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  1. Ford truck guy

    vehicle info please

    Thank you, pictures to follow ! ! ! Hopefully before it gets driven on winter roads :-)
  2. Good day! Could you please look for an ETA for my vehicle?? 2019 f-150 - John Kennedy sales code- F16045 date - 10/31/2018 VIN# 1FTFW1E52KFA49820
  3. Ford truck guy

    2018 Explorer- Platinum

    All those towns you named are mid to western PA,out near Pittsburgh.... Jenkintown in North of Philadelphia.. I am actually 25minutes closer to NJ in Bucks County..... Thanks for all the locating you do.... WE ALL appreciate it ! ! !
  4. Ford truck guy

    2018 Explorer- Platinum

    Representing from Jenkintown, the newest member of the JTP - With their big bros- “15” F-350 Lariat ( our tow vehicle) . “16” F-150 Lariat ( my work truck ) .... not pictured “16” Escape Titanium ( daughters) ...
  5. Ford truck guy

    2018 Explorer- Platinum

    Thanks,, JTP !! Joe
  6. Good Morning , Could you track my vehicle? VIN # 1FM5K8HT7JGB73953 it is a 2018 Explorer - Platinum Joe
  7. Ford truck guy

    2018 F-250 Lariat on order - COTUS?

    Hello All, would it be possible to track my VIN# ? 1FM5K8HT7JGB73953 2018 Explorer - Platinum... It started as a dealer stock order, then I put my name on it. The dealer can only tell me if is due within the next few weeks . .
  8. Thanks WillSD , , Got it covered.. enjoy !
  9. Ford truck guy

    anyone replace the 4" axle spacer blocks with 2" ?

    That is them, Thanks, campingnut
  10. Ford truck guy


    1FT8W3BT4FEA30639 THANK YOU !
  11. I want to lower the back end on my 2015 F-350 by 2 inches... the fifth wheel camper I tow has no more adjustment on the hitch, and is still a bit nose high. I want to remove the 4" axle spacers and replace them with stock F-250 spacers... Does anyone have stock numbers ? My local dealer is telling me that I need to find a f-250 on the lot with the exact same options as on my truck. I then need to give them that VIN# so they can search ? I did this on my last Ford ( 2008 F-350 ) and did not go through all this .
  12. I looked high and low and cannot find my window sticker from my 2015 F-350 ..I tried the 1 link I used to have with no luck.. Is it possible to still get one ?
  13. I have a 2015 F-350 that I can't seem to locate my window sticker ?? I have searched and have not been able to locate a valid link online... Is it TOO LATE to pull one up ?
  14. Ford truck guy

    dealer set my truck on fire...

    That sounds very FISHY to me ?/ Why would any dealer pull a truck OUT of their bay to the outside parking lot to work on it ?? Something does not add up?
  15. Ford truck guy

    Weather Tech Mud Flaps

    I too had the bedrug installed... I tow a fifth wheel and was afraid that when towing in the rain , the rug would get soaked... never dry... than stain.. not the case.. like stated above , usually dry in 30 minutes... great on the knees... love it...