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  1. Ford truck guy

    2020 Super Duty Production Information

    I was told order banks will open in August at some point....
  2. Ford truck guy

    2019 F-350 Platinum GVWR options

    My 2015 F-350 SRW, 6.7 Lariat, SB scaled at 8250# with my pullrite slider in the rear and me in the cab.. My 40'1" fifth wheel is scaled at 12,380# on the axles.... 3260 on the pin My tires are rated for 3750# ea ( 7500)
  3. Ford truck guy

    2019 F-350 Platinum GVWR options

    I saw 3 trucks yesterday on a dealers lot....ALL 3 are 2019, ALL 3 are 176" WB , ALL 3 are 4X4,,, ALL 3 are diesel.. . . 1 f-350 limited -3105# capacity on tag... 2 of the F350 Lariat -both had 3100# capacity and were pretty much optioned as I would do so... The sticker on my loaded 2015 F-350 shows 3380# capacity.. I was dun founded by the drop in capacity....
  4. Ford truck guy

    2019 F-350 Platinum GVWR options

    Thank you campingnut.... I am borderline between SRW and DRW and will be ordering a new 350.. Really don't want a DRW if I don't need one... My concern is with the payload for a fifth wheel... it' snot really about what I can tow like most sales guys tell you, it's about what I can safely carry,.. Want to order a F-350 in Platinum, long bed probably;y... 4x4 either SRW or DRW
  5. Ford truck guy

    2019 F-350 Platinum GVWR options

    thanks for the info... Does anyone happen to know available payload on such a vehicle? .
  6. Ford truck guy

    vehicle info please

    well... The truck I ordered ( the one you tracked) was damaged in transit and they were unable to sell to me.... Since My existing lease was already extended an additional month, the dealer made good... My 2 options were #1 - reorder, extend my existing 2 months and pay those 2 months along with additional miles as I was way over already... #2 -find something close and see what it was.. He gave me this 2019 F-150 Platinum with additional options for the same deal as the 2019 lariat that I ordered...... I am liking the Platinum interior ! ! ! Thanks for the assistance, here is a pic -
  7. Hello all, When ordering a 2019 F-350, 4x4, SRW, 176" WB Diesel, there are 2 packages, 10,000/9900 GVWR... OR 11,400# GVWR... IF I do not pick with of those, what is the GVWR on the vehicle? I am looking for the max payload on that trim level available...
  8. Ford truck guy

    vehicle info please

    Thank you, pictures to follow ! ! ! Hopefully before it gets driven on winter roads :-)
  9. Good day! Could you please look for an ETA for my vehicle?? 2019 f-150 - John Kennedy sales code- F16045 date - 10/31/2018 VIN# 1FTFW1E52KFA49820
  10. Ford truck guy

    2018 Explorer- Platinum

    All those towns you named are mid to western PA,out near Pittsburgh.... Jenkintown in North of Philadelphia.. I am actually 25minutes closer to NJ in Bucks County..... Thanks for all the locating you do.... WE ALL appreciate it ! ! !
  11. Ford truck guy

    2018 Explorer- Platinum

    Representing from Jenkintown, the newest member of the JTP - With their big bros- “15” F-350 Lariat ( our tow vehicle) . “16” F-150 Lariat ( my work truck ) .... not pictured “16” Escape Titanium ( daughters) ...
  12. Ford truck guy

    2018 Explorer- Platinum

    Thanks,, JTP !! Joe
  13. Good Morning , Could you track my vehicle? VIN # 1FM5K8HT7JGB73953 it is a 2018 Explorer - Platinum Joe
  14. Ford truck guy

    2018 F-250 Lariat on order - COTUS?

    Hello All, would it be possible to track my VIN# ? 1FM5K8HT7JGB73953 2018 Explorer - Platinum... It started as a dealer stock order, then I put my name on it. The dealer can only tell me if is due within the next few weeks . .
  15. Thanks WillSD , , Got it covered.. enjoy !