1 61.3 61.3 58.1 59 Head Room 3rd 37.4 37.3 36.9 36.9 33.5 NA Leg Room 3rd 36.1 36.1 40.1 40.1 33 NA Hip Room 3rd 51.4 51.4 40.9 40.9 40.6 NA Shoulder Room 3rd 64.3 64.2 54 54 49.1 NA Base Weight 6056 5855 4897 5678 Cargo Vol behind Front 103 120 77.7 77.7 75.9 68.8 Cargo Vol behind 2 Row 57.5 73.3 41.8 41.8 36.6 37.2 Cargo Vol behind 3 Row 20.9 36 18.3 18.3 17.9 na Total Pass Volume 172 165.3 140.5 140.5 142.3 Wheel Base 131.6 122.5 119 119 117.9 112 Overall Length 221 210 199.3 199.3 207.6 190 Overall Height 76.3 76.3 69.8 69.8 67.4 66.2
  10. Towing is a combo of Power and Build. I think the tow ratings has more to do with build than power. The airbags on the GT suspension are no where near as rugged as steel springs. Plus the extra weight will reduce tow capacity.
  11. Yes, regular AWD.
  12. Agree with you to a point, but an occasional tow for some of us is important. The explorer *is up to 5000 (not yet officially rated) also is not in the comfort class of Lincoln. Porsche Hybrids pull 7200lbs. For heavy jobs I have a F150. Sometimes you just like to ride in luxury pulling a boat. I was about to get a Gator, when the Aviator showed up. The performance and comfort is 90% of what I'm after. The leg and head room is virtually the same as a Gator, the performance of the GT is much better. Aviator for the win. I'm the 3rd retail order at the local dealer for a GT when the order banks open for them. I'd get the BL Flight if we had a dealer in our state.
  13. The weight difference between the GT and Regular is 800 lbs, it should be a pretty hefty battery. Disappointed to see the 1100lb towing capacity loss also with the GT, but 5600 is still decent.
  14. mustangchief

    Ford Production Facilities

    Thanks for posting, I believe the Aviator belongs on the CAP list 😉
  15. Range is tricky, there are so many variables it is hard to compare vehicles. The HP gain with the electric motor is 50HP, so you will be using roughly 37-38 KW to achieve that. A 15kWh battery could easily eek out 30 miles under the right conditions. Driving conditions and temperature will be large factors, so the battery should be at least 18kWh to get 30 miles in most all conditions.