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  1. fuzzymoomoo

    Explorer pricing announced

    There is a 3rd row version coming soon. FCA is converting the old Mack Engine plant to an assembly plant to build it.
  2. fuzzymoomoo

    Explorer pricing announced

    Maybe not. Bronco won't have a third row, though an Expedition will be better suited for a raptor treatment than an explorer IMO.
  3. Usually is Ford Performance stuff. I find it very hard to believe there won't be leases on Explorers
  4. fuzzymoomoo

    RAM Multifunction Tailgate

    Not the same. It didn't drop down in 1 piece like a traditional tailgate
  5. I don't think it's related to the slow rollout of supercabs since I think that was the plan all along but there was an issue with the inner doors splitting in Stamping that took them a little while to figure out. It's fixed now as far as I'm aware.
  6. fuzzymoomoo

    "Rolling road" at Flat Rock plant

    The QC checks at the Flat Rock Plant really aren't any different than any other Ford plant. Power output is checked on a Dyno (there's 3 or 4 of them inside the plant) and the so called "rolling road" is to check the interior for squeaks and rattles and make sure the suspension is working properly.
  7. If it was built before OKTB was given, which it sounds like it was, it would have been held for reinspection. Anything built before the OKTB is given is always reinspected before being released for shipping whether it passed the first time or not.
  8. The lifgate is somehow shorter than the MKC
  9. Because nothing is shipped before the ok to buy is given and it highly unlikely that will happen in the first 5 days of production. It took the Ranger almost a month.
  10. fuzzymoomoo

    Mustang EcoBoost be renamed to Mustang ST

    Why? It's fine as is. GT is the performance trim like ST is to the rest of the lineup. Leave well enough alone.
  11. fuzzymoomoo

    F150 Electric Spied

    It is. I really wish I could share it with you guys but I kind of need my job, and so does my source.
  12. fuzzymoomoo

    Explorer pricing announced

    The build and price confirmed the pricing for Aviator. I don't know why it's taking so long for the Explorer but it's not helping keeping the hype built up.
  13. fuzzymoomoo

    Explorer pricing announced

    Aviator has been live for a month....
  14. fuzzymoomoo

    F150 Electric Spied

    I'm pretty sure Hackett said it would be seen this year. Same with Bronco. I just can't remember if it was at NAIAS or a different press event sometime during that week.
  15. fuzzymoomoo

    Explorer pricing announced

    And still no build and price on the website
  16. https://www.freep.com/story/money/cars/ford/2019/02/14/chief-financial-officer-bob-shanks-retire/2868901002/ I know he's been there forever but this seems rather abrupt to me.
  17. fuzzymoomoo

    2020 Ford Mustang Build Dates / JOB1

    Lol hopefully whatever the issue is it gets solved by then.
  18. I'm in an area of Body shop that doesn't even build Ranger parts so obviously I haven't seen anything. The couple of people I talk to in Final haven't said anything to me. Fun fact: I got loaned out to a different department the other day and I was building Ranger rear doors. The main crash brace for the SuperCrew rear door is a fine example of ingenious cost savings. Rather than a bespoke stamped part, it's a 1/4 inch thick 1 inch diameter steel pipe with a bracket welded to either side to mount to the inner door. If that's the way the engineering teams are saving money I can support that because that's totally ingenious.
  19. fuzzymoomoo

    F150 Electric Spied

    I don't know what to believe anymore. The plan seems to be a little fluid at this point. Best guess +/- 6 months depending on how fast they can get the plant retooled.
  20. fuzzymoomoo

    F150 Electric Spied

    Hackett didn't outright say it but he hinted it would at least be seen this year.
  21. fuzzymoomoo

    2019 Mustang Production Information

    It's really hard to find information about that strike. Practically nobody in the media is reporting on it. American media in particular is too preoccupied on whether or not a fart means the president is a racist sack of shit or not. I'm not surprised nobody over in Europe knows about it. The way I understand it, the strike is 3 different unions (if you can call them that. They sound more like a mafia than a union to me) and a BUNCH of different companies involved. I can't find a list of every company effected by it. Im not even sure that this is related to the strike, that's just my theory. I actually have no clue where most of the parts come from, unless I'm actually there to read the shipping label which since I work at a different plant, I'm not.
  22. No. 400 has only been hit a few times. There's still a few kinks on the line they’re working out As for a second shift, the company has been very clear for over a year now that there absolutely will NOT be a second shift in final assembly until the Bronco launches.
  23. fuzzymoomoo

    2019 Mustang Production Information

    I was wrong about the racetrack apparently they’re using it to store all the cars built without steering wheels it was full by the end of the night shift on Tuesday morning